Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clyde Monster is FIVE

My dear, darling Clyde turned five this past week, and as is my yearly tradition, I was completely perplexed as to how I could possibly have a child so old and grown up and darling.

We celebrated a few days early so that Grandma Pam and Unky Cody and the Daniels could come party with us.

The lovely cake! Baked by Jana, frosted by Nicole, decorated with legos by Chuck.

Clyde's very excited face at seeing his new legos. Of course, he quickly pointed out that during construction, Chuck had inadvertently mixed up the guns on the little troopers. I would share the exact reprimand, but I can rarely follow Clyde when he's rattling on about ARF troopers and pistols and rifles and clone troopers and helmets and so on :).

Will may have gotten caught up in the moment and helped his older brother blow out the candles . . .

Then it was time for some presents. Because I'm a mom and I'm boring, Clyde got new clothes, most notably a Boise State sweatshirt and a Clone Wars t-shirt. Grandma Pam and Cody got Clyde a Clone Wars ball and a badminton set, which Clyde has already played with extensively :).

Grandma Izatt hooked Clyde up with some new Clifford books and stuffed animals.

Chuck took the cake by insisting on obtaining a marble run for Clyde. And yes, Will attended the shindig half dressed. My mother-in-law's comment a couple posts back about the 'painting clothes' worn by the little boys (aka no clothes) made me laugh because, honestly, those are their summer wardrobes - especially Will. He strips himself down to a diaper daily and as long as we're not going anywhere, we go with it - I'm all about choosing my battles!

Clyde playing with the finished product. Despite my objections to the purchase (I cringe at toys with lots of small parts that I will either be asked to assemble or will find myself tripping over/stepping on frequently), I have to admit that it has provided several hours of entertainment for the little boys this week.

Clyde's actual birthday was pretty chill; he and Chuck ran errands in the morning (including a stop to the library for new Clone Wars DVD's) and he picked Taco Bell for dinner. Here he is getting a special birthday hug from Will . . . in front of our new minivan, hooray! (More on that awesome acquisition later).

Clyde is absolutely my favorite oldest child. He's caring and sensitive and sweet and brilliant and sometimes maddening and loves snuggles and Star Wars and sandwiches and he is the best, most protective older brother to Will that we could ever ask for. As we put the boys to bed after the party, Clyde very solemnly informed us that someone needed to stay awake in the living room all night to protect his new legos and toys from thieves, ghosts and/or battle droids. I agreed to do the job and he equipped me with some 'detonators' (aka a bouncy ball and his new Clone Wars ball) and then reassured us that he was armed with his beloved DC-15 blaster and would protect Will. And being the hormonal pregnant individual that I am, I totally had to blink back tears. He is forever telling Will that he loves him and that he's the best brother ever and when they're not testing out crazy wrestling moves on each other, they're often hugging for no reason. The first thing Will does when wakes up is ask where Clyde is ('Where Cly??'). Their sweet relationship is one of the main reasons I'm so excited to have another little boy join our family.

And that was Clyde's birthday!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

happy happy birthday clyde! :) he is so cute! and i love the cake! :)

Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

What a sweet post! I love Clyde! He is such a smart, sweet, amazing, funny child! As soon as I saw that first picture I thought, "duh, the party was star wars themed, why didn't I already know that!"

Meghan & Chase said...

He's such a handsome boy and all those sweet things you said about him- give yourself major credit- you must be a great mommy. Happy 5th birthday to your darling

jayna said...

He sure is one adorable boy. I got teary eyed reading about you getting teary eyed! Mamas and their boys is something special!

Terri said...

Wow!! What an amazingly wonderful family you are! We love you so much. The look of love in Clyde's sweet face is worth any trouble he might give you in the future.

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

Holy Cow!!! You have a 5 year old..you must be really old ? ;) Your boys are super adorable and I'm sure this next one will be equally so :)

Leslie said...

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since you nearly assaulted that poor man working at Sears when he told you the bathroom was on the 2nd floor. Happy very belated birthday to Clyde!