Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet, accident-prone Will!

Today is Will's second birthday, yay! Will continues to be such a sweet, happy presence in our family and we are all completely smitten with him.

Will loves the alphabet, hence the ABC cupcakes (thanks to Grandma Pam for finishing them for me!!!).

In the few days leading up to his birthday, Will apparently became worried that he hadn't experienced very many childhood rites of passage, so he decided to hit two of them in two days: stitches and a broken bone.

First up: stitches. Wednesday afternoon Clyde and Will were jumping around back and forth between our two couches, a daily (sometimes hourly) activity. Unfortunately this time Will lost his footing and fell behind/in between the couches, where our wooden magazine holder sits.

Initially, I'm not sure who cried more: me or Will. Luckily Chuck was home (jarringly awoken by my screaming!) and kept a level head. We initially took Will to our nearby urgent care clinic, but they were a little intimidated by the depth of the gash (trust me, that picture doesn't do it justice) as well as its placement on a small child's face, and sent us to the ER. They did put some numbing medicine and gauze on it, so that was good.

So we went to the ER, our first time at the hospital here in Nampa. (Quick shout-out: THANK YOU to the Littlewoods, who graciously took Clyde ALL afternoon for us; we owe you!!!) We spent most of our time in the waiting room watching Animal Planet, good times. Then we were taken back for the stitching, which makes it near the top of the list of the worst experiences of my life - and I was sitting off to the side! I can't even comprehend how hard it was for Chuck, who had to help hold Will still, or Will, who was actually being stitched up.

But we all survived and for as miserable as Will was at the hospital, he was a complete doll afterwards. Chuck was already late for a work meeting so Will and I drove into Boise with him and waited, and Will was delightful the whole time.

He loves scrunching up his face and closing his eyes when I go to take a picture of him, goof :).

Thursday started out well; Will's chin didn't seem to be bothering him. During his nap, Clyde helped me decorate so we could celebrate Will's birthday that evening before Chuck went out home-teaching.

Will woke up from his nap happy and started playing with Clyde while I made cupcakes and Chuck worked on some scouting stuff with our friend McKay. THEN we heard a crash from the playroom followed by Will crying. Somehow the chair that Clyde and Will were spinning on toppled over, leaving a very sad little boy. He didn't calm down very quickly, which was odd since he usually shakes things off pretty well, but I chalked it up to his face hurting. We cuddled for twenty minutes or so, and then I went to put him down on the floor. Immediately he crumpled to the ground, unable to stand. AWESOME. After our broken leg experience with Clyde last spring, we know that any time a child refuses to put weight on a leg or foot, it needs to be checked out. Luckily my mom and Cody were already on their way so we left Clyde home with them while we took Will in to the urgent care clinic.

Isn't he such a cute patient?

First Chuck reviewed the x-rays, and then the doctor did :). Sure enough, Will's right foot showed a fracture.

They put a splint on it there, and then Monday we'll see the orthopedist for the hard cast.

He was such a trooper! Doesn't his little foot look so sad? Luckily there was still some fun waiting at home for him. . .

Birthday cupcakes! Will was such a pro at blowing out the candles; we didn't even have to explain what to do, he just went for it :).

W is for Will.

U is for Uncle Cody.

G is for Grandma Pam.

C is for Clyde.

D is for Daddy.

And M is for Mommy!

After that it was time for Will to open up presents, which Clyde only let him do unassisted because he was busy playing with a little airplane glider that Cody put together.

And a quick family shot:

Today has been very mellow, starting with a crawling lesson this morning for Will. We ventured out once for a quick bike ride (complete with helmets, as always) but spent most of the day watching movies, cuddling, and trying to keep Will off both his foot and the furniture. Happy birthday sweet baby Will - I love you more than life itself!


JPI said...

Great news coverage.

Leslie said...

So who gets to sign the cast first--Mom or Dad?

Missy08 said...

wow poor boy glad he's ok.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Ohhh! I think I would cry too if that happened to my baby!! How sad!
I love the alphabet cupcakes! How cute!!

Happy birthday!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Helen Noel Robison Rich said...

Bummer for Will, he sounds tough though!

Cody looks rad!!!

mama izatt said...

This will be a birthday to remember! I am sorry I missed it.

mama izatt said...

This will be a birthday to remember! I am sorry I missed it.

jen said...

poor boy! Hopefully you can stay away from the hospital for a little while :)

Cameron Family said...

Oh man! So i've heard about this story a ton...will's busted open chin and leg. Oh now to read it. Sad day! So sad. I love the ABC cupcakes. That's such a cute idea.