Monday, January 2, 2017

May: church edition

Jack was a cute puzzle boy on Sundays this month - my dad found us this fun Little Mermaid one that was perfect for Jackers (Will came in at the end for the last few pieces and the victory picture haha). I love getting good smiling pictures of Jack because he tries so hard not to let me - I have to do the reverse psychology "Don't you smile, Jack! Hey, no smiling! You're going to get in trouble!" until he giggles and says, "Not for reals, right??" Oh I love him!

We had a Boy Scout Court of Honor the first Sunday in May which meant Brother Dille and myself donning our Scout shirts and trying to make as few errors as possible handing out awards. I always miss at least one merit badge or rank advancement, but I figure that ensures everyone will show up at the next court of honor, right?? ;)

The temple was closed the second half of the month for cleaning but I made it a few times before that, including once with Maren and once with Marens! I feel like the group visit was for initiatory... and enjoy this gorgeous picture of the temple taken by the one and only Holly Cameron. 
Chuck and I weren't able to make Ward Temple Night but we went earlier in the day and called it close enough. Then we went to Deseret Book and stumbled upon the cutest checker ever, aka Summer! I may have yelled her name and scared her to death but she still agreed to take a picture with me :).

Ahhh random beautiful, inspiring scriptures and a quote that I read and loved during May:

More Sabbath day puzzles!
 We hit up the Orchard with the ward family a couple times for thinning. Carma got less dirty the second time, thanks to her perch on Michael's shoulders!!

 This puzzle. Oh man. Found it at DI, it's beautiful, thought it would be such an uplifting experience to put it together as a family.... it was honestly The Hardest Puzzle Ever. Does lightning strike immediately if you swear in frustration putting together a puzzle of Jesus?? Nope, it sure doesn't - found that one out personally! ;). 

 But it did lead to a nice epiphany/instagram post and was finally completed a few days later... and gifted back to DI just recently for some other nice, unsuspecting family to find :).

May Pack Meeting was some fun games outside and Willy boy earning... some sort of award. Yay Will!
 Aaaand ending on a real spiritual note, the Elder's Quorum posse-d up for a shotgun shooting activity and had, by all reports, an excellent time. (Brothers Reid, Haws, Izatt, Christensen, Silva, Nelson, and Simmons in front). Everyone came home in one piece so I'll call it a win!

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Holly Cameron said...

Puzzles....face palm. Ive been avoiding them since that one huge box of them we did for 24 hours straight...maybe counting in a nights sleep.