Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cousin time

A fun extra benefit of the temple open house was getting visits from some of Chuck's siblings in the last couple weeks. Lee and Aleesha and their cute kids stopped by for a couple of hours on their trip but I sadly failed to procure photographic evidence of that... I know, I'm lame! Melissa and her kids came up the next weekend and stayed with us and this time I remembered to bust out the camera.

 I sure love these four kiddos!

Lots of fun cousin bonding time on the trampoline (Lily and Will liked to hold hands, sooo cute), playing video games, doing puzzles, and reading together. Can you tell there was a Boise State game that day?

 Court, Lily, Clyde, and Will took advantage of the soft landing (aka Courtney and George's 'beds') available in the playroom and took turns jumping off from the window seat.

 Melissa and Mallory powered through a pretty serious afternoon of shopping (reminder that they live in a Costco/Target/Savers-free city... I couldn't do it) but Mal and I managed to get a quick aunt/niece picture in late that night.
 Courtney spent the afternoon and evening making me fervently wish for an almost-eleven-year-old daughter. She played with the little kids, FED JACK without getting food all over him/the high chair/the kitchen (a serious accomplishment, he usually clamps his mouth shut and waves his little arms around like you wouldn't believe), organized shoes and books and toys, indulged my nostalgia by looking through loads of old pictures with me from when she was little, made beds, probably made more of dinner than I did, and let me grill her all about school/boys/church/etc while we snuggled on the aforementioned playroom floor beds :).

We feel pretty spoiled that we get to see [almost] everyone again in just a few days when we head down for Thanksgiving. Love y'all!


Emily said...

Fun times with the cousins, we are off in a few times to hang out with ours! Can't wait to stay in the same house with 15 kids and 7 adults! Good thing their house is huge! That's what it's about, hanging out with the cousins!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute pics! cousnins are the best!!