Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TWO grandmas and ONE cousin

As I mentioned in the previous post, our nephew George came to visit us earlier this month and attend a summer day camp in the area. It worked out that Grandma Izatt and Grandma Thomas were able to bring him up to Nampa and then stay for a couple of days and visit! 
 (Will spent most of their time here happily counting how many grandmas and cousins were at our house, hence the title of this post.)

It was pretty special for Grandma Thomas and Jack to meet. 'Jack' is a name I've always really liked (I recently found a notebook from high school where I doodled baby names and Jack was on there!) but another reason we used it is that it's a last name on Chuck's side of the family - Grandma Thomas' maiden name to be exact! 
 Our schedule was a bit constricted during their visit (George had camp every day and Clyde and Will had swimming) but we managed to fit in a lot of fun - snuggling, baking, reading, iPad playing, etc.

 Will was very interested in Grandma's camera and checking out the pictures of Jack she had taken.

 Grandma Izatt was a good sport and tried out the Kinect with Chuck; the little boys thought it was so cool and coached her from the sidelines :).

Chuck and I took advantage of having babysitters and went on a couple dates; we were excited to come home after one of them to find that the little boys had helped Grandma Izatt make pies!  Will was the assistant for the coconut cream pie and Clyde contributed to the chocolate cream pie and the strawberry pie.  YUM!

Thanks so much for coming to see us Grandma Thomas and Grandma Izatt!  We love you lots and lots!

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Terri said...

We had sooo much fun!! Can't wait for the next visit. It will have to be sans Grandma Thomas...but I'll bring Pops instead. :)