Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning

Christmas morning was delightful and low-key; Chuck and I actually woke up before the boys which is a rarity. We were psyched to see that Santa Claus had come:
We had church at eleven, so we decided that we would go nice and slow and spend the morning checking out our stockings and eating a yummy breakfast made by Chuck!
Waiting to record the boys' reactions - one of the videos can be found at the end of this post.
Clyde and Will were happy to polish off the cookie that Santa left behind.
Clyde received the gift that he has wanted his 'WHOLE LIFE' aka for the last eight months or so: a Star Wars build-your-own blaster, aka DC-15 Rifle. It's a large contraption that can be separated and put together into three different guns. And each gun makes different noises. We're ALL excited about this gift. Santa also brought him some new Star Wars lego minifigures, so he quickly utilized his gift from Grandma Pam - a Lego Star Wars character encyclopedia - to look up each one.
Will's big gift was a mini trampoline, and I have to say Santa is a genius. Seriously, that guy is amazing; Will loves it. He must have read the research that shows the benefits of trampolines for kids with autism. Will also got a little microphone and recorder (that he calls a clarinet) since he's really into music and instruments lately. Oh, and a Zhu Zhu pet. I know we're a little late on the bandwagon with those, but they are really fun!
Yay for happy little boys!
Clyde helped out by opening the baby's stocking (which Santa and I were hoping would entice the wee one to come early, but no such luck). I think it's awesome that Santa not only shops at Target, but also leaves the clearance sticker on. Isn't that 'little brother' onesie even cuter when you know that it was only $1.12??
Chuck and I were equally as excited about our stockings - Chuck got the Settlers expansion pack, a new water bottle, and the most recent General Conference addresses on CD and I got make-up, lotion, and new drip pans for the stove. Another example of Santa's thoughtfulness - I hate trying to scrub those dang things clean, but it seems silly to spend money to replace them just because I'm lazy. But on Santa's dime? Heck yes!

And here's the aforementioned video of the boys enjoying their gifts:

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Nancy said...

I found that same onsie at Target too! Miles and your little one will be matchy-matchy. Good luck with your c-section!