Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas day

The rest of Sunday (and Monday!) was spent spending time with family, opening lots and lots of presents, and playing with all of our new toys.
First we went to church, of course.
Then we came home and changed back into comfy clothes, ate lunch, and had quiet time until Grandma Pam came back over and Quinn and Eden arrived - and then it was time for presents!
Chuck had Eden and I had Quinn in our sibling gift exchange, so we were extra psyched to have them open their gifts. Eden was very excited about her Scentsy warmer (and I've lived with Quinn before, so I understand her enthusiasm!) and since Quinn's soccer cleats hadn't arrived yet we wrapped his new cell phone. I also did all the activation for the lazy bum as part of his 'gift' :). Oh, and my mom made Eden the super pretty blue beaded necklace you can see in the top left picture . . .
and I got a matching one in orange, as seen here a couple of days later.
More presents - clothes (including a way cute Star Wars onesie for the baby), Legos, toys, bubbles, and more clothes.
Clyde helpfully aided Grandma Pam as she opened the flamingo windsock he picked out especially for her, and Will was more than happy to help as she opened the photo book of the boys this past year.
Pops left this large box under the tree for a very happy Chuck. You'd have to ask him for the specifics of what kind it is - the most I can do is narrow it down to a rifle or a shotgun :).
And then it was my turn to open (in much disbelief!) the package that Chuck's parents left with my name on it - an iPad2! It's a combined gift for myself and Will (iPads are very useful tools for kids with autism), although Chuck and Clyde very much enjoy their turns with it as well :). Our favorite game app is 'Fruit Ninja'.
We slowed down on gifts for a bit so that we could video chat with Sam and Terri and Bailey and Hazel and play games.
The next night Quinn and Eden returned and my dad came over for Monday Night Football, pizza, and some more holiday fun.
And we Skyped with Sam's family again. Bailey very adorably showed us her princess dolls, waved and blew kisses and colored for us and Hazel sweetly slept in Sam's arms and Terri reassured me that I wouldn't be pregnant forever :).

We felt very blessed this holiday season as we've prepared to welcome a new baby into our home and worked to teach our boys about the birth of our Savior. We loved spending so much time with Chuck and having extended family visit. It was a very merry Christmas!

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