Monday, December 6, 2010

Recent photo roundup

Ahhh, a lovely mishmash of pictures from the last month and a half:

1. Toy Story 3. We made up for seeing it four months after everyone else and saw it twice in a week, right around Halloween, once with Chuck and again with my mom and Quinner. Naturally, I pretty much sobbed both times. Holy moly emotional ending!!
Here are the boys dancing during the end credits :). My mom and I drive everyone in our group crazy at movies because we like to sit and look through the credits for all of our first names - Quinn and Clyde are usually pretty tricky to find, but there are a lot more Chucks, Janas, and Pams working in Hollywood that you might think. Will is a given, of course!

The movie held Will's attention remarkably well, although towards the end of the second viewing he and I took a break to play in the theater foyer for a bit. I was pretty sure this would be the case (although we went to 'kid-friendly' afternoon showings both times) because he loooves Buzz and Woody.

2. One day the little boys and I went to Grandma Pam's house to play which meant the boys could debut their super cool 'what happens at grandma's . . . ' shirts. I found these at Savers on two separate occasions - aren't they cute? (Just pretend you can actually read the shirts). They will definitely be packed to be worn at Grandma Izatt's house on our trip to Elko in a couple of weeks :).

Wilbur getting ALL of the train toys out, no shock there.

What a dedicated grandma to put reading with her grandson before getting dressed for the day :). Love you Mama!!

Cute little reader!

3. Also a couple of weeks ago, my dear bff's Andrew Allen (and Tim!) and Emily came over one evening so we could talk and catch up and laugh and laugh.
Much thanks to Tim for obliging us and taking this picture. I really love these crazy kids.

4. The boys looked super cute one Sunday for church, so I took advantage of them being all strapped in the car to take their pictures - and it worked remarkably well!
I have no idea what face/noise I was doing that prompted this excellent (albeit slightly overenthusiastic) smile of Will's, but I clearly need to replicate it for future family picture sessions!

Oh, my darling Clyde.

Then I decided to press my luck and try to get a picture of both boys sitting nicely on the couch (which unfortunately does not have seatbelts to hold them in place).
Will made a run for it.

Clyde took him down :).

And since it was Chuck's birthday, we had Clyde take a quick picture of us before Chuck left for work. Such a cute thirty-year-old!

5. As some of you may have heard, the Treasure Valley got a bit of snow this week.
It prompted an area-wide Snow Day, which sadly didn't directly affect the student-free Izatt household - although, let's face it, everyday is pretty much a 'Snow Day' around here; we don't need an excuse to drink hot chocolate and watch TV all day.

Luckily Grandma Pam had spent the night after watching the boys while I had Cub Scouts the evening before, and volunteered to take Clyde Monster out into the snow. (I am personally not a fan of playing in the snow. Not big on getting cold and wet. Which is why most of these pictures are taken through the front window).

Grandma Pam and Clyde tackled the sidewalks, making it the second shoveling of the day (Chuck had done it at seven, and there was PLENTY of new snow to clear by they time they went out at eleven!).

Clyde and Grandma workin' on their snowman.

Will and I decided to venture outside and see what all of the fuss was about. Will was happy to follow Grandma Pam around as she shoveled provided he didn't have to touch the snow at all.

Later the apprentice became the master and Will did some shoveling himself!

Clyde with their finished product!

6. We followed up our Snow Days with some Sick Days for poor Clyde Monster - alas, no pictures of him lying despondent on the couch, usually with me within arm's reach. The doctor thinks it was another round of rotavirus (darn it being part of the last age group before they started vaccinating against it!). Now, rotavirus is real bad on its own, but combined with Clyde's Hirschsprung's disease, it's all sorts of horrid. Thankfully Chuck had plenty of sick time saved up and took Friday and Saturday off work to help me care for the wee invalid (it involved rather wretched, ahem, 'treatments' that required two people) and Sunday Clyde bounced back to the crazy kiddo we know and love.

Aaaand that's the latest!


Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

I enjoyed this post on several levels. Thanks for indulging me.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

fun post! i love all of the pictures. i don't think i have ever seen a picture of your house before. it is so cute!