Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday prep

So, it turns out Christmas is in like three days. Crazy, right? No worries, the Izatt household is pretty much ready, thanks to our diligence earlier in the month:

1. Chuck arranged for my mama to watch the little boys one whole day so he and I could do some shopping.

Will spent the day teasing/cuddling the kitten. The very patient kitten.

We met this goof for lunch at Big Jud's.

Shocking that we don't have more nice pictures of the two of us :).

2. We added to our holiday decor with a new 'Little People' nativity set from Grandma and Grandpa Izatt.

Clyde dutifully used the box as a reference as he set up all of the pieces . . .

whereas Will preferred a more spontaneous arrangement.

Luckily they were able to compromise and work together without incident.

Once the nativity scene was pulled out of the box and arranged, my children proceeded to play in said box for like an hour.

After a slight change in plans, they will now be getting stockings full of packing peanuts this Christmas :).

3. Will also familiarized himself with another nativity scene.

He was clearly not deterred by its placement up on the table.

Cute baby!

4. During Grandpa's quick visit, he joined Chuck and the little boys in setting up the train around the Christmas tree.

I went shopping during this time as to not disturb the testosterone levels that were needed for such a task :).

The conductor hats completed the scene (as did Clyde's 'Jedi Robe' . . . aka a bathrobe).

Will and Pops enjoying the finished product.

5. Finally, we attended our ward Christmas party.

We learned that Will CAN use a fork and feed himself, but only for Texas sheetcake :).

We also learned that my little boys prefer wrestling underneath the table to sitting up like semi-normal children.

And we learned that Will would prefer not to sit on Santa's lap. Ditto for Clyde, although he did get close enough to ask Santa for 'Star Wars the Clone Wars action figures' and discovered that Santa also likes Star Wars, which totally made his day.


Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

Yay for Izatt family Christmas! Those little boys are so cute! I think when I start buying presents for Chase I'm going to skip the toys all together and just get him boxes to play in.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love the santa picture. so cute!!! can you believe that i have pretty much lived in boise my whole life and never once been to big juds. crazy huh? and i am married to a guy who actually got his picture on the wall!!! i think i should go in there and see what it is all about :)

Nancy said...

We love the little people nativity! I got it last year after Jaron kept adding his little people animals to our nice nativity. Now all is happy.

Cameron Family said...

We learned that Will CAN use a fork and feed himself, but only for Texas sheetcake :). Hilarious!