Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some recent happenings

This post is a lovely mishmash of the latest camera-worthy events in our lives. Do enjoy.

A couple o' weeks ago we went ice blocking with a group of friends - thanks to the excellent planning of the Dayleys! We brought along some family, too: my brothers Cody and Quinn and Chuck's brother Lee, his wife Aleesha, and their daughter Bri. It made for a very fun evening!!
Clyde loved hitching a ride with Chuck, who was happy to oblige.

After the fun last year, we knew to bring Clyde's trike this time.

Cody was the daredevil and went down on his stomach, even giving the boys rides - crazy kid!

Here's our proof that Quinn and I took a couple rides down . . . well, I went once. I prefer to watch/clap for/laugh at the ice blockers than actually ice block myself :).

Chuck works every other weekend, which means that every other Sunday, I get to wrangle the little boys by myself at church. Most of the time I do all right . . . meaning that by the time sacrament meeting is over, I feel like I've just finished an aerobic workout. Will does not enjoy sitting still, so I get to hold him in my lap for that hour and try to keep him contained and occupied, which is doable most weeks. . . just not two weeks ago. So we sneaked out and found an empty classroom to play in until the blessed time I could take Will to nursery and Clyde to Sunbeams. And I just happened to have the camera in the diaper bag!
Will's masculine side: showing his muscles.

Will's more feminine side: trying on Mom's shoes.

Clyde dancing and spinning.

I love my little boys! I just love them more when I don't have to keep them quiet and still :).

We were able to host the Blue family for a quick overnight visit that coincided nicely with Clyde's birthday; having a house full of cousins to play with made for an excellent birthday morning. We ventured out to the park to get everyone nice and tired before their drive back home.
Clyde and George had a blast running around and playing together.

Cute little birthday boy!

Will took Chuck on a walking tour of the park :).

My monkeys, er, children.

This last weekend, Chuck's parents were able to come up for a visit.
We went to the zoo, where Will helped feed the goats - I promise he liked it :).

Clyde was delighted to have Grandma Izatt as a Chutes and Ladders opponent . . .

and Grandpa Izatt as a nap buddy! Thanks again for coming; we had a great weekend!

Labor Day evening brought a much anticipated event: the Boise State-Virginia Tech football game.
Naturally, we got all decked out and had a party.

Aaaand, this is pretty much how everyone looked for the last few minutes of the game :). The important thing is that we won, go Broncos!

Finally, before my mother-in-law left town, she sweetly left some money so that Aleesha and I could sneak away for some fun. So yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon of manicures and shopping - thanks so much Terri!!
Align CenterHere we are after our manicures :).


jayna said...

Love it...that shoe picture is the cutest thing ever!

Sam and Terri said...

I will take your word for it, but Will looks pretty scared of those goats :)

And I am glad Sam didn't ruin the ending of the game for you all. His goal was to get you to turn it off so you didn't "see them lose." Although you had him fooled for a little bit. You should have heard his evil laugh when he thought you believed him.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I love the shoe picture!!! It's priceless!

Courtney said...

That Boise state picture of the four of you is so cute! I'm thinking Christmas cards.

Cameron Family said...

Your hair is so long and curly! Annd Go Boise State! clyde is so little. It's adorable.