Monday, July 26, 2010

To: Heidi // From: Jana

Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

Today is my darlingest BFSC (best friend/sister/cousin) Heidi's 18th birthday. I had the best intentions of sending a card in the mail to her, but that did not happen, so she'll have to settle for a blog post instead :).

Here are just a few of the MANY reasons I love Heidi:

Heidi is extremely hot. Here she is as the maid of honor for her sweet sister Courtney (aka my other BFSC). And not only is she extremely hot, but she also generously helps ME be hot when we hang out by doing my hair and make-up. Sometimes she even wakes up at four o'clock in the morning to drive five hours to do my make-up before my family pictures (I know, right? Girl's a saint!)

Heidi also has some pretty serious skills in the kitchen. Her chocolate chip cookies are basically famous, and her pizza is most excellent. And her monkey bread (as pictured here)? Fabulous.

Heidi is also straight-up hilarious. Honestly, this is how I look 90% of the time hanging out with her. Or when she texts me. Or when I reread her old texts. Or when I think about her old texts.

Heidi is also extremely thoughtful. She recently traipsed around Europe for three weeks with her delightful mom Gloria, and they bought this absolutely beautiful scarf for me in Florence - thank you both so much!!

(Also, I don't normally stick European gifts out in the grass, but, you know, the lighting was much better outside).

Heidi is also as obsessed with 'glee' as I am. Love having someone to discuss the highs (Journey medley, anyone?) and lows (the whole Like a Virgin medley/situations. Still disappointed in Finn!) with. And sing along to the songs in the car with - she's Rachel, I'm Finn (or was it the other way around?? Either way, we rocked).

Heidi is so special to me, as is the rest of her family. I love having such amazing women to hang out with and admire - here are Heidi, Gloria, Pam, Courtney, and me!

Our trio - BFSC! Courtney and Heidi are the cutest sisters ever, and they could happily go along their way just having each other but they sweetly let me crash in as the pretend big sister. I just absolutely love them both! (Incidentally, Courtney's birthday was last month, and since I was more on top of things, she did get a card in the mail. She definitely deserves a similar blog post extolling her virtues and praise, however - I'm thinking next year!!)

Last week at the end of our trip to Lagoon with Chuck's family (more to come on that!!) we were able to stop and spend the day with the Smiths, during which Heidi and I had an awesome photo shoot. Enjoy:

Okay, usually I decline to post pictures where I look no bueno, but Heidi looked so cute in this one that I had to make an exception (please ignore my apparently lazy eye; I was laughing pretty hard at Quinn's reaction to our 'fake engagement shot').

Even though Court and Dez weren't there to participate, we attempted a 'circle head' shot. Check out Quinn's new flip-flops! (Poor Quinn was our reluctant photographer, who would rather snap shots of dead birds and who also kept insisting, "Two more pictures!! I'm only taking two more pictures!!")

So we fired him and attempted a couple by ourselves. I promise that the flash is not that much to blame in this picture, Heidi really is that tan and I am almost that white. Sigh.

Happy, happy birthday Heidi! I love you soooooooooooo much!!


Courtney said...

OH I love this girl. You are right, she is beautiful. And hilarious. Sometimes I laugh just thinking about things she texts/says.

Angie said...

Yay! For BF/sisters/cousins!

The Sams said...

Awesome photo shoot of you two. Love that Heidi!

Sam and Terri said...

Love Heidi. Happy Birthday!

And that is a lovely engagement picture. Quinn is such a good little brother. Always doing what he is told (at least what you and Sam ask him to do).

Cameron Family said...

Cute. You girls are just cute!