Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awesome weekend, part one.

Last weekend we were delighted to have lots of family and friends in town to hear Quinn speak about his mission in church on Sunday. We started off the fun on Friday night at my house, spending time with my dad and all of my siblings.

Good looking group, eh?

Clyde and Will were definitely in heaven with THREE uncles on hand to play with.

I think Will spent more time up in the air than on the ground that evening :).

The rest of us were in heaven adoring sweet baby Bailey - Grandpa Braden was definitely smitten with his first granddaughter!

Will loved meeting his little cousin . . .

although he seemed a little concerned about Mom and Dad holding her so much!!

It was pretty cute to see Chuck holding a baby girl. Maybe I'll have to rethink my 'boys-only' stance.

Such a cute, chunky girlie! Sam and Terri posted her two-month stats the other day, and out of curiosity I looked up Will's weight at that age - the exact same! 13 lbs. 9 oz. Although Will was an inch longer, so as Sam pointed out, Bailey is technically chubbier :).

After pizza and fresh strawberries and pineapple, the boys wrapped up the evening with an intense soccer game in the backyard - Sam and Chuck vs. Cody and Quinn.

They stayed out past dark, relying on the porch light for quite some time. I'm sure they could recount each goal/foul/flop, but I can't even remember who won - whoops! They definitely had a good time :).

And that was the kick-off to our most excellent weekend!


jayna said...

That is some major fun! Isn't it great when a cousin shows up on the scene? It seems to pass little families into being LEGIT! :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I love it! Welcome home Quinn! It looks like you guys had a great weekend!! :)

thewaddsquad said...

Sloan threw a wrench into my "boys only" plan, but she's kind of grown on me. Try it, you'll like it! :)

Sam and Terri said...

Yes, I think you should try out having a girl. Bailey would like that a lot.

And I love your backyard. I could just walk on your grass all day.