Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just some fun at the fair.

A couple of weeks ago (say, Saturday February 27th perhaps) the little boys and I ventured out to a little shindig in Boise called Kids Fair so that Chuck could sleep in peace (a rare occurrence). And while I did see a friend from the ward there alone with her two little girls, I am not that brave. I chose to recruit two gentlemen for the afternoon:

my biggest brother Cody
AND my dad! And my plan worked perfectly; they provided the hands-on care for the little boys and I documented all the fun with the camera :).

We started out at the bouncy house thing and if Clyde had his way, we would have stayed there the entire time.
He kept bouncing over to the window to say hi to us. It was cute.

Will liked it pretty well, considering how much time he spent on his little bum. Whenever he got his balance recovered enough to stand up or attempt to walk, some bigger kid would bounce next to him and send him down again - luckily his response was always to laugh!

We lured Clyde out of the bouncy house by promising to check out the animals next.

Cody and Clyde liked the little bunnies.

Zamzows had a whole big exhibit, complete with hatching, already hatched, and not quite ready to hatch quail.

Grandpa and Clyde touched the little horses in the petting zoo area. I did not touch the little horses, perhaps my favorite benefit of having my dad there.

Then Grandpa was put on 'Will duty', which meant keeping him entertained without letting him run wildly and giggly through the throngs of people. And Pops made it look easy!

Oh, funny story. So there were tons of booths marketing different businesses, programs, etc. and they all had stickers to hand out, but my goofy 3-year-old isn't super into stickers, so he kept saying no. Cody opted to take the stickers, and sneakily stick them on Clyde's back - it was hilarious how many he ended up with.

Clyde forgot all about the bouncy house when he found the bouncy obstacle course. It was a pretty popular attraction, which meant there was a line, but Clyde patiently waited so that he could do it several times. Getting to stand on Uncle Cody's feet made the wait more fun.

Climbing up the ladder . . .

and coming down the slide!

Meanwhile, Will found the St. Luke's 'climbing gym' (aka ambulance) and promptly commandeered the driver's seat. Seriously, he wouldn't let any other little kids sit there or play with the steering wheel. . .

no matter what it took. Isn't this the funniest thing you've ever seen? Don't worry, I scooped him out right after this so that other small children could have a turn.

Continuing our tradition of pondering poses, Cody and I stopped for a photo op with the moose on the side of the ambulance.

Will was running around outside as we left, so I took this picture for Chuck since it's the only radio station he listens to :).

And that's a wrap! Thanks for accompanying us (oh, and paying for all of it!) to the Kids Fair, Grandpa and Cody; we had lots of fun!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How fun! Your kids are so super cute Jana! I think I am going to recruit YOU to take my kids to stuff like this! You always know of the best places to go and fun stuff to do around Boise!

mama izatt said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Sam and Terri said...

At first I thought those quail were spiders and I was going to be shocked that a boy with some Braden blood was not too scared to get that close.

Looks like you had so much fun. Maybe one day we will get to go with you too.

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

I heard about that fair and I wanted to go!! Looks like you guys had fun! I love reading your blogs, they always make me laugh!!!

Adam said...

We were there too! It was fun except that it smelled like puke over by the bouncy castle. I'm glad you are stalking me:) That made me feel so good because I always wonder if anybody actually reads my posts other than a couple of people.

Cameron Family said...

That looked like a lot of fun! I love how you and cody have all of these posing pictures. P.S. Cody is one of those people who with/without facial hair and when he gets his hair cut makes him so hard to recognize. Some people it's easy..but cody throws me off.