Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bowling is fun; we should know

. . . because we went like three times in a two-and-a-half week period.

First up was w
hen we were in Elko last month:
( I was not in attendance this time, however, since as a female member of the family I was recruited to help decorate for the ceremony and reception. I tried my hand at wrapping tulle around the archway, was mocked incessantly by Aunt Sue (it's okay because I love her), and tagged her in to finish the job :). I moved on to a more supervisorial role. (See, supervisors can make up words like supervisorial).

Pops helped Will . . .

and Chuck helped Clyde . . .
who then proceeded to watch his bowl travel (apparently very s-l-o-w-l-y) down the lane. Pretty sure that constitutes a foot fault.

Then we happened to be in Boise two Monday evenings in a row, so we hit up the BSU Student Union for the Monday night special. Ooooh, check out that form ;)
(That is the first, and possibly last time I've done the 'wink' smile emoticon thing. It just seemed to fit there).

My mama joined us! Pretty sure it was the first time she's bowled in like 10 years, but she was pretty good. So good that I resorted to photographing her mid-approach to disturb her concentration. It worked.

Will loved giving the ball a solid push down the little ramp.

He also loved checking out the rows of bowling balls when it wasn't his turn :).

The boys also discovered the arcade, where Clyde showed a serious affinity for the drums.

And all three boys got behind the wheel. Cute, eh? Heaven help the person who teaches my children that the games are more fun and interactive if you put money in!!

And finally, here is a cute video of Clyde's aiming of the bowling ball dance ritual. Enjoy.

Ooh, I just realized it's kind of a cliff-hanger since you can't see how many pins Clyde's ball actually knocked down. Naturally, I can't remember (really, it would be weird if I DID) so we'll just say it was a strike! Yay Clyde!


Emily and Owen Johnston said...

Your kids are THE cutest!! Also, I really liked your last post:) it does feel good to know you aren't THE only one who does wierd, compulsive things! hahah! I was refering to myself, not you! (also, if I mispelled anything right now, it's ok because it is really late)!

mama izatt said...

Yay Clyde! We may have to hit the bowling alley again in two weeks. I want to see that dance!!

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

I am the daughter of real live bowling trophy winning parents. Hmm. Let's try again. I am the daughter of parents who won real live bowling trophies. Maybe just real bowling trophies. Whatever. Clyde Earl Hunter was very good. Carma was pretty good, and their daughter is laughable. Which is why everyone laughed when I threw the ball. Chuck was impressive, Jana's form was impressive as she showed us and the two little boys were cuter that mere words can express!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Nothing cuter than watching little kids bowl! I love it!

Melissa said...

Bowling is so much fun :) I love Clyde's dance. Adorable! I promise I will not be the one to teach your kids that you can put quarters in.

Cameron Family said...

Cute little bowlers! Love clyde's little dance!