Friday, January 30, 2009

Random info about a random person

Terri tagged me to share seven random tidbits of information about my fabulous self, so here goes:

1. I cut Chuck's hair the other night for the first time; it worked out pretty well. Chuck had to help around his ears because I was really scared that I would slice off part of his ear, gauge out part of his head, or buzz too high up above his ear. Chuck hates to have his too long, so this has the potential to save us some serious money if I keep doing it.

2. I was pretty obsessed with soap operas in junior high and the beginning of high school. Mostly just Days of Our Lives and Passions (as if that's less embarrassing . . . it isn't!) My grandma loved Days, so I watched with her a lot, and after she passed away I kept up with it. My sophomore year of high school I went home sometime during the lunch hour every day to press record on the VCR; I really could have used a DVR back then! A while later I realized that I love happy endings too much to watch soap operas - they always break up the happy couples and such, so I stopped watching my junior year of high school. Now I read blogs!

3. I'm not as 'green' as I should be, but I am pretty hardcore about recycling. It's such an easy way to make a difference! Maybe it's because I've been to the local landfill a few times, so I know how nasty and overtaking garbage is - why throw a plastic bottle away (such a final step) when you can recycle it and let it be useable again? One of my classes last semester used to laugh at me because I'd gather their pop bottles and take them down the two flights of stairs to the recycling bins. Sometimes it's a pain, like when I forget to put it out three weeks in a row so it overtakes our garage, but it's really the least we can do for the earth.

4. I'm a really good driver (I think so, at least) but I've been pulled over quite a bit. I've lost count, actually - maybe ten times? They've been for all sorts of stuff, speeding (only three times, I think), seatbelt (once), registration stickers expired (three times), broken/lack of blinker (twice), broken headlight (once or twice), and just this month, failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. I've gotten more warnings than tickets, thankfully. In fact, one of my first times was a few months after I got my license and I was on my way to watch Quinn's Y-ball game. The officer pulled me over (after following me for a couple blocks) because my registration was expired, but he told me that I was a really good driver, especially considering my age, and just gave me a warning.

5. I try to pattern the way I speak to my children after my cousin's wife Stephanie. She is one of the kindest people I know and she always uses such a joyful tone when she talks to her four kids; it's so evident how much she loves them and how happy she is to be their mom. Two of their children are significantly delayed, and her patience and amazing attitude inspire me. I don't always do her justice (two-year-old tantrums are SO frustrating sometimes!) but I really try to express my love to Clyde and Will in the things that I say to them and through my tone of voice. I also figure it's one of the best ways that I can show my gratitude to Heavenly Father for entrusting me with their sweet little souls.

6. Chuck and I go through binges with certain competitive/reality television shows. We get obsessed with a show, DVR every episode, and then get bored and move on a few weeks later. We've done this with Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal (part of this decision to stop watching this was because of the seriously skanky dresses the models wore), House Hunters, Get it Sold, Cash Cab, and Ace of Cakes (I still watch Ace of Cakes, I love Geof!).

7. I would much rather bake than cook (seriously. dislike. cooking.), probably because I have such a sweet tooth and eating cookies is yummier than eating spaghetti. Our favorite kitchen-related activity right now is having dance parties - I strap Will in his booster seat at the table, turn the radio on, and Clyde and I dance and dance and dance some more while I make dinner or a snack later in the evening. Poor Chuck is usually asleep, getting ready for work, or at work so he only catches glimpses here and there. Clyde and I use spatulas as microphones and break out some pretty awesome moves while Will busts a little baby gut laughing at us. Taylor Swift is ideal, but we settle for anything upbeat and energetic, and then we don't feel guilty eating extra cookies later on!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It was my birthday, shout hooray! (it's okay, you don't really have to)

I'm pretty sure it should be my birthday everyday. Between the awesomely sweet blog posts, blog comments, facebook comments, and phone calls (not to mention the 'in person' songs and best wishes) I feel so loved!

I have to give a lot of credit to my sweet husband. This is the first year since 2005 that he hasn't had to work on my birthday, so we had all sorts of fun. Saturday I slept in and then ran some errands BY MYSELF (is there anything more heavenly?) and then we dropped our grumpy little boys off at my mom's house (sorry again, Mum!) so that Chuck and I could go on a date, something that hasn't really occurred since Chuck's birthday in November :). We went to the temple and then to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Wok King. YUM.

Chuck was supposed to have meetings on Sunday morning from 9:30 right up until when church started at one, so I was prepared to get the boys ready for church all by myself (which, technically I do every other week so that Chuck can sleep as late as possible - I know, I'm a saint). His first meeting got over a bit early, though, so he was able to come help me for a bit and let me shower in peace without having to strain to hear possible baby cries. I had intended on posting my own birthday entry (the title was going to be 'My shameless appeal for happy birthday wishes') so I had opened a blank post on blogger. As you know, Chuck took that opportunity to do that for me, in an effort to surprise me and save my dignity. Sweet, eh? And then, as if having one blog post dedicated to me on my birthday wasn't enough, Sam and Terri wrote another one! Aren't they great?

After church (during which they sang to me in primary) my mom and Cody came over for dinner and cupcakes and games. What a lovely day!
I love roses. A lot. And Chuck gave me an awesome musical card that played Johnny Cash's 'I walk the line', which was sort of our song while we were dating :)
Isn't Will the happiest almost-ten-month-old in the world?
I thought Clyde was coming over to be in the picture too, but really he was trying to drag me to the kitchen to make him some dinner . . .
Family picture on my 24th birthday . . . Clyde was already in his pajamas, and yes, that's Chuck - he's growing his annual winter beard. He offered to shave for my birthday, but I'm 'letting' him keep it a little longer; Clyde thinks it's pretty funny!
Thanks again to everyone for the lovely gifts and happy birthday sentiments. I honestly checked the computer throughout the day (Chuck can attest to this) and was so happy every time I got a new facebook or blog comment.
I also want to wish a happy birthday to my fabulous cousin Andrea Hunter and my awesome friend Chris DeLange who are fortunate enough to share my birthday, to my Dad whose birthday was yesterday (see Sam and Terri's birthday shout-out to him here) and to my cute niece Lily, who turns one today! And happy inauguration day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009



- from your husband

(I snuck on your blogging account thing when you were getting ready for church. It is a little birthday surprise, just for you.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holiday shenanigans part two

My window to finish the Christmas recap is closing rapidly since school starts on Tuesday, so here is a ridiculously photo-filled post!

We got back into town from Elko on Monday evening and spent Tuesday at the pediatrician's office getting our sick little boys checked out - love the double co-pay. (On the other hand, our insurance recently began covering regular well-being checks 100%, so I probably shouldn't complain about the co-pay on sick visits!) They had both been feeling a bit out of sorts on our trip, and sure enough they both had double ear infections. We dropped in on my mom since we were in town and Clyde and Will and I stayed there and goofed off while Chuck did some solo Christmas shopping.
It was game day for Boise State (obviously don't want to dwell on it - I'll just say darn you, TCU!) so the boys were decked out appropriately. Will's doing some last-minute weight lifting to prepare to watch the game. Apple will probably want to use this picture in their ad campaigns to promote the iPod shuffle - it would obviously appeal to their target audiences!(My mom received it as a gift from my aunt and uncle, who thoughtfully preloaded it with two books for her to listen to.) The next night we went back to my mom's for a nice Christmas Eve dinner; Will mostly feasted upon my necklace. We figured the boys would fall asleep on the way home, so we got them changed into their pajamas there and attempted a cute brotherly picture . . . This being our best result. I know they look the same size, but I promise Clyde is six pounds heavier and a few inches taller.
Merry Christmas morning! Here's the tree . . . and our stockings! The highlights were the race car track and the movie CARS for Clyde and a rocking horse and steering wheel/driving toy for Will.
Clyde had a tendency to press his button down all the way, causing his car to accelerate too quickly and crash off the side - good thing Daddy was there to put him back on track :)
Me and my sweet little boys
Will being a slightly better driver than Clyde :)
Clyde trying out the rocking horse, he loved how it whinnied and swished its tail when he pressed the ear.
Will's turn on the rocking horse
Will was a little partied out after we opened stockings!
But he woke right up when Grandma and Uncle Cody came over mid-morning to help us open gifts. The real highlight of the day came when Elder Braden called, though. We were able to talk to him for a little over an hour, and it was wonderful. He and I laughed and laughed and he told me how much he loved the shirt I sent him. Christmas was his six-month mark - I'm amazed at the experiences he's had and the service he's given in that time!

After a late brunch we put Clyde down for a nap and left him home with Grandma while Cody, Chuck, Will, and I met with my Dad's extended family for the annual dinner. It was fun to see the aunts, uncles and cousins who were able to make it.
There's always basketball afterwards, and Will was very intent on getting in on the pickup game with Grandpa.
Finally, I just have to say how impressed I was with my sweet husband's gift-giving this year. Chuck gave me so many thoughtful gifts - every time I happily opened one, he'd nudge me and say, "See? I listen!" So, one of the things I always point out on Bronco game days are the somewhat tacky BSU flags that people attach on their cars. I consider them a sign of true loyalty and have always wanted them, but Chuck would prefer not to draw that much attention to himself. As we drove to the stadium for the game we went to in November, I kept saying "Oh, there's a true BSU fan" or "Oh, you can tell they're going to the game. No one knows that we're going to the game" and so on. So sure enough, along with my awesome new Boise State sweatshirt, Chuck also got me two BSU flags for our car. I'm so excited to try them out this fall :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peer pressure works.

Don't worry, part two of the holiday recap is coming, but in the meantime,
the blogging world just got both better-looking and funnier . . .
(You're welcome)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holiday shenanigans part one

I obviously haven't been in any rush to post about our holiday merriment, and there are three reasons for this:
1. I'm still on holiday from school. Unlike the many poor schleps who have been back in school for a week now, my new semester doesn't start until January 20th. See, it's not too late to post about Christmas if you're still on Christmas break!
2. A week ago I read the Goose Girl by Shannon Hale and my life changed. Two days later I read the Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. Yesterday I read the Goose Girl again. Blogging is much less romantic than reading.
3. There are SO MANY pictures. And I have the most ridiculous time trying to post them in any kind of correct order. Which is why there will be multiple posts.
Alas, my birthday is fast approaching and if I'm going to forge a "happy birthday to my wife without whom I could not live" post from Chuck, it should probably come after the Christmas recap. So here we are.
Christmas break began with a weekend trip to Elko to visit Chuck's family. I took my last final on Thursday night and we headed out on Friday morning. It was a slow and snowy drive (so I'm told, I slept most of the way) but we arrived safe and sound and had a very fun weekend shopping, sledding, eating, napping, being spoiled, and the like. Oh, and playing Mexican Train Dominoes- I was dreadful (sorry to my patient teammate, Aleesha) but it was so fun! The highlight was being able to be there as Chuck's younger brother Lee and his beautiful wife Aleesha had their cute-as-all-get-out daughter Cambria Nicole blessed. She looked so darling in her little white dress and Grandpa Izatt gave her a really sweet blessing.
We stopped in a little town along the way so that Will could eat, and Clyde took the opportunity to throw his first snowball. Deprived child, I know - that's why I was the target.
Will snuggled right up to Pops and donned his first article of camo clothing.
Pops delighted all the wee grandchildren (and adult children as well!) by setting up the train around the Christmas tree. It was deluxe - multiple tracks, two trains, and plenty of kids to derail it! Clyde was obviously mesmerized.
As was Will.
Oh, did I forget to mention that Santa came? 'Cuz he did. Clyde was content to stay on Daddy's lap, but Gus-Gus, er, Will didn't mind being passed around (excuse his double chin, it's a poor angle).
Grandma Izatt helped the kiddos make gingerbread men, notice Clyde eating the M & M buttons off of his.
The four of us got to enjoy our own mini-Christmas as we opened gifts from the rest of the (very generous) family. We got all sorts of fun things that we're excited to use - thanks everyone!
The six participants in the Izatt Extended Family Baby Boom of '08: Melissa and Lily (January), Jana and Will (March), and Aleesha and Bri (July). Cute babies, cute moms!

It was so fun to see everyone and we're grateful it was a safe trip to and from!