Thursday, May 24, 2018

July: Swenson/Izatt Utah Reunion

We are all about maximizing Utah trips, so having both Chuck's family reunion and my family reunion back to back was fantastic, but ending our time there with a quick friend reunion with Shelly and the boys was the absolute cherry on top!

Nathan and Will recommend pulling up a seat (preferably on a nice porch swing) and getting comfy as you scroll through these pictures:
They can also vouch for the enjoyment of sneaking some candy as you sit - notice Will's perpetually puffy cheeks haha.

We met up at an all-inclusive park in the area, aka Shelly's parents' backyard, which was a brilliant spot for my kids to run and play before getting in the car for the six hour drive home:
The kiddos had such a fun time. It had only been about a month since they'd all seen each other, but they were pretty thrilled to be reunited.

Carma tapped into her inner cowgirl and stayed on this cute horsey swing for as long as possible:
Jack made sure to get a turn too. I sneaked that picture of Shelly and Chuck and texted it to Dan with a caption about his two best friends being together and missing him because I'm mean and apparently enjoy making people cry ;). Chuck sneaked that picture of me and Shelly but opted not to text it to Dan since he would have just felt relief at not being subjected to whatever crazy story I was animatedly telling Shelly hahahaha.

Clyde and Andrew jumped (on two different trampolines, love the neighbors!) to their hearts' content, disappeared in the house for a while to discuss Pokemon, and generally just enjoyed being together, minus little brothers being around haha.

But seriously, I love Will and Jaxen in the background of this one. They thing they're so funny ;).

Facing their imminent separation, Nate and Will opted for a quick trust exercise to strengthen their soon-to-be long distance friendship:

We put Cameron to work while Shelly and Chuck and I stood around and talked; he was a pretty good sport ;). The funniest aspect of the visit was finding out that some of then Swensons had done the Temple to Temple 5k the day before as well - and as we compared experiences and parking issues and all of that, we realized that Cameron and Nathan started the 5k probably 15 minutes after we did... 

and still finished before us. 

SO bummed we didn't see them as they passed us, but the hilarity of putting this together the next day was probably worth it. We often joke about how in any race in any circumstance, the Swenson will beat the Izatt... and this definitely cemented that - even with a 15 minute head start hahahaha. 

We loved our mini-reunion; it definitely helped soften the blow of giving Swensons to Texas. We said goodbye, preparing not to see them again until the following summer but (spoiler alert) we've managed to sneak in a few visits in the meantime which has been so so so lovely. And this was the perfect end to this jaunt to Utah!

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