Saturday, May 26, 2018

July: All of the Other Happenings

My day lillies are generally the star of June. Sometimes we'll got a bloom or two as early as May, and occasionally, as evidenced in this picture, one or two will stick around a bit into July. This last remaining day lily is representative of the possible one lone reader who will make it to the end of this post because it's l-o-n-g and not necessarily that i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g (I really committed to that one letter at a time thing there, eh? Shoulda gone with a shorter word...)
Clyde fashioned together a bow with which to shoot the arrows he made up at scout camp. Cutest little Robin Hood I've ever seen! *Unless you count the Disney Robin Hood. The fox? He's cuter.

Our favorite plasma playroom attendant moved out to the floor and life hasn't been the same since, so Jack was THRILLED (inwardly of course) to find Paola back in the playroom on this particular day. Their joyous reunion obviously necessitated a quick picture:

Once again Adrienne Hedger just gets our life.

One day about halfway through workout class the gym randomly lost power. I grabbed my water and keys and started to bid everyone a (fake) sad goodbye, but then everyone was just like opening doors and working out anyways because they're hardcore like that. So I walked around and took pictures and pretended to work out some more because I'm lazy like that.

Ohhh, a super fun workout class surprise: Chuck's cousin Victoria and her cute daughter Courtney! They came to support a Crossfit instructor and I loved seeing them. We also resolved to take a picture BEFORE class next time ;).

Nicole crashed Zumba! Basically just the best thing ever to see her on stage again with her crazy energy and high kicks and jumps haha.
 And blessedly girls night was while she was in town, hooray! She came late and surprised the girls who didn't know she was here. We love when all seven of us are together.

We were full into the swing of summer in July and lovin' it. One day we got two Kirkendall girls and two Curtis boys and the kids were totally in heaven:
Random outside adventures, mostly hanging out in the front yard and going to lunch in the park! Also I choose to believe that Grace took that selfie on my phone fully knowing it would eventually show up on the blog ;).

We hit up quite a few of the 50 cent movies over the summer - pictured are Boss Baby and the Smurfs - probably both better than I was expecting.
Family nerf battle. Also Carma learning how to do a thumbs up. It didn't take.

One day we got some Walker kids. Have I mentioned that I love extra kids because they keep my kids entertained? Because I do.
Library trip with the four yahoos that I love so much!

The wee ones found their way over to Grandma Pam's house on a fairly regular basis, much to everyone's delight.

Um this made me laugh a lot:

Literally me and Carma.

 Words with Friends started talking directly to me via my letters and it only slightly freaked me out... 

Also Sam makes me laugh.

I'm not sure why Raquel and I took a selfie during Relief Society, but I'm guessing the thinking was along the lines of "Why not?"

More documentation of that particular Sunday. Good times. 

 Startlingly accurate hahahaha:

THIS IS JACK. Except he can't see so he just asks me constantly how fast we're going and for some reason I tell him the truth.

Trip to Lowe's, drive documented by Carma:

Our shed! Courtesy of craigslist. I helped Chuck build the base and then Lee decided to save our marriage by stepping in and helping Chuck with the actual shed. Bless you Lee. Bless you.

 Amen. Also eating the whole package of cookies because you care about your children's dental and physical health. You're welcome kids!

This speaks to my soul. 

Ohhh, super sweet card that Sister Ostyn gave us. Such a thoughtful woman!

Couple temple trips - one for ward temple night (we walked in at the same time as Curtises and made them pose for a picture) and one for me solo. Love that place.

Ahhhh clouds and blue skies are just so pretty!!!!!

 Chuck and I bought a house! Okay, it's the house we already live in that we already bought once ;). Whatever, we refinanced to a 15 year loan so when we kick Carma out the summer after she graduates from high school, we'll be kicking her out of a house we own 100%! Yayyy! This is our picture after signing a million papers. Also my name comes first on the new loan and paperwork and that has brought me more joy and sense of power than it should considering who actually pays the mortgage...

 Oh my heck I love Will. We've been watching a lot of princess movies what with Carma's obsession and all, and so one day when Willy boy was waxing philosophical about some of the plot lines, I told him to write it all down. So here you have some of the Disney princesses with their corresponding goal/motivation throughout the movie. Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

 Carma's already a better mom than I am - she can balance three kids while wearing heels... jk, she wisely switched to crocs before we made it too far haha. 

 Cute kiddos after church:

 Ohhh I loved this dress (hand-me-down from Angie of course). The fabric, the silver belt, the shape of it. The cute girlie wearing it. Love it all.

This text exchange is so me and Holly, I love it. Also I love her and I was so happy she was still in town when we got back so I could see her gorgeous face. Also, I need to see it again. Texting her now...

 So my cousin Amanda is amazing; she and her daughter Cecily hosted such a fun party for Harry Potter's birthday and Clyde and Will were so excited to be invited. We don't take advantage of it enough, but we love having Amanda and Cecily live so close again!!



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