Monday, April 30, 2018

Happy birthday to Dan!

Chuck and I have a friend named Dan. Dan likes to be featured on the blog, so as my birthday gift to him, here's a blog all about Dan. 
Mostly just pictures of him and Chuck haha...

Okay, these make me laugh. Upper left is what I believe to be the oldest picture of Chuck and Dan, May 2009. We were at a Memorial Day barbecue at the Haws' homestead. This was probably an hour before Clyde broke his leg haha. I like that Dan and Chuck's friendship is off to a good start based on their coordinating collared shirts, khaki shorts, and flip flops. Upper right makes me laugh a LOT. April 2014, backstage at the Youth Fundraiser Talent Show. Such dorks! 
 Bottom left is a youth trip to the Twin Falls Temple... circa summer 2015? And bottom right is the Yellowstone trip... also circa 2015? Chuck and Dan clearly have different responses to being photographed whilst making breakfast.

Can't blog about Dan and Chuck without some spandex road biking pictures... that they took of themselves/each other hahahaha! These are from Scout Camp... also summer of 2015? 
It's possible they spent that whole summer together...

More pictures: bonding as Bishop and Executive Secretary in my front yard (April-ish 2017), archery at Scout Camp (summer 2016), 
gingerbread houses with the kiddos (December 2016), chatting with Brother Murphy (summer 2016), and relaxin' at the hot springs pool (November 2016).

Chuck's and Dan's friendship is pretty cool, but the younger generation is even cuter. Here's Jack and Jaxen, who are 51 weeks apart in age but the exact same in adorableness and mischievousness. Also enjoy the classic Izatt/Swenson thumbs up picture:

And of course, Clyde and Andrew. Such cute buddies. Also a thumbs up picture haha.

Okay, Jack stayed down at the cabin with me but here's 6/7 of the Swenson and Izatt boys. Will would want me to point out that he and Nathan share a birthday (albeit two years apart) so that's their bond haha.
By default I guess that means Cameron and Carma have to be buddies. That works, their names are similar and they were both born on the 16th, albeit different months (and years).

Aaaaand here's what everyone has been waiting/scrolling for: ALL the thumbs up pictures! And yes, they are in chronological order starting top left going down and to the right and ending with the top right. So this started when Chuck and Dan attended Wood Badge together in September 2013 because Dan got tricked and Chuck is easily persuaded haha. When they got home I wanted to take their pictures in their cute matching shirts and I randomly told them to do a thumbs up... and they did. And then they used that picture on the invitation to their beading ceremony the next year... so at their beading they replicated it....
 and then on the Yellowstone trip they replicated it... and at their last time at the temple together the night before Dan left for El Paso... and in September when Chuck went to El Paso... and finally, a week and a half ago when Chuck and I went to El Paso.  Such a random, fun tradition that I'm pretty psyched to watch continue. 

Happy birthday Dan! Thanks for being such a great friend to Chuck and thanks for acknowledging me as your friend on occasion ;). You are a good guy and we love you.

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