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june: all the church things

Chuck and Dan give this post two thumbs up. Because they're dorks:
A wonderful couple from our ward went to the temple for the first time, and they had so much support from friends and it was, by all reports, lovely. Chuck channeled me and took lots of pictures because he's amazing like that. This was the week that Bishop Swenson was released and moved, so it was extra emotional and really sweet that he and Chuck could be in the temple together. 

Another tender mercy occurred when Chuck saw my lovely, lovely doctor at the temple. It was the simplest of coincidences that he works the Tuesday evening shift and they encountered each other, but it had a significant impact on me. Sometimes Heavenly Father just lines things up to let one of His children know that He's aware of them and their needs and I hope I always recognize those moments.

My dad and I coordinated schedules one June morning and he took my kiddos to a movie and lunch while I went to the temple!

and also to lunch haha! Being the third wheel on a date can be awkward, but free food always makes it worth it ;). Thanks Walkers. Sorry I couldn't eat more rolls because of the staring.

Chuck and I came back from our Utah trip just in time for the re-dedication of the Idaho Falls Temple! It was broadcast for the whole state that Sunday and we were excited to take Clyde along with us. The three other kiddos got to attend a special primary class at the church where they learned about temples. Carma was obsessed with her little temple book!
This is random and I can't even remember where I was reading in Gospel Library to stumble upon it, but it's just the cutest story ever. May we all have this little girl's confidence!

So I love browsing at a good garage sale but legit detest having them... which is why I don't haha. But our ward chose to have one for our big summer fundraiser, so you best believe I hied my way over to help/peruse the merchandise ;). The kiddos helped a lot too; Clyde loved hanging out with the youth:
It was a two-day sale, so we recruited the Scouts to have a campout in Sister Hyer's yard (did I mention Sister Hyer donated her expansive, perfectly located yard for us to have the sale? Bless her. Always. She's the best.) to protect all of the goods. Clyde and Andrew were thrilled to be welcomed along the older boys, and everyone was thrilled that one of the donated TV/VCRS worked as they watched movies late into the night haha.
And of course we loved seeing everyone who stopped by to shop! My amazing friend Megan was in town and came over there to see me (I can't find the picture! I'll find it and stick it in a different post...) and Carma was thrilled when some handsome Walker boys showed up to share her spot on Janell's front steps ;).

The Scouts continued to be super nice to Clyde and invited him (and Chuck) to come up for a night... well, mostly Chuck as a leader and Clyde got to be a stowaway ;). Look at how old and unkempt my baby looks out there in the wilderness!
Clyde had an amazing time. Brother Curtis taught the boys about archery and they all made their own arrows, they went mountain biking and swimming and playing in the water and I can't believe next summer he gets to go for a whole week (with Chuck!) as an eleven-year-old Scout. I might protest. Or cry. Or write him a million letters since they'll be at an official scout camp with a mailbox ;).

The Cub Scouts had a fun outdoors activity when we met in the Haws' backyard so the boys could learn how to set up a tent and prepare an outside meal. Carma took a million turns on the slide with whomever she could convince to take her, and a great time was had by all!
Man, Carma's cute enough to be a little child model and thanks to amazing hand-me-downs she has the wardrobe and thanks to the combined hairy genes of some sort of monkey thanks to both of her parents, she has crazy long gorgeous hair BUT she has the disposition of someone inclined to disobey every plea of "Smile! Carma! Stand up and smile! Can I see your dress! Where are your shoes? Carma, just stand by the tree and smile!" soooo I guess that career path has closed ;). 

 UGH, do we have to discuss any more that the end of June brought the conclusion of this bishopric? In the LDS church, bishops generally serve as the leader of the ward for 5ish years but we only got Swenson for a little over 2 1/2 before El Paso came callin' and stole him - aka Heavenly Father had a new mission for him to attend to down there. I've said before that this was the first time Chuck and I have had a good friend serve as our bishop and it was incredible how immediately after being called and sustained, Dan Swenson became Bishop Swenson. I felt the confirmation from the spirit and he was chosen to lead our ward and the time and love and tears and service that he put in during his tenure was incredible to watch. Chuck was his executive secretary for almost two years of that time, and that calling blessed both Chuck and our family immensely. Chuck and Dan's already very solid friendship was strengthened even more so as they worked together. 
(Chuck/executive secretary, Brother Robertson/1st Counselor, Dan Swenson/Bishop, Brother Nelson/2nd Counselor, Brother Arters, Ward Clerk).

Also I think this was Dan's last Sunday as Bishop, I had to run something by him and this was part of the text exchange. I thought it was pretty good evidence of how much Chuck rubbed off on him haha. Also I must have taken the screenshot a few days later, because we had already changed the contact name back from Bishop to Dan hahaha.

 And don't even get me started on missing Shelly. One day from my RS post up front, I took this picture of Shelly holding Tasha's Kinley and it kills me every time. Shelly is a-maz-ing.

 Ha, one Sunday Brother Corn came in to RS to make an announcement and had the audacity to sit next to me so I made him take a selfie. Ahhh I love that grumpy old guy! 

 So there's a pretty awesome system in place when bishops are released and new bishops are called. Our ward did our best not to glance around and speculate, but I'm sure we all had some ideas. I went on my merry way, counting on Chuck's work schedule (every other weekend) to opt us out of any bishopric calling - and then Chuck got a call to go see President Anderson from the stake haha! I got to go along too, and it was really lovely to spend a few minutes with him and share things about us and learn about where Heavenly Father wanted Chuck to serve next, as 1st Counselor in the Bishopric. 
(this is us as we left the stake center. I'm attempting to look respectable and mature and like I'm grown-up enough to be married to someone in the bishopric. I don't think it worked...)

 We officially found out on Saturday evening, so we were grateful that Chuck's dad was able to drive right up from Elko and be with us on Sunday. Dave was able to ordain Chuck as a High Priest and then be there as he was set apart in this new calling.

 And some pictures of possibly the cutest kids ever:

 Also - Chuck in a suit! Every Sunday now! Handsome enough to make it all worth it ;). 

And here's the trio that was called, sustained, and set apart that last Sunday in June: Bishop Robert Merritt, Chuck Izatt, and Ryan Nelson. Because local church leaders aren't paid career clergy, positions change often - but the work of the Lord is never disrupted because the mantle of Bishop moves with the calling. Bishop Merritt is one of the kindest, most generous, capable people and our ward is so blessed to be under his guidance and leadership as the next in a long line of loving and righteous bishops.

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