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September everything else really long post

[it turns out I'm totally chill with being nine months behind on the blog, but ten months is where I draw the line... so here's a crazy long post wrapping up last September so that I can officially be on October and back to 'only' nine months behind ;) .... ]

We loved having the Swensons move over to 'our' side of the tracks and within pretty easy biking distance for Clyde and Andrew playdates. I almost died laughing when Andrew showed up for a Nerf battle in his football pads - smart boy!

Speaking of protective gear... I should probably start wearing some when I invite my kids to pile on top of me... mostly headphones so I can't hear Clyde and Will scream in my ear when their little siblings hop on!

Grandma and Pops came up for a weekend visit, to everyone's delight! There was lots of hanging out inside and outside while the kiddos played:
And we took them over to the new playground at Lions Park... 

Will recruited Grandma to help him develop a new board game - his imagination + her penmanship = a pretty impressive package!
 More fun: Nerf gun battle with Grandma and Pops, more board games, reading, and naps. 

We enjoyed more beautiful late summer/early fall days in the front yard - including Carma deciding she was big enough to ride a bike... without training wheels. Spoiler alert: she isn't.
 Jack began a pretty intense Berenstein Bear addiction, which Dad was happy to indulge and Carma was happy to benefit from as well. 

Carma Junie started a little 'toddlers tutus' dance class at Idaho Rhythm! Super cute. 
GIRLS NIGHT, YAYYY! We were at Nicole's sans photographer/selfie stick, so we did what we could. I'm slightly obsessed with these girls.

September means time for Chuck's annual work softball game against probation... and this year detention emerged victorious! This marks 11 years out of... 15? ish? that Detention has won:
Chuck's not here to help me name everyone, but I feel confident that this group includes Brendan, Terry, Roderick, Mark, Danielle, Veronica, Jade, Craig... and some other very nice co-workers.

Carma was lovin' life on the sidelines... mostly the dirt and opportunity to run and spin like a yahoo:
The kiddos sweet-talked their way into the dugout every now and then to see Daddy.

This dirt pile blessedly did its part to keep my kids entertained - when they weren't sneaking more cookies from the potluck table!
High fives for probation, better luck next year!

Aaaaand the detention celebratory cheer:
The customary little kid stampede around the bases stirred up some dust afterwards while Clyde took a couple swings at bat.

Chuck took Will to Arctic Circle to cash in a free sundae and Jack got to go along for the ride. I got nothing. Just for the record.

While I was at the broadcast of the women's general conference session, the kids were living it up with Daddy at the bike park and the Lions Park playground. Poor Will seemed to get the short stick on the tire swing and the... rocking green circle chair... which possibly has a real name?

Random Carma moments: have we mentioned how spoiled she is by attention from her brothers? Also, cute French braids courtesy of Paola in the plasma play center. We love her. Also a girl from my workout class had a garage sale and I bought cute clothes for Carma and I was so so so excited! Also Carma really wanted that bike. I feel confident that Chuck would have had a harder time resisting the purchase than I did - bikes and Carma are two of his favorite things :).
OH, speaking of Carma, she's a clingy one, as evidenced by the pictures on the left... so it brought me great delight to find her one day stalking Chuck while he was in the bathroom since she does it to me every other day haha!

Random boy pictures - legos after church, including one Sunday with Grandma Pam! I love the little animal faces they created. Also I loved Will's 'my favorite things' time capsule page from school AND how cute he looked in his R2-D2 shoes I brought home from Savers.
 Cute Jackers pictures! Family drawing, Chuck and Jack reading at bedtime, eating a poop emoji cookie from Maren, surfing with Mayan, and enjoying a ladybug on his arm.

September brought dentist appointments for allll the boys, good times!
Oh Will hahahaha. He was at home with the extra phone while I was at the dentist with Clyde, and this is the ensuing text conversation. The voice memo was telling me all about how his name was Bob, and Clyde was Jeff, and Jack was Joe. MY KIDS ARE WEIRD.

 Speaking of Willy boy, he got his first pet! Chuck found a praying mantis on the church door one night and brought it home. Will named it Manty and made it a little home and loved it... until it escaped during some backyard playtime the next day. Real tears were shed, people. We had warned him it wasn't a long-term pet but "I didn't think it would happen so soon!!" 😭

 A couple weeks later whilst gardening, I found two praying mantis..es? manti? and Chuck promptly stuck them in a box and an hour later only 1.5 insects remained 😳🙊🍽. Will got home from school right then and I anticipated more tears and instead witnessed delight and fascination: "The head's all the way off! Oh, she's going for the eyes!!" I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND BOYS but I'm thrilled they were happy and I didn't have to look at it! 😅☺️😜😂

More random pictures: beautiful flowers from the beautiful Janell, I made zucchini bread allll by myself!, selfie with my mama, the best text ever from Courtney - turns out all you have to do to get my lazy bum to text you back is dangle a secret!!, some retail therapy shopping haul from D.I. and Savers (the aforementioned Star Wars sneakers for Will were procured during that trip) and my Porn Kills Love shirt came in the mail! 
I've been following a way cool organization called Fight the New Drug for a while and I finally ordered a couple shirts during their 'back to school' sale. I don't have very many pedestal issues, but sharing awareness of the devastation of pornography is definitely on of them. I want my children to grow up and develop healthy relationships with real people and teaching them about addiction and pornography and ESPECIALLY the recovery process is a priority for Chuck and me as parents.

  The boys' school had a way cool fundraising carnival that we sent Chuck and Clyde to as our family representatives - Clyde loved dunking his good buddy!
And let's end on a high note - Carma and Nutella, a match made in heaven. 

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