Saturday, July 15, 2017

October: Trunk or Treat

We abandoned our 'every other year family group costume where Mom slaves away for months and then cries when someone won't wear their costume' tradition, and instead each kid got to pick. Minus Carma, because she was blessedly still too young to care. I foresee that not being the case this year.

Carma was a little hula girl with a coconut bra because it was the cutest thing I've ever seen at a garage sale and therefore couldn't resist the purchase: 
Jack actually dressed up for Halloween! He got this Finn costume for his birthday. I think the Batman socks really add to it - I mean, we never saw Finn's socks, so they COULD have been Batman...

Will was a scientist! (Unlike last year, when he was an animal scientist ;) ). His 'caution' t-shirt was found THAT DAY at D.I., and the 'Minion' goggles were also a D.I. purchase. The lab coat was borrowed from Dan the Man Swenson.
Clyde's almost to that stage of being "too" "cool" to dress up, so he went for a minimalist costume as a BMX biker - all I had to buy were the knee pads at D.I.!

Chuck and I pulled out every Hawaiian-type article of clothing in our closet to coordinate with Carma and we all headed down to the church for the trunk or treat! I found some pretty cool people to take pictures with - Sister Jensen, Brother Murphy, and Raquel!

Isn't Raquel the most amazing peacock ever? Those are REAL feathers people! Also Mikey and Seth were cute, the Coopers were awesome as a cop and robber, Sister Marsh is such a cool lady and I loved her clown costume, and the Merritts had a pretty legit trunk decorated for the event.

Some group picture attempts, first with Will not wearing his glasses:

And with the glasses. Carma's hands on her head expression is a pretty good reflection of how I look/feel trying to take pictures of these crazies, grrrrr.

We'll call this one a winner! Happppppy Halloween! I mean, Scary Halloween! (per Will, who is consulting on this post....)

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