Sunday, July 16, 2017

October: everything elllllllse!

Ahhh, sibling bonding where no one is getting hurt - oh wait, I forgot about the pictures on the slide. Someone definitely got hurt there if I remember the tears and wailing correctly:

One of my legit favorite things is when someone else does Carma's hair. Paola is the cute girl who runs the playroom at BioLife and we love her - she's SO good with the kids and her talent with hair is an awesome bonus:

I always try to get a good picture before we get into the car because Girlfriend rubs her head against her carseat and messes it up basically every time 😩😭.

Grandma Pam got a new bike in October!! Her old bike had some rust issues so Chuck scouted out a nice cruiser on craigslist and Sam and Quinn and I chipped in and gave it to her for a... Halloween present? Early Christmas, I think. She loves it!

If you don't know Abram, you should. Kid is the most natural flirt and his eyelashes are incredible and if I was like 27 years younger, I would marry him...

Jackers won Sorry! one night and was SO SO cute signing his name on the inside of the box.
Carma and Jack channeled their inner artists and did some watercoloring. We now have a whole row of black ovals for the next time we attempt some painting!

Okay, this resonated a little too much haha:

Thrift store fun! I've been debating when to get Carma a dollhouse, but when she saw that one she immediately started climbing it and it started to tip, and I was like, "Well, not today!" I did pick up that Mr. Darcy poster and it brings me immense joy every time I see it. AND I found that Fight the New Drug shirt for Clyde at Savers and he loves it!

Girls' Night. Oh my heck. So much good food. So much drama as Kara read us out a text conversation so we could painstakingly psychoanalyze every response she got hahahahaha.

There's a chance that we go through more chocolate chips than is necessary or healthy - Will is a notorious sneaker of them, and Carma is a willing recipient anytime someone hands her off a couple.

So, seriously my mom is amazing. My kids love going over to her house (which is good, because they end up over there a lot!) and it's no wonder why - while Chuck and I were at the temple, the kids got to have a Teddy Bear picnic with all of my mom's eight thousand bears. She also has obscure collections of old books, like the 'Noddy' series? that each of my kids has had Grandma read to them and loved - currently it's Jack's turn. Having my mom so close and accessible has been such a blessing.
And after saying all that, it's okay if I poke a little bit of fun at her, right? ;). This is from September - my mom got to go to "Grandparents' Day" with Clyde and Will at school. A couple days later, this picture popped up with some others on the school PTA Facebook page - Grammy Pammy and the boys taking a selfie! I'm so proud hahaha! (P.S. Mama, text me the pictures you took so they can be documented as well please 😘)

Family bonding time at the bike park! Clyde switched back and forth between his yellow bike and the mountain bike:
Willy Boy was a champ as always.

Jackers was a superstar:
Carma was crazy; she ran and ran and ran around chasing the boys and having a merry, merry time.

She loved getting a ride from Daddy on the mountain bike:
Chuck took a few spins around the park on various bikes...

I succumbed to peer pressure and went on some of the nice smaller bumps/hills:
We wound up at the playground where Will wisely kept his helmet on haha.

Carma was supposed to dress up one day for dance class, so I stuck a witch hat on her and it was sooo cute! During dance they played a game and became mummies, also so cute:

Parent/teacher conferences started in Will's classroom, meeting with Mrs. Wallin. We loved hearing about what a curious, respectful learner Willy Boy is and how much he helps and reaches out to other kids.

Next we went down to Clyde's classroom for a student-led conference, meaning Mrs. Keene was there if we needed her but Clyde showed us all of his work and reflections on how he's doing so far in 5th grade. It was really neat to hear his honesty on what he needs to work on more, and his pride as he shared what he's done well.

More Clyde pictures from throughout the month: racing bikes after school one day, falling asleep reading Harry Potter, reading to Carma at bedtime, earning awards at Scouts and helping Andy with his last minute merit badge haha, dr check-up where he was so cute and grown-up and articulate, aaand the best post share and tell note ever from a super sweet girl in his class!

Will.i.am pictures - I honestly have no idea why I photographed him holding some... yarn?... but he's cute! Also he generously offered to teach Chuck about basic music theory ;). And I loved this paper from school that came home; I thought it was a pretty good summary of things this cute boy is good at!
My Jackers! He likes being a shoulder angel (thanks Studio C, grrr) and is also probably my snuggliest kid at this point. Love love love him.

Aaaand a million Carma pictures because she's the littlest and the cutest ;). 
Farewell October! You were pretty stellar! Onto November!

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