Thursday, July 13, 2017

October: Church Stuff

October started off with General Conference, so we busted out the candy bowls - this time, the boys illustrated what words to listen to:

I joined ward choir... a year ago? A year and a half maybe? and it's been a really good experience (for me at least. Not sure about those who have to listen to me...). We struggle with getting people there, so one day I took these pictures to post in an effort to recruit more singers :).

Love this:

Temple date with my boyfriend.

Have I mentioned how much I love/hate the (free!) women's workout classes that the South Stake hosts and generously invites everyone in the Nampa area to attend? They're amazing. We took a picture one Friday to post on fb and show how hardcore we were since our numbers were lower that day. Aaaand our incredible Zumba instructor Stephanie recruited me to go up on stage with her for the Macarena (Jenn took a picture) and the good news is what I lack in actual rhythm and grace, I apparently make up for in enthusiasm ;).

Cute kids after Stake Conference.

Cute kids after church - I was trying to get a picture of their October/Halloween matching outfits... Will wanted to take it a step further and be a zombie haha:

I legit loved this outfit of Carma's! Grey and silver and black just speak to me.

Okay, this might have been for red ribbon week? But they were just cute in their matching Scout shirts.

The Sunday before Halloween I hung out in primary with an anti-social Clyde and a clingy Carma, but it worked because I got to enjoy Sister Curtis' amazing singing time. She's so good at connecting with the kids and making it fun while also using the primary songs to testify of gospel truths. Love her and our matching tights!!

More gospel doctrine lesson prep with wee helpers:

Jared earned his Eagle, woooo! Actually it was before his 18th birthday back in June, but the Court of Honor was in October. Chuck came straight from work and was able to do the Eagle Charge and as the Advancement Chair I got to actually present the Eagle award. Jared is a stellar kid and I've loved working with him and being his friend over the years.

Ha, more workout class pictures - this time from Halloween Zumba! I was so amazed at what cool costumes everyone came up with - and were willing to sweat in haha!
Okay - I legitimately didn't recognize Nicole as the witch when I first saw her in the hallway before class. I had to do a double take when I saw that she was holding Jace haha. So much fun!!

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