Thursday, June 22, 2017

september: Church stuff

September brought some fun Cub Scout activities, including Pack Meeting, where both boys received awards AND got to participate in some instructional First Aid skits that were the best kind - unintentionally hilarious ;). 

We also got to participate in a little Cub Scout hike (aka walk) around Wilson Pond one Saturday. The big boys had fun with their leaders and fellow Scouts, and I tried to keep the two wee ones in line. Carma scored a ride on Shelly's shoulders for a while!

 That night, we headed to the church for a missionary open house. Carma experienced some pretty legit mood swings, so she and I missed most of the presentations but heard awesome things about Clyde stepping in and explaining the purposes of Primary. He's a rock star.

Ha! I love Amy! At the end of September we headed to the stake center to watch the broadcast of the women's session of General Conference. I got to hang out with friends and my mama, which was lovely! 

Random after church pictures of cute kids... and yes, Jack is shooting you. Or the photographer - Clyde? But probably you too, if given the chance. THAT CHILD.

Chuck and I hit up the temple a couple times during the month and got to do some family names that we'd found and researched at home, as demonstrated by Chuck. Can I just say how much I love my huge new (to me) computer (to be documented in a future November post!)?? It's a dream to do family history on. I don't miss that wee monitor at all!

 Chuck opened up a small daycare center in the clerk's office at church - or maybe it was a children's sweatshop, sure looks like he put Carma to work there... hmmmm... 

 Temple trips with my girls! Top left was with the lovely duo of Marens, top right is with the ridiculously cute Erica, bottom right was Emily's first time with us (doesn't it look like she's a windblown model who like agreed to take a quick picture with us??), and bottom left is my Kautri!! Fun fact: on that trip we were doing initiatory and I got done first and sat in a chair along the main corridor to wait for Kautri... because I love people-watching in the temple - on occasion I see someone fun that I know AND THIS WAS SUCH AN OCCASION! 

Here's my Instagram caption from that day: Temple date with Kautri this morning = always a good time πŸ‘­. Totally unexpected bonus (aka tender mercy) was seeing my old seminary teacher, the one and only Kipley S. Fife, and being able to catch up for a couple minutes. I've thought about him so much over the years but never followed through with contacting him to say how much I appreciated his enthusiasm for the gospel and teaching, even when I was difficult and sassy πŸ’πŸ»and skipped class for like a month straight junior year before my anti-depressants kicked in πŸ’ƒπŸ». Brother Fife was loving and friendly and respectful and my testimony and life are better for having been his student for those three years 😊.

I love scrolling through old pictures and finding screenshots of quotes and pictures and scriptures I loved during that month - here are some from September:

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Clyde is TEN! (and three/fourths....)

Clyde turned 10! To celebrate, we did a repeat of last year's activity- the bike park with these two buddies:
Such good kiddos. And happily, this year all three boys escaped without any injuries!

I'm pretty sure I say it every year, but Clyde's birthday always seems anti-climatic because we hold him to such an 'oldest kid' standard of acting older and being responsible that when he turns the next age we kind of forget that he wasn't already that old, whoops! We rely on Clyde so much to help with the other kids; we started giving him opportunities to babysit a couple of his siblings at a time for an hour or so during the day and he's done really well with it.  

Here's the picture and caption I posted on Instagram for his birthday:
"Double digits, baby! My Clyde Monster is 10 and we love him buckets and buckets. He is, in his own humble words, "Pure Awesomeness" πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰πŸ”Ÿ"

Aaaand some birthday pictures with his mama:
It's hard to write this so long after that fact (reason #118 to catch up on my blog) because he's grown and matured so much since September, so now all I see is the almost-11-year-old boy. I love looking back at this newly minted 10 year old and what a delight he was and what a scallywag he was and how both of those descriptions of him have only grown more true in the nine months since ;). We love our Clyde Monster!!