Friday, April 7, 2017

july: afternoon at Ivywild

Every summer we collect all the loose change from our couches and road trip on over to Boise to swim at Ivywild Pool. This is a special annual event because Ivywild is bigger and fancier than our neighborhood pool in Nampa. Can't you just FEEL the excitement in this picture? It's tangible, amIright?
But seriously, it looks like they're on the other side of the fence, all geared up in their swimsuits but just watching other kids swim haha.

We had a grand time, but only pulled out the phone to take pictures of the slide (because, you know, water damage risks). Here's Jackers with Daddy:
Jack has yet to find his inner fish... but once he survived the slide he was happy and decided it was fun! 

Clyde and Will went down the slide and swam to shore like champs. Hooray for different goggles so I can differentiate between them in swimming pictures - here's Clyde in the white rims:

And Willy boy in blue goggles. 

We girls stuck together and Carma loved it! I honestly love water slides... 
as long as they're not covered (like the tube ones - I can't go on those. At all. Ever. I would cry.) or crazy drop-off slides. So basically I love a very select group of water slides haha.

Okay, Chuck took this picture and showed to me later with a hilarious observation of how whiiiite I am:
 Yes, that's me, with my back helpfully outlined by that tan woman's arm. I think I'm more pale than the clouds... SO that's a cool accomplishment! Right?

Chuck and Clyde and Will hit up the (scary!) drop-off slides quite a few times, somehow we only ended up with pictures of this friendly lad:
Not pictured: hanging out in the kiddie pool, where Carma climbed through the little treehouse to go down that slide ONE MILLION times or the boys swimmin' around with Chuck in the big kid pool. Thanks for a swell afternoon, Ivywild! See you next summer!!

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Holly Cameron said...

Oooook I was going to be veryyyy surprised that you liked water slides...but then I got to your second part and was like...yuuup that sounds about right. Looks like fun though!