Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Queden's December visit

Quinn and Eden came up to good ol' Idaho a few days before Christmas and as always we loved hanging out with them. Their visit coincided with our venturing out to see Star Wars episode 7, so naturally we made them and Grandma Pam come along. Carma, Leila, and Isaac stayed home with a babysitter while Clyde, Will, and Jack came along - there's a chance Quinn and Eden are better parents than we are hahahaha.
Jack and Will both got a little restless here and there and swapped seats a bit, but Clyde was chill to stay next to Grandma Pam and take it all in.

We subjected the children to a very successful family Star Wars-attired photo shoot:

The next day we all gathered at Mama's house for some delish lasagna and general cousin merriment:
Chuck is killing me with that pink sparkly phone. There's a meme somewhere about how no matter how tough a guy you are, if a toddler hands you a play phone, you answer it - yep! And I love Carma being the first one up to the (beautifully laid out, my mom is the cutest) table. 

Pizza+chicken nuggets+the church gym+Grandpa always equals a great time. We added in a piano recital at the end which went over very well.

Carma and Leila hilariously kept climbing in this tote and because Aunt Eden is the BEST, she pushed them around and around and around in it.
Basically the kids were just a blur the whole time, running around with footballs/soccer balls/etc etc. Jack and Isaac had some pretty epic light saber battles which was hilarious.

Random pictures. My dad orchestrated quick bball contests between Chuck and Quinn and me and Eden... and let's just say luck was on the side of the Bradens, not the Izatts ;).
We also did some races, the funniest of which was probably Carma v. Leila. Leila definitely won. Again, it's possible that was a recurring theme hahahaha.

And we obviously had to do a mini photo shoot with the cousins in attendance (obv we missed the other cute Braden girls!). Carma and Leila are definitely munching on apple slices and fruit snacks, but whatever kept them perched on the towers o' chairs and not running off!
And of course, enjoy Will's formal ensemble. He claimed that awesome frog tie as one of the Grandpa-provided prizes for games in the gym and wears it pretty much every week to church :).

And thus concludes our fun time with Queden!

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