Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our cute little jogger

 Clyde's school had a jog-a-thon a couple of weeks ago to raise money for playground equipment and field trips (news flash: our school district has no money. Less than no money. It's bad).
 Each grade level was assigned a color to wear - first grade was purple. Juuuust kidding, it was red! Clyde was pretty into it, the idea for the hair color and that second pose were all his :). 

[random note: I hate to bring up thrift stores constantly... haha, who am I kidding? I love it, so here's another story: I'd been looking for sneakers for Clyde for quite a while and had alllmost committed to some at Target, but I was waiting until he could go with me and try them on. The night before the jog-a-thon, I took a huge load of discarded Izatt junk/treasures to D.I. and couldn't resist running in to look around - and behold, there I found these awesome sneakers in Clyde's size for $2. It gets better - they're the exact same Target brand as the sneakers he wore last year that are now in Will's possession, so they match! I just love D.I.]

The jog-a-thon landed on Chuck's day off, so we headed over to the school to watch. And here we experienced our first (and I'm sure not last) public brush-off from one of our sons.
Yep, see that bottom right picture? We totally called out to him, and he just kept on a-walkin'. The only aspect that surprised me about that was that he didn't acknowledge Daddy, who is widely recognized as being wayyyy cooler than Mommy.

We laughed it off (on the outside, at least...) and found a spot between the two 'tracks' (younger grades on the inside, older on the outside) to watch. And then they were off!
 Clyde was so cute as he established a 'sprint, walk, sprint, walk' pattern (the Tortoise and the Hare is on our 'to-read' list, I promise).

 When he passed by on his third (or fourth?) lap, I offered to run with him for a bit, and with surprising enthusiasm (given the prior snub) he agreed.
I  did three laps with him and then another lap with two of my Cub Scouts along the outer track (they were a bit harder to keep up with!). My favorite was when, after walking for a bit, he would grab my hand and have me 'catapult' him forward for a little extra momentum to start running again :).

 Clyde ended up doing eight laps total before the time was up and we were really proud of him - running is not his favorite thing... at all... but he stuck with it so well. Good work Clyde Monster!!


Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

Love it! Sorry about the public snub. I feel great remorse for ever doing that to my parents now. I'm glad you documented it for the future!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love that he wanted to dye his hair!!! how cute is that!?

KinderKapers said...

Good going Clyde!! The snub part he gets from his dad...Chuck had to be reminded that we had traveled all the way to Reno to watch him at the state band competition. He got in trouble more than once for that.

Maren said...

Clyde went all-in there! Good job!
Which scouts did you run with?

Emily said...

Way to run Miss! Wish I would have run at ours, maybe I would have missed the stomach-poking- loud- mouthed girl who asked if I was pregnant! I thought this was a great fundraising event!

jayna said...

Seriously cute.

And seriously, the D.I out there must be way better than the one in Boise! Or is there only one? If so, stop shopping there so I can find good stuff.