Sunday, July 22, 2012

Extended family pics: Braden side!

We took advantage of being [almost - we sure missed Cody!!] all together the weekend of Isaac's baby blessing and did some family pictures with my dad. 

 Here we are - Sam (and Bailey), Quinn, Dad, Chuck, Terri (and Hazel), Eden (and Isaac), Jana (and Jack), Will, and Clyde.  This picture makes me so, so happy - I sure love all these people!!

I was DANG pleased with how our pictures turn out, considering the color scheme was revised about seven times (my brothers have unusually strong opinions about wardrobe...) and we had spent the four hours previous outside in the heat/driving (remember the cherry picking?) and in lieu of a professional photographer, we combined resources (Sam's camera, my tripod, Quinn's best friend Cameron) and went the amateur route.

 We did some shots of just our family, and thanks to the collective goofiness of the aunts and uncles on the other side of the camera, Clyde and Will both smiled lots, hooray!!

 I love the progression of Clyde cracking up here - I think this is when Quinn was piling cowboy hats on his head and melodramatically despairing when they toppled off.

Because six wee grandkids under six is a sight to be seen, we gathered them all together for a quick photo op with Grandpa. Will's good mood had long since given in to tears, and Jack and Bailey quickly joined him. I love how chill and uninterested Hazel and Isaac are :). And mad props to Clyde for (once again) holding a wiggly baby and maintaining his smile.  

Speaking of props, that's what my dad provided to our photo session, starting with cowboy hats!  Between the slight chaos of rotating the hats every couple of shots and watching Sam's hilarious cowboy stances, this was one of my favorite group of pictures.

We did make sure to get a nice one of my dad and his three kids that were present.

AND thanks to Cameron wearing a blue polo shirt and my sister-in-law Melissa's talent with photoshop, we even managed to get a picture of my dad with his three kids that were present plus the kid that wasn't!  (L to R: Quinn, Cody, Jana, Dad, Sam).  I love my dad and brothers so much!

In an effort to be in as many pictures as possible, I suggested a 'girls only picture' (sometimes I do this at home, but it's much lonelier...).  I'm SO blessed to have two of the coolest girls ever as sisters-in-law. Seriously love them both.

I think we all look like runway models just off the catwalk . . . well, mostly Eden.

Finally, my dad had also brought a selection of cool Hawaiian shirts, so before we wrapped up he and Sam and Quinn donned those for a bit. And once again please note Sam's inability to wear any kind of costume without mixing in some of the character as well :).

I'm so glad we took the time to do these pictures and that they turned out so well!


Cameron Family said...

Cowboy hats..bahahah! SO funny! You guys got a lot of nice ones!

Just Jaime said...

So impressed that these were taken by an amateur! Great shots!

Grace said...

These are fun and great! And the comment about girls only being rather lonely at home made me laugh so hard!!! lol

jayna said...

Those are some good lookin Bradens!!