Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the lateSt

So, I find myself with lots to blog about (our lives are exceedingly fascinating) but little time to do so right now (I'm road-trippin' to Utah tomorrow!) so real quick, here is what our family has been up to the last few weeks... as brought to you by the letter S.

Clyde: Soccer.
The beginning of April meant it was time for Clyde to strap on those shinguards and hit the soccer field!

And since I have a really, really hard time telling people 'no' (please use that information responsibly) I am coaching his team - here I am with my little ducklings warming up before the first game.

 Here's Clyde running - tongue out, looking down.  I love it.

 Game three of the season - it was like 88 degrees and we played at 3:50 pm.  And only four of our five players showed up (three play on the field at a time) so I had to keep rotating the poor children in and out so they could rest and get water.

  But Clyde scored a career high three goals that game, so the the heat exhaustion was obviously worth it :).  We have three more weeks of games, go Stingers!!

Will: Swimming.
Will took private swimming lessons at the Rec Center in April, which he absolutely LOVED.  He was always so excited to go to the 'swimming house' and work with his instructor Mark on swimming lesson nights.  Will has done parent-tot lessons the last three summers, but before we enrolled him in the regular preschool class this year we wanted to make sure he would be able to follow directions and handle the skill level.  And he did SO well; he can now dunk his little head in and pick up toys and whatnot like a champ.  Will and Clyde are doing a 'semi-private' lesson later this month as another stepping stone and then they'll both be in the preschool class together this summer, hooray!

 The last day Mark turned on the slide and Will went down at least six times.

 Such a happy boy!

Jack: Smiling!  Also, sleeping/sucking...
Jack remains a pretty solemn little guy, but if you work hard enough he'll give you a smile - and they are soooo worth the effort!!

 Jack has also created a signature move for falling asleep - his middle and ring finger of his left hand go in his mouth (pointer finger and pinky go up on his cheeks) and his entire right hand is spread out over his face, holding the other hand in place.

 It's so, so cute!!

Jana: Scouts.  
In March I was released from my church calling as the Bear Den leader and called to be the Cubmaster instead, yay!  I'm so, so happy to be able to stay within the Cub Scout program. In April we had our Pinewood Derby and it was loads of fun.

 I made a replica of our minivan, complete with depictions of myself and Chuck as driver and passenger.  Sadly, Brother Cameron dug out one of his old cars from back in the day and it smoked 'Sister Izatt's Unstoppable Uplander'... which was clearly a misnomer.

 I found this shot as I was looking through the pictures I took that night and it totally tugged at my heartstrings - moments like this are why I LOVE my calling - and they happen all of the time.  We have the sweetest boys ever in our Pack!

And finally Chuck: . . . Striking against Shaving :).
 Once or twice a year, Chuck steps away from the razor for a while and this happens to be one of those times.  I'm on board (as long as it's temporary, which I'm assured it is), especially now that it's past the scratchy stage.  My favorite past-time while he sports it is counting up the compliments he receives on it from other men... seriously, it's staggering.  And the adjectives they use!  Ohh, it makes me laugh :).


Cameron Family said...

Next we need to race the geo and the minivan! HA!!!

Terri said...

I have to steal that picture of Jack!! Love reading your blogs, they are always entertaining and keep me in the loop! Thanks for taking the time. LOVE it!!

jayna said...

JACK! You continue to post those adorable pictures and that baby is going to go missing!!