Monday, January 16, 2012

Thirteen days

On the eve of Jack's two week birthday, I am happy to report that we are all alive and doing well, hooray!

Jack had his first doctor's appointment today and we were delighted to learn that he has gained over a pound since birth and now tips the scales at 8lbs 2oz. This does make sense when you factor in his eating schedule: every one to two hours during the day - and (praise the heavens) only every three to three and a half hours at night. But seriously, during the day he loves him some milk. Luckily I don't have a lot else going on since Chuck is amazing and paternity leave is amazing and not having to do the dishes or prepare meals is amazing. I can definitely handle keeping one kid fed if Chuck can handle keeping the rest of us fed!

The weekend that Jack came home from the hospital we were excited to enjoy a visit from Chuck's sister Melissa, her husband Kevin, and two of their kids. Their elderly neighbor from Boise passed away and so they came up for the funeral and were able to come and meet Jack and Melissa was sweet enough to do a quick photoshoot! Here are a couple of my favorites:
He's such a mellow, contemplative fellow so far. Aside from a couple (understandably) fussy moments the day his plasti-bell and cord fell off, Jack is incredibly even-tempered - only crying when he's hungry. Bless him.

He was very awake when Melissa pulled out the camera and stayed that way for most of the shoot, funny boy :).

He finally fell asleep towards the end. Isn't he soooo precious? Thanks again Melissa!!

We're still in the process of determining resemblances and how much he looks like the other boys.
Here they all are, side-by-side: Clyde (2 days old), Will (3 days old), and Jack (3 days old). Personally, I think that Will is the link between Clyde and Jack - Will looks a bit like Clyde, and Jack looks a lot like Will, but Clyde and Jack don't look as much alike - minus the dark hair of course :).

Here's another grouping, again it's Clyde, Will, Jack and all within the first couple of weeks of their cute little baby lives. I think Clyde's head is more round as opposed to the oval shape that Will and Jack both have . . . or maybe I've been staring at baby pictures too long tonight!

And finally, here are a couple more random shots of Jack from around the house the last couple weeks:
So happily asleep in his little Star Wars onesie :)!

Not so happily awake in a regular light blue onesie :(. He does have the furrowed brow down pretty well, which I remember being true of Clyde as well.

Enjoying a post-lunch nap . . .

My sweet friend Paulina gave Jack this cute little outfit, which he's worn several times now since it's one of the few 'newborn' size items we have. We love this silly monkey!


jayna said...


Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

He is such a little stud. Dont tell Eden, but I want three boys first to...

Jana said...

Let the record show that the second comment is from Quinn, not my mom (who apparently checked her email on his computer at some point and never logged out). I would be quite disheartened if I learned that my mom wanted three boys first since I was her third child and first girl . ..

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

You look great, Jana!! And Jack is so incredibly sweet :) Please keep the pictures coming, I love them!!! :)

Meghan & Chase said...

Wow those pictures of your boys side by side are so great! Those pictures of Jack are amazing- just LOOK at him all wrapped up and staring at you- he does have such a contemplative look! I'm glad he's so mellow:)

Ginger said...

Holy mackerel, Jana - are you wearing Jeans? They look like real jeans and everything. I am WAY impressed. I have to wear yoga pants for at least a couple of months after I have a baby. Tell me all your secrets. Also, I think Jack is adorable. It's so fun to see his pictures. I definitely see Braden in that boy!

Sherry said...

He's just so cute!!! Love the photo shoot! And you look amazing too :)