Friday, November 11, 2011

All about Chuck/Jana/new baby

I've come to the conclusion that neither Chuck nor I are exciting enough or photographed enough to warrant our own individual blog update, so here's a combination post :).

Our most recent fun adventure was a road trip to Twin Falls last Saturday. I originally had big plans for a 'babymoon' weekend (preferably somewhere exotic like the Caribbean or Utah) but then I remembered both that we have high-maintenance existing children and also that we are not independently wealthy, so we opted for the day trip to Twin instead.

We were able to attend the Twin Falls temple, which was lovely. We've really missed the Boise temple the last few months.

We also did some shopping, ate lunch at Cafe Rio in an effort to be cool and trendy, had fun randomly making up new rules for the slugbug game (yellow = double hit, silver is some sort of karate chop, etc) and just generally enjoyed hanging out together without changing diapers or small people interrupting us.

Meanwhile, Clyde and Will spent the day with Grandma Pam and Uncle Cody in this lego heaven as evidenced in this cell phone picture my mom sent me halfway through the day - and I think this was before another bucket was dumped out.

Chuck and I have also been staying busy with baby room projects, because cleaning old rooms is not nearly as interesting as decorating and putting together new ones!

Chuck was brave and let the little boys help him put together a bookcase.

All that time watching Handy Manny has paid off for this screwdriver-wielding expert!

The baby's room is going to be blue and orange because, well, why not? Here's the finished bookcase (still adorned with the helpful A/B/C stickers which have since been removed) and the coolest lamp in the world, courtesy of a late night shopping trip to Walmart.

I have not delegated every project to Chuck, just the ones that involve tools and/or heavy lifting. Will and I went outside one afternoon last week where I took it upon myself to repaint the boys' old green nightstand.

Will is obsessed with taking pictures lately. One of his favorite pbskids.org games is one where you go around 'clicking' to take pictures and so he now hilariously repeats their catchphrase of "Ooh, that's a keeper!" after every shot.

Here's the nightstand after its second coat (done inside because it was waaaay colder the next day).

Another favorite recent activity for Chuck and myself is complaining about our various aches and pains - ankle for him, back and heartburn for me. My dear husband sprained his ankle on his looong hike back in August and finally went in to the doctor about it at the beginning of October (for the record, I strongly encouraged him to go in sooner, but I think he was a little gun shy after the appendectomy). So he's spent the last month getting x-rays, an MRI, a cortisone shot, and weird ice and electrolyte treatments in physical therapy.

In the meantime, I've spent the last month incubating a little wild child who really, really, really likes to move. It reminds me of the Chuck Norris joke about how he invented the c-section when he decided he was ready to be born and roundhouse-kicked his mom from the inside. I think this baby is trying to do the same thing . . .

Sadly, we still have seven-ish weeks until this baby will make his debut, and just for fun yesterday I got my first "Really? You still have that long?" comment from a random stranger who asked when I was due. Trust me lady, I can and will get much bigger - I have the photographic evidence from two previous pregnancies to prove it :).

Aaaand that's what Chuck and I have been up to lately. Happy Veteran's Day!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i LOVE your belly! seriously so cute!! and that color of nightstand is super! what shade of blue is that???

Christy said...

how do you only have 7 weeks left??? I swear you just barely outed yourself as being pregnant! I cant wait to see your next adorable little man....his nursery is seriously adorable too!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

You are so cute!! I love the color you painted the end table :)

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

That end table has proven one very smart buy (I'm sure garage sale) from your old bedroom, hasn't it? Nice paint job!!

Emily said...

Love the table!!! So cute! I'm So glad the countdown is on! You look great- just ignore silly strangers, seriously, who do they think they are anyway??? Take care!

jayna said...

I do enjoy that lamp! You look super cute- and I cannot wait to see your little Norris baby with awesome hair!! 7 weeks--Christmastime-ish. How exciting!