Thursday, October 13, 2011

Izatt fam reunion: Sunday

Sunday's main event was an excellent way to conclude our Izatt family reunion:

Anna's baby blessing! Pictured here with her lovely parents, Amanda and Steve, and a goat.

We checked out of the hotel early that morning and then drove to Kays for church. Steve gave Anna a beautiful blessing and we were really grateful that we could be there. Afterwards we went back to Amanda and Steve's for a delicious brunch. Seriously, so good - turns out Steve can make amazing crepes, yum!

It was nice to have a chance to sit around and chat, particularly with some extended family - Aunt Sue and cousin Nickie were there, as were cousins Mike and Alli (and her fiance Tomas!!).

There was also lots of 'pass the baby around'. I've said it before; I'll say it again: who needs daughters when you can have darling little nieces to love and adore and not have to pay for their weddings??

Baby Anna with Uncle Chuck. . .

and snuggling with Pops!!

The little kiddos had a blast running around and playing together.

I handed Courtney our old camera and she got these awesome shots of Will; I think she inherited the photography gene from Melissa :).

Then Court and I proceeded to take pictures of each other!

And then we needed one of us together, of course.

It was so fun to see baby Eli again - and it turns out he's not really a baby anymore! This trip fell a few days before his first birthday and he looks like such a boy now instead of a baby. He was in heaven munching on apples found in the grass despite everyone's efforts to trade him out for ones handpicked from the tree :).

Clyde and George have a lot of fun together as the oldest of the boy cousins - I see a lot of trouble in their collective future . . .

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head for home - not before some family pictures though.

In the process of gathering all of Chuck's family and figuring out which camera/lens to use; I love how Terri is smiling for the one though - she's ready!

Almost everyone is gathered - and looking to the right...

And here's the whole gang! L to R: Melissa, Lily, Kevin, George, Courtney, Mallory, Terri, Dave, Steve, Anna, Amanda, Chuck, Clyde, Jana, Will, Lee, Bri, Aleesha and Eli. Whew!
(P.S. As evidence that I have too much time on my hands, check out this awesome thing I noticed - as soon as our baby comes, there will be an awesome correlation between the birth order in Chuck's family and how many kids they have. Melissa is the oldest sibling and has four kids, Chuck is the second oldest and will have three kids, Lee is the third oldest and has two kids, and Amanda is the youngest and has one. I know, I need a hobby.)

And once again, thanks to Pops and Grandma for making this fun weekend possible. We love you - see you in November!!

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Mallory said...

Ah anna can't wait when you get older
She's so cute.