Friday, August 5, 2011

Quinn and Eden got hitched!

Once upon a time on June 15th in a land far, far away called Boise, Quinn and Eden got married and it was a beautiful, wonderful day wherein lots and lots of pictures were taken and caused Jana anxiety whenever she pondered blogging about it. But then she cowgirl'd up and got it done.

I'm sticking all the 'official' pictures in a separate post, so all these pictures were taken by the talented Sam, the slightly unphotogenic Jana, or the elusive Chuck.
(P.S. In an effort not to overwhelm you with the 400 gazillion pictures we took between the three of us, I just went for the highlights and then stuck most of them in collages. If you click on the picture, it should bring it up bigger so you can see all of the fun in a bit more detail!)

For me, the day started with an intensive effort to get me 'bridesmaid hot' (I just made up this term). This required a team - Nicole did my hair and Heidi did my make-up, and I will forever be indebted to both of them because they are AMAZING.

Then we all congregated at the temple where Quinn and Eden were sealed. Here they are making their debut as husband and wife!

Here is what I call the 'California Contingency' - people Quinn got to know on his mission. Brother and Sister White and Sister Novak and her SUPER cute daughter Meredith (lower right) all made the l-o-n-g drive from Lancaster to share in this special day with Quinn and along the way the Novaks picked up Cameron Sheets (upper right) who was Quinn's companion in Lancaster for like eight months. I loved being able to meet the Whites and Novaks (in person, we're already facebook friends) and get to know them better.

We were so glad that Smiths could make the trip up from Utah to be there with us and so I could tease Reed and live to tell the tale :). And as a bonus, they were able to catch up with other friends from their time living in Boise - here's Gloria chatting with Sister Porter, who is a really dear friend to Eden.

Keeping my little boys entertained outside the temple was a group effort - Dana and Will read books, Cameron challenged Clyde to run all the way down the sidewalk and back, Will found rocks to throw, Clyde tackled Will when he tried to run away, and the groom himself took time to toss Clyde into the air. And much thanks to Heidi for wrangling the boys while Chuck and I attended the actual sealing!!

More of the fun outside the temple - catching up with extended family on my mom's side and trying to stay in the shade :). Please join me in adoring Bailey's little tutu skirt (upper left) - isn't she sooo darling?

After pictures, it was time for the luncheon. The McFarlands were gracious enough to let Quinn and Eden use their backyard for the day so we held the luncheon (and later the reception) there. It was fun for Chuck and myself since our reception was in that same backyard seven years ago!

It was all hands-on deck to get the luncheon ready; Sam and Heidi were entrusted with what my mom deemed the most important task - carefully placing pansies (individually by hand) in the special bowls of water for the centerpieces. Good work, guys!

The luncheon was fun, relaxing, and most importantly, delicious. Clyde either couldn't believe how many varieties of trifle were available to try or engaged someone in a game of hide-and-seek; I'm not sure which :). My aunt Iris and my mom gave Eden an incredibly beautiful quilt that they created for the occasion; it was then displayed for the rest of the day.

Cameron and Clyde had become best friends the night before (they bonded while playing Star Wars video game) so naturally, they sat together at the luncheon. After a while, though, the duo got a little lonely and decided to crash the newlywed table to make a double date, haha.

After the luncheon, the groom's family got to take a break while the bride's family stepped in to get ready for the reception. Clyde went home with Grandma Pam, Will went home for a nap under the "careful" "supervision" of Chuck and Cameron (they multi-tasked by also playing Chuck's shoot-em-up video game at the same time) and Sister Novak and Meredith kept me company while I shopped for Quinn and Eden's wedding present!

Then it was time to head to the reception, which was really lovely. One of the highlights was a special musical performance by Eden's younger sister Summer and two of her friends; I think there were two violins and a cello.

Some pictures of my handsome dad at the reception . . .

and some pictures of his handsome dad at the reception! Everyone loves Grandpa Braden :).

Here are Eden and Quinn greeting our great-aunt and uncle on my mom's side, Kay and Alan Heslop. We were amazed and excited that they made the trip up from their home in Utah, since the wedding fell on their 50th wedding anniversary! They had a big celebration the weekend before with their kids and grandkids so they opted to come and share in Quinn and Eden's happy day. Isn't that so fun?

My mom and her two brothers, Larry and David.

A few more snapshots from the reception.

It was such a great day; Quinn and Eden are one of the sweetest, cutest, goofiest couples I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with and I'm so excited that they found each other and made this incredible commitment. Congratulations kiddos!!

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Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

I am so sad I missed this happy day, but glad I got to relive in through your blog! I absolutely love Eden's dress, she looks so gorgeous! And you look super hot too (but I think I already told you that!) And I think your mom looks great- those wedding colors turned out beautiful! Thanks for blogging Jana!