Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not really breaking news, but . . .

Granted, school got out in May but let's not focus on the tardiness of the post. Let's focus on cute pictures of my cute boys wrapping up preschool and playschool :).

Clyde went to a cute little playschool at the high school for a few weeks in April and May; here he is on his last day.

Every day the high school students focused on a different 'theme' and did activities/stories/snacks centered around that theme.

One of the highlights of playschool for Clyde was hanging out with Katy, a cute little girl whose family actually moved out of our ward shortly after we moved in three years ago. It was a very mutual attraction; Katy was very complimentary of Clyde's voice.

Will's last day of preschool came a couple of days later. Here he is braving the cold that morning as we waited for his school bus . . .

And here's some corroboration from Clyde that it was quite chilly.

Luckily the bus rolled up quickly and Will happily got on board and waved me good-bye. I loved his bus drivers/attendants - these two ladies were always so excited to see Will every morning. The attendant was forever telling me what a sweet smile and laugh he has :).

Back when I was growing up, the last day of school was a pretty big deal in our family. I have a distinct memory (circa 1995) of driving down Bergeson in the ol' station wagon with the windows down as my mom honked the horn and we cheered and waved to friends . . . ahh, those were the days. So even though my boys are still at that stage where they love school, I figured we could still do some celebrating on the last day.

So instead of letting Will ride the bus home like normal, Clyde and I picked him up; here he is with his wonderful teacher.

On the way home we stopped for chicken nuggets,

ice cream sandwiches,

and balloons.

And then the boys celebrated their newfound freedom and carefree lives by wrestling in the backyard. Yaaaay summer!

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