Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip '11 Part Two: Sam and Terri's!

Monday afternoon we made the drive from Nevada to Utah to visit Sam and Terri for two days. Our time there can be described in one word:

Settlers (of Catan).

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about this game, but Sam and Terri promised me it was more fun than it looks :). And they were right - it was so addicting!

Quinn was pretty confident that he was going to win, but in a surprise upset. . .

Chuck won! And treated us all to a victory dance with movements so fast that my poor cell phone camera couldn't capture them.

We proceeded to play multiple times over the next thirty or so hours, although we did stop on Tuesday long enough to venture out to Provo Canyon for a nice, albeit chilly, walk.
The little boys are now closer to their goal of throwing rocks into water in every state . . .
Very pretty!

I somehow convinced Clyde and Will to stop merrily skipping down the path long enough for this cute photo op :).

Will loved our little walk so much that he was very distraught when it was time to turn back.

So he got carried pretty much the whole way back! (Which may have been his goal all along . . .)

Back at Sam and Terri's, the little cousins got in some more bonding time.

And the adults got some more Settlers of Catan time :).

I do have to include this hilarious moment from the night we got there - Will climbed up to sit with Quinn, and randomly decided to stick his hand down Quinn's shirt . . . and then out again at the bottom of the shirt. And then he casually put his hand back on his knee and directed his attention back to the movie as the rest of us pretty much died laughing.

Thanks soo much for having us Sam and Terri, and for all of the delicious food and for introducing us to such a fun game that I'm pretty sure we will be purchasing in the near future. We sure miss you guys . . .

well, mostly Bailey :).

(Oh, and a big congratulations to my wonderful brother Sam on his exciting news!)


Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

First of all, I think the collages worked out really well. And those pictures of Baby Will with Quinn are so funny!

Ginger said...

Provo canyon is one of my favorite places on earth. Awesome.

Judy said...

The cute photo of the boys in the canyon should at least be a 5X7.

mama izatt said...

Congratulations Sam! Bailey is getting so big and so cute and her cousins look like they are having a great time.
PS Can we play the game too?