Friday, April 29, 2011

Goober goal updates

Remember how I created a list of 'goober' resolutions in January? Well, the time has come to pause and reflect and ponder my varying levels of success in keeping those resolutions. And obviously, such reflections and ponderings should be done publicly.

1. Sadly, my goal to memorize all of the lyrics to the songs from Newsies has not been given high enough priority, despite it topping the actual list.
No worries, I am determined to see this one through - I ordered the CD online and will mix it into the current rotation of Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum when I drive. I am confident that I will soon be 'carryin' the banner' with ALL the correct words.

2. Re-read the Harry Potter series before the movie hit the dollar theaters. . . well, I came pretty darned close. HP7 pt. 1 debuted at the dollar theater on Friday, February 11th. Chuck had to work all weekend, so we obviously made immediate plans to see it Monday evening for our Valentine's Day date.
Here I am that morning, sporting my AWESOME Gryffindor Team Quidditch t-shirt. Thank you D.I.!

So I definitely cut it close, I was finishing the last chapter of book six about twenty minutes before we left for the movie :). I decided to stop there, because a) I was clearly out of time and b) I figured I'd be less tempted to make movie vs. book comparisons (although I still made a few). We loved the movie though. I was so engrossed that I was honestly shocked when the end credits came up; I had no idea we'd been in the theater for two hours.

3. As I predicted, my third goal to watch more TV was one of my most successful (although the "beautiful" "weather" "outside" on various days the last couple of months set me back a bit. Darn that enticing fresh air!) I watched and loved the thirteen "Firefly" episodes although the movie "Serenity" has just been chillin' on my DVR for two months. I know I'm going to be an emotional wreck (I may have read some spoilers . . . ) so I keep waiting for the perfect time to watch it.

I also discovered the hilarity that is Amanda Bynes. Seriously, before 'Easy A' I can honestly say I had never seen anything with her in it. That has definitely been fixed now, including all four seasons of her awesome WB sitcom:

Thank you Teen Nick for airing like four episodes a day for me to DVR and watch as I folded laundry. And yes, I'm aware it's slightly embarrassing that I'm 26 and lovin' on Teen Nick. Keep reading, it gets worse.

My latest and possibly most passionate TV guilty pleasure is . . . Dancing with the Stars. As per my usual 'Mock/avoid anything that's super popular and then discover its awesomeness way later', I had never seen an episode until about three weeks ago when curiosity finally won out and I was hooked.
Basically, I love everyone that's left (minus Kendra, although her attitude greatly improved this week). I think I'm pulling for a Chelsea/Mark (bottom left), Hines/Kym (center), and Kirstie/Maks (top right) finale. I really like Chelsie and Romeo (top left), but the guy is a leeetle cheesy at times. And I do love Ralph and Karina (bottom right), especially after how SWEET he was to her after she tripped this past week, but I think I love the others more. Chelsea and Mark are just sooo adorable. I know there's a lot of criticism about his choreography being too non-traditional and too show-offy of himself, but I have seriously loved all of their dances. Like, 'rewatch them all on youtube' loved. I wasn't super familiar with Hines Ward (although he's been on my fantasy football team in years past) but I LOVE him on the show. He and Kym have such great chemistry and they should clearly get married and have little dancing babies with killer dimples. Speaking of chemistry, I also love Kirstie and Maks. I know that Maks has been kind of a jerk in the past (I've done my research reading old show recaps on ew.com) but he and Kirstie are hilariously awesome together.

4. So, my silly 'wear a different outfit to church each week' goal has been achieved, and my plan is to keep going. I have pictures of every Sunday (and one Saturday for a baptism) of 2011 . . . well, almost every Sunday. I didn't take one President's Day weekend when I was in Utah (whoops!) and I accidentally deleted the next week's. They were somewhat similar 'all-black' outfits, though, so it's okay. And they have not been repeated, I promise.

Early on, Clyde was still finding his niche as a photographer . . .

He found a groove for a while though!

And then he didn't, so I resorted to bathroom mirror shots (I know you're laughing right now, Andrea!!).

Ahh, my 'primary colors' week (red, yellow, blue). I'm not going to lie, I created that outfit to coordinate with the preppy striped church shirt Will wore that day. Too bad he refused to be photographed with me!

Aaand the most recent batch.

5. The next goal was twofold: continue my quest to become ambidextrous by writing more with my left hand and practice my British accent.

Sadly, I have not worked on these as much as I should. I did practice a bit with my left hand when I went to church with Heidi in February, here's some evidence. As far as the second part of the goal, I think I'll take one for the team and re-watch the six hour BBC version of 'Pride and Prejudice'. That usually inspires a few days trying to be exactly like Elizabeth Bennett, accent included.

6. My next goal was to get Chuck and the MLP (Magic Laundry Pile) to co-exist happily.
The MLP just the other day . . .

Unfortunately, this has not yet happened. And I lost my best excuse when Chuck moved from working nights to days, darn it! ("Honey, I can't put away laundry during the day because you're trying to sleep and I don't want to disrupt you!!") I've accepted that this goal may never be accomplished, but that will definitely not stop me from trying :).

7. My last resolution was comprised of a bunch o' mini-resolutions. Here are a few updates on those:

* One was to get over Finn and Rachel's break-up on Glee.This one I may have done too well, because I kind of got over Glee altogether; I haven't even watched the last couple of episodes. It's just gotten super lame lately, and a little too soap opera-y with everyone dating everyone else's ex. . . I understand that it's a TV show, and they don't want to introduce a million different characters, but I still wish the dating pool would be widened a little beyond Glee Club.

* Another was to let Clyde unroll the window more, which I did and have photographic evidence of from early February!
Don't worry, we were at a stop light :).

* Yet another was to have more dance parties with the boys, namely Will. We were rockin' out the other night so I made a quick video. Will's normally crazy dance moves are quite subdued here, though, since he insisted on holding the magnetic writing board thing (what are those called??) I had written 'DANCE' on. Also, he will pretty much only dance to this song now - Gwyneth Paltrow's Glee version of 'Forget You', which is all right since it's a pretty great version. Enjoy:

Sooo clearly I need to kick it into a bit higher gear with many of these resolutions, which I promise to (probably) do. Happy still 2011!!


jayna said...

I think you are awesome.

Anyone who feels so strongly about newsies gets my nod of approval.

Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

I have a few thoughts about this. First, I laughed about twelve times while I read this! Oh Jana, I couldn't love you more. Second, Reading your blog always makes me happy and when I'm feeling homesick I will probably reread old favorites. That would be creepy if we weren't such good friends.

Izzy said...

What is Clyde swinging on? It looks so fun!

You are fantastic!

Leslie said...

Your non-dominant hand handwriting looks better than most people's dominant hand handwriting. Thanks for the laugh, as always.

mama izatt said...

Love church outfits...I might be able to help out with a few. I need to go shopping next time I am in Boise. Savers....Thrift Store...the mall...I'm up for any.

Gloria said...

I loved so many things about this. I especially loved Will's dancing and the fact that Clyde was twirling around in the chair/swingy thing the whole time. Was he dizzy?

Amanda said...

PS the last glee episode was cute "born this way".

Andrea said...

It's true- I was laughing. But I thought the one pic was particularly well done as the flash covered up the camera in the mirror. Also, you are welcome to borrow any of my church clothes you want. I probably have at least 4 months worth...