Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last weekend recap: we built/met/danced/watched/cheered/won!

Last weekend was super fun and exciting and awesome. Next weekend promises to be super fun and exciting and awesome. This weekend is . . . nice and relaxing and lazy - hence the mid-day blogging!

The first awesome part of last weekend was that Chuck was off work, which occurs every other weekend. Friday afternoon/evening he gathered up his tools and two best little helpers for this project:
That's right, attaching wheels to the bottom of our couches, so they can more easily be moved like this:

(Note: the train table has since been relocated to the bonus room, aka second playroom, to afford us even more free space in the living room.)

Now, why would we need to regularly rearrange the living room so dramatically as to make wheeled couches so desirable?

So we can do this: Play Kinect games on the new XBOX 360! Our previous XBOX 360 was an ebay purchase for Chuck's college graduation in May 2007. About a year ago it got the 'red ring of death' but was miraculously brought back to life by Chuck's tech-savvy brother Lee. Unfortunately, at the beginning of December the dreaded red ring returned and a couple of weeks ago Lee informed us that another rebirth was not possible. So Chuck and Clyde carefully counted out the money from Clyde's piggy bank (the little guy had about sixty bucks, I was impressed!) and combined it with some money that my dad gave us for Christmas . . . and like the little girl in the Parable of the Bicycle, they were still a bit short. I looked at Chuck's and Clyde's pleading faces and rolled my eyes and conceded that sometime before my upcoming girl's trip to Utah, we could probably pick up a new XBOX.

Chuck came home with it the next day.

(Luckily he also picked up 'Dance Central' in an effort to seal my approval on the purchase. What can I say, I'm easy).

Buuut it came in super handy last weekend because these two charming people came to visit:

Quinn and his super cute girlfriend Eden, who (whom?) we got to meet for the first time! So naturally we popped in Dance Central as a way to rid everyone of their inhibitions and get some real bonding in.

Chuck went first to get the party started:
Then I got my groove on:
Then Quinn stood up . . . and pretty much we all laughed hysterically.
I told him if he made the center picture his facebook profile pic (for at least two daylight hours) I'd give him a dollar. He hasn't taken me up on it yet.

Then, after this ridiculously cute passing of the torch it was Eden's turn, and she made the dances look both effortless and cool:
Clearly if she wasn't so darned likable we would hate her.

We did some dance battles, also. Here's my favorite results screen:
Ohhh, yes, my husband beat me - I think it was Lady Gaga 'Just Dance'. I would be embarrassed, but this cements it: Chuck has a good job, he's cute, he cooks, he lets me drive AND pick the radio station (well, mostly), he changes diapers . . . and the boy can dance. Whole package, people.

Eden easily won over both Clyde and Will, the latter of which thought it would be fun to shut her in the pantry for a game of peek-a-boo (a much loved activity in our home/kitchen).

And if closing in ONE person is funny, then closing in TWO people must be . . .

hilarious! Will probably giggled for three minutes straight, it was awesome :).

And then, all too soon, it was time for Quinn and Eden to depart. We had an excellent time hanging out with them - we can't wait to see you guys again!

Clyde decided to fill the void after they left with some Lego Star Wars.

Here his fingers are being Storm Troopers. Everyone raise your hands if you can picture Chuck doing this as a small child (or, Mom and Melissa, if you actually remember Chuck doing this!)

Our exciting weekend continued Sunday with the Superbowl. As I've mentioned, I am a pretty hardcore Aaron Rodgers fan; he's been my fantasy quarterback for the last three years, ever since he took over with the Packers. I think he handled that whole situation with such class and he's an awesome player and I'm super psyched that he's getting the recognition he deserves.

I recycled some old Cricut letters/cut-outs and made this fabulous sign to show our support for Green Bay.

Just to leave no doubt as to which team we were supporting, I dressed the whole family in green and yellow for church. Awesome, right? Chuck even sweetly donned a green/gold striped tie without me even reminding him. Again, whole package.

And it worked (spoiler alert): Green Bay won! Our viewing of the game was pretty low-key, we paused for a couple hours while Chuck attended a Stake Priesthood meeting - meaning I had to diligently ignore texts/phone calls/facebook (basically the Internet in general) until he got back and we finally finished the game - an excellent end to an excellent weekend!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

looks like you had a great weekend! i am so jealous that you have a pantry!!!! :)

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

Clyde probably got the lego thing from your DNA too. All three of your brothers basically treated lego people (let's face it, lego men) as tiny actual humanoids. And let's never forget the time I found Sam's right hand fingers climbing up a chair leg (he was lying on the floor) to valiantly save his left hand fingers who were trapped on the chair seat.("Help us, help us!" "We're coming, we're coming!") He didn't even have helmets on his fingers. He was about Clyde's age. Boy do I wish I had a picture of that.

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

btw, I think Quinn looks a wee bit Sco'ish in that center dance pose. Aye, the Hunter genes live!

Judy said...

Your Green Bay Sunday wear cracks me up. I'll bet you were a distraction to anyone bearing their testimony.

Melissa said...

That looks like sooo much fun! Can't wait to come up and give it a try. No Star Wars Legos for Chuck, but he did used to make his little Superman figures fly down the stairs.

mama izatt said...

Wait!! That last comment was from me. That's what I get for not checking whose gmail account was active.

Nancy said...

Jana, I love your blog. You are hilarious.

Izzy said...

Chuck can dance.... WOWZER!

He never danced with his little sister growing up.