Friday, November 19, 2010

Girl time part two.

I spend most of my time with boys, and I'm really okay with that. I love boys. But it's fun to have some girl time, and last weekend I got to take a full two days off from life and hang out with Heidi and Gloria in Utah!

(As always, a serious thank you to my supportive husband, who encouraged me to go and happily took excellent care of the little boys while I was gone).

The trip came together at the last minute; I hopped a ride with Quinn who was headed down to see a mission companion who just got home. At first when I talked to Quinn about going down, he was like, "Don't you talk to Heidi on the phone a lot? Isn't that basically the same as hanging out in person?" Ummm, close but no. . . which is why I was SO bummed that I missed Courtney by a day, seeing pictures of her cute baby bump is not the same as seeing her in person!! But our hour-and-a-half phone conversation yesterday was a good consolation prize :).

Gloria, Heidi, and I had such a nice, relaxing couple of days - Gloria was recovering from being sick AND parent/teacher conferences, Heidi was recovering from her crazy busy college life, and I was recovering from, well, my sweet Clyde and Will :). My personal highlights were enjoying a full night's sleep (two in a row, unheard of at my house), uninterrupted adult conversations, guilt-free facebook time (and stalking with Heid), NO diaper-changing, Gloria's amazing cooking, dinner at Godfather's Pizza, catching up with Dez and a few of Heidi's other friends, church (I love their ward), running with Heidi because we are SUPERSTARS, checking out the samples at Costco . . . it was all wonderful.

(I did miss my boys a LOT but I talked to them several times a day and heard all about the fun they were having eating pizza and watching Star Wars videos. Isn't that what boys' weekends are all about?)

Gloria and Heidi, thank you both again for letting me come and crash your weekend, I love you both!!

P.S. This probably doesn't count as 'girl time', but I had such a nice road trip with Quinner - hearing more of his mission stories, sing-alongs to Garth Brooks, me sneaking in Glee CD's while he slept (and let me drive his car!!).


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love your green and brown dress.
i'm only one boy short of 'twinning' your family...so i totally hear you. sometimes you just need a little girl time :) glad you had fuN!

Missy08 said...

sounds like u had so much fun.

Missy08 said...

sounds like u had so much fun.

Ben and Courtney Hugo said...

Cute post! You and Heid look way cute in that picture. I'm glad you had fun. Next time, maybe I'll actually be around for the fun!