Monday, September 20, 2010

Utah part three.

Oh yes, there is still a bit more to share about our trip to Utah last month. You're welcome.
The occasion for our visit was my sweet niece Bailey's baby blessing. It was so nice to be there; Sam gave Bailey a beautiful blessing. It's so fun to see my brother as a dad, totally wrapped around his daughter's little finger! Of course, right after the blessing Clyde's little incident occurred, so there went the majority of our afternoon. We did make it over to Sam and Terri's house eventually to visit and eat delicious food.
Heidi got to hold Bailey!
Will tried on Bailey's shoes.
Uncle Cody got some Bailey time, too.

The next day it was time to head home, but we fit in a little more fun before hitting the road.
Clyde happily sat and watched Heidi teach a swimming lesson. He was well aware that he himself couldn't swim because of the stitches, but he loved watching!
Then we stopped by a farm! Well, not really a farm, just the backyard of some Smith family friends, the Franks. They very nicely let us walk around and see all of their animals, which Clyde and Will both loved.
Chickens! When we left, Clyde enthusiastically shouted, "Bye, black chickens!!" Apparently I have not successfully raised 'colorblind' children :).
Clyde had been excited all weekend to see 'Reed's pigs'.
Will and Unky Quinn. Best buds.
Clyde and Big Will. Likewise best buds. Thanks for being our tour guide, Will, and thank you to the Franks family for letting us 'city folk' traipse around and see all your animals!

After that we piled into the car and drove home to be happily reunited with Chuck :). We miss our Utah family and friends - luckily our next visit is coming right up!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

bailey is so cute and lucky to have you as an aunt!!! i am so sorry about clydes chin :( how did i miss that post!!?! i hope he is healing well!
it was fun to see you this past weekend! you are so cute!!!

Cameron Family said...

It's so weird to not see Quinn married with HIS people in all of these pictures.