Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, brother(s)

I really love having two little boys. I laugh sooo hard watching as they interact with each other . . .

even when they're wrestling (mostly because it means they're not trying to wrestle with me).

Ah, a nice Sunday afternoon sitting on your brother. What more is there to ask of life? (Don't worry, as always I made sure Will was able to breathe before taking pictures).

Another day, we went from a sweet brotherly hug

to a quick pin. And it should be noted that, contrary to the photographic evidence presented thus far, Will can definitely hold his own against his big brother.

On occasion, they go and just melt my heart by sweetly taking turns on the trike.

Snap, they're cute!

Hey, they could drive in the carpool lane!

Once they readjust so Clyde gets to pedal, of course.

I really hope they stay close as they grow up :).

Speaking of grown up brothers, I couldn't help but include a few pictures of Chuck and his brother Lee goofing off a couple of weeks ago:

Turns out the urge to smack your brother around a bit never really goes away :).

Then they opted for some more healthy competition by racing through the bouncy obstacle course.

Chuck sliding down to victory. Silly boys!

And finally, here's another set of brothers that clearly haven't grown up yet - Cody and Quinn:

It's a good thing I like being surrounded by goofy boys!


mama izatt said...

Gotta love them brothers!!

jayna said...

This makes me a tad sad that I'll never know about brothers...so sweet!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute post!!! your boys are so cute. i can't wait til you have a girl to show off too!!! :)

Leslie said...

Fun stuff! Are the pictures taken at the "new" place in town? I know...not so new but we still haven't been there!

Sam and Terri said...

We should definitely live closer together that way Bails and I can help balance out the girl to boy ratio for you a bit:)

Plus I would like to see Sam battle Quinn and Cody. He hates to be hit so that would be quite hilarious to watch.

Cameron Family said...

Those pictures on the trike are so cute! Their little faces. Ohhh!