Friday, June 18, 2010


Six days ago
, Chuck and I celebrated our sixth anniversary.

Grandma Pam watched the boys for us overnight so we could go out on a camping adventure. In honor of the World Cup, I wore a soccer-y shirt (granted, it's Ireland, but the D.I. didn't have a USA shirt) and in honor of Boise State accepting an invitation to move to the Mountain West Conference, Chuck wore a BSU shirt (also because it was a day ending in 'y').

My very handsome Eagle Scout provided an excellent fire and dinner.

I provided random self-portraits.

And Idaho provided beautiful scenery!

Six months ago exactly, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. (I put it to good use blogging). I never properly documented the day since it happened right before a family wedding and Christmas. . . and I'm lazy.

Our family! These three boys were SO very patient and supportive while I went to school. I'm so grateful for Chuck's continual encouragement - and willingness to pick up the slack at home, especially the evenings I was at class or the days before a big paper was due. My collegiate experience was definitely not typical (Chuck and I got engaged a month into my freshman year, and I spent my junior year spring break having a baby) and it took me a little bit longer (lots of people go to college for six-and-a-half years!) but I wouldn't trade my husband and sons for anything.

My wonderful dad - I'm his first child to graduate from college! He's always been really good at keeping track of what classes I was enrolled in each semester and taking an interest in the different things I was learning. There was a big crowd at graduation and Chuck and the boys were on the side opposite me, but my dad found a seat within my line of sight and it meant so much to be able to see him there. (I was pretty bummed that none of my brothers could make it, but Sam was able to watch it live online and we texted back and forth quite a bit during the ceremony, which was super fun).

My sweet, sweet parents-in-law made a whirlwind trip up to be there to support me. Unfortunately, this is the only picture we have that documents their attendance there, BUT I really appreciate them and their encouragement!!

That night we had a little shindig to celebrate my achievement - thanks to everyone who dropped by to offer their congratulations!!

My aunt Iris and uncle Larry and my MOM! Iris and Larry have always been so supportive of me and have made such an effort to be at special events. And what can I even say about my mom? She has consistently believed in me and sacrificed a great deal so that I could go to college, both at BYU before I got married and Boise State afterwards. During my last three semesters of school, she consistently gave up one to two evenings a week to watch Clyde and Will. She was, of course, happy to do it, but it was still a pretty serious time commitment for a busy schoolteacher. Thanks Mama!!

And this last one is a bit of a stretch, but six days from now, there will only be six days left until this baby brother of mine comes home from his two-year mission for our church:

It's kind of freaking me out a little that it's almost time for him to come home. He's had some amazing experiences and provided some amazing service and met some amazing people (some of whom I've been able to get to know too, facebook is wonderful!!) and I'm excited to see firsthand how he's grown over the last two years.

And of course, I'm excited to have my best friend more easily accessible! Let's face it, who wouldn't love this goofy kid?

Around Christmas 2007, we all went bowling with my dad. I had Quinn take a quick picture of Chuck and I . . . and then I took a picture of Sam and Terri . . . and Quinn figured he'd practice for the eventual time when he'd have someone to take a picture with :).

This is one of my favorite pictures ever - Sam, Clyde, and Quinn. Clyde and I had just flown into Salt Lake to meet my mom and drive back to Idaho with her, so Sam and Quinn picked us up. Such doting uncles!!

And I'm definitely excited to find more pictures like this on my camera. Taking random self-portraits? No wonder we get along so well!


Courtney said...

I am so glad to finally here about graduation! Way to stick it to all those people who doubted you! And I'm really excited for Quinn to come home too! Been to Costco yet today?

Courtney said...
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Izzy said...

Congrats on graduating! Ohh I wish I could have been there!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on graduation! WAY TO GO :)

Sam and Terri said...

I don't know if I have ever seen that picture from the airport, but I love it. So cute. It's weird to think that Clyde used to be that little.

First to get married, first to have a baby, first to graduate from college...let's just say that you are blowing your brothers out of the water.

And I can't wait for Quinn to get home. It feels like forever since he has been gone, but also just like yesterday that we were hanging out with him.

And also happy anniversary. Can't wait to see you.

Melissa said...

A very belated Happy anniversary to you guys! I'm so glad that you joined our family. :)

Cameron Family said...

6 is a good number! Yay on graduating college! You're a superstar.