Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day weekend with Grandma and Pops!

We were excited to have Chuck's parents visit us over Memorial Day weekend. They drove up early Saturday morning and left Monday afternoon, but we fit a lot into those few days!!

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Discovery Center in Boise. The little boys are both too young to understand all of the science (I'm too 'not scientifically-minded' to understand all of the science) but they still had an excellent time checking out all of the little exhibits.

There was something to be learned here about static, but all Will knew was that he was being allowed to play in a sink with running water!!

There's a little 'store', complete with pretend food, carts, and even checkout stands for the kids to play in; Will LOVED it.

Will and Chuck making echoes :).

Will borrowing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak!
(Well, really just draped with green fabric in front of a green screen, but whatever. I heart HP.)

Clyde and Grandma playing with the beach ball and the, uh, reverse vacuum thing (I repeat, science is not my thing).

Clyde and some sort of tornado illustration. A little eerie since a tornado-type formation hit Boise a couple of days later . . .

Clyde and Grandpa and the wheel o' death - well, that's what I called it. I was so sure Will was going to walk right into it as it was spinning, but luckily that didn't happen. It was something about spinning and tossing the animals just right so that they would land and join the spin.

Chuck built some sort of arch. Good job, babe! I wish I understood the scientific significance (well, I actually don't, but it sure looks great!!)

Ahh, resorting to a self-portrait in the funny mirror exhibit so that there's proof I was in attendance :).

Chuck gave Will a ride in the little chair lift - he LOVED it, especially the 'free fall' down!

Sunday we utilized our fabulous new fire pit to cook tin foil dinners and s'mores.
Mmmm, marshmallows! I have all sorts of excellent intentions for a post all about our backyard renovations, but for now please admire the BEAUTIFUL grass and disregard the unfinished area immediately surrounding the fire pit.

Classic. Right down to the Star Wars t-shirt.

The 'long' weekend ended all too quickly (although we also fit in a couple of meals out, some playground fun, and a walk around our neighborhood) and we sent Grandma and Pops on their way. Luckily for us, they left a couple things for us to remember them by:

1. A lovely and spacious new tent!! We've outgrown our little two man tent and so Dave and Chuck found this upgrade at Cabela's. Its maiden camping voyage will be this weekend as Chuck and I head out to celebrate our anniversary, and then in July it will hold all four of us when we camp at Lagoon with all of Chuck's family - thanks Pops!!

2. Homemade salsa! Terri whipped this really fabulous papaya salsa up on Sunday afternoon and I'm pretty sure I ate half of the batch by myself. She planned to make a mango salsa but the limited produce selection at the store dictated that papaya be substituted and it turned out amazingly! Although it definitely started me on a kick - after I finished it off I picked up a container of mango salsa at Costco that likewise disappeared quickly. I'll be replenishing that again tomorrow :).

Thanks again for coming, Grandma and Pops! We love you!!


Anonymous said...

Please keep it on the down-low about your non-scientific brain (yeah, I know, it goes "whoosh-right over your head") until you're done teaching at a nationally celebrated science camp later this month. Sheesh--some of the teachers I hire.

Coutney said...

I love the Harry Potter nerdiness. We were meant to be friends/sisters/cousins.

Angie said...

Fun times! I am jealous of your lucious grass.
I'll be watching for your 100 Things list:)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I heart the discovery center!!! It is SO fun! Don't you just love the big bubble blowing thing? That's my FAV!

Izzy said...

I love how all the photos are action shots!

Sam and Terri said...

Looks like so much fun. We will have to go there sometime.

Also Sam told me about your mango salsa chicken. Super impressed. Go you!

Leslie said...

And to think my children are at said science discovery camp. I'll spend all of July trying to fix the misconceptions, or just ask Keyan, he can probably help you out. ;)