Monday, May 3, 2010

J is for Jumping

So there's a new indoor bouncy house place in Nampa that we have patronized several times in the last few weeks (and luckily for y'all, I had my camera each and every time). It's an excellent way for my crazy little boys to get their energy out, and so far it hasn't been super busy - although I'm sure school letting out for the summer will change that, which is why we'll let our month pass expire soon and maybe start up again this fall :).

They have several of these 'Cozy Coupe' cars for kids 4 and under to careen around in; Will is obsessed. He loves climbing in and closing the door - so cute!!

Clyde and Kenzie after they finished the obstacle course

Paislee hopped a ride with Will :)

Clyde took Chuck on in some sort of battle arena. . . .

Chuck must have won, because then he faced McKay.

That slide is steep. And as we've seen before, I'm not big on slides.

So, Lynndi and I decided to race on the obstacle course. It was alternatively hilarious and humiliating. Lynndi definitely kicked my butt.

Will getting his balance . . .

Cute Clyde Monster at the top of the ladder

Chuck and Will going through the obstacle course

Clyde and Will playing some basketball . . . I see this as a preview of their teenage years; Clyde will probably still be wearing Star Wars t-shirts :).

Clyde and Kenzie racing! Last week was the letter 'J' for preschool, so we went there as a field trip (although we were bummed Deion wasn't feeling well that day!!).


Missy08 said...

Looks like lots of fun will have to take my kids sometime and yes we were bummed to that Deion couldn't go he would of loved it, but u never know when ur kids are going to be sick.

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

They let "big" kids play on the stuff, too? Wait--you'd take my picture and post it too. Never mind.

Leslie said...

Oh come on Pam...I'd race you on the obstacle course. ;) Looks like you guys had a good time. We keep vowing to hit that place up but isn't hasn't happened yet. Someday...

jayna said...

Um, I kinda laughed hysterically at Chuck and son gladiators.