Monday, April 12, 2010

A post of random pictures

* This is a cop-out post. I have several 'recap-y' posts waiting to be written, i.e. a zoo trip with Grandpa, an amazing Easter/General Conference Utah trip, my December graduation, my attempts to be crafty with my Cricut, etc, and I didn't know where to start. So I went with random pictures and stories instead; hopefully the other posts will follow soon . . . .

1. Chuck (and Clyde) spent some time a few weeks ago setting up the bike trailer and getting our bikes ready to roll after a long winter break. Yay for bike rides! Also, either my leg muscles have seriously weakened since last fall or my kids have seriously grown because I almost died after our first ride around the neighborhood. Could be a mixture of both.

2. Our ward's
Relief Society birthday dinner was last month and I portrayed Sister Bathsheba W. Smith, the 4th Relief Society General President. Yep, the only one who used to rock a lace shawl on her head. I definitely sacrificed dignity for historical accuracy :). (And much thanks to my mom for providing my ensemble last minute!!)

3. Our great neighbor Val brought home some baby chicks one day and he let us take a peek . . . well, maybe a hands-on peek. Will had no fear and kept snatching them up (I quickly helped him put them back and was grateful no little chick necks were snapped) and Clyde eagerly introduced them to Thomas the Tank Engine.

4. My mom came over one evening to watch the boys while Chuck and I attended a church meeting (the adult session of Stake Conference). Her main assignments were to corral Will and watch Clyde zoom by on his trike.

5. A few weeks ago the little boys and I spent an afternoon at my mom's school so I could help some of her students prepare for History Day. At one point, Will climbed up onto an already occupied chair and began erasing the board. The young student was very good-natured about it all; I think he would have welcomed any distraction from his work.

6. Will loves peek-a-boo; this was on our trip to Utah last month:

7. We had a chance to stop and see my grandpa a couple of weeks ago after running some errands in Boise, and it was such a nice visit. After hearing about Clyde's train obsession, Grandpa started telling us about how his father worked on a railroad and then showed us all a really neat pocket watch with a MOVING train on it. Very cool.

8. During my mom's spring break, we finally had a chance to cash in the gift certificate that Chuck gave us for manicures and pedicures over at the beauty school. The color options were somewhat lacking (they had a lot of neon choices though!) but we had fun nonetheless. Thanks again Chuck!!

9. It's no great secret that I do not have a great passion for cooking, BUT I'm slowly but surely realizing that my husband and children will continue requiring multiple meals a day so I may as well get used to preparing the majority of them. To that end, I have recruited Sam and Terri (okay, mostly Terri) to give me fairly easy recipes to try. When we were visiting in March, I tentatively watched Terri prepare delicious pork fried rice and came home with the assignment to make it in my own kitchen before I returned for our next visit. (This is where Sam came in to the picture; he kept me accountable by promising he would lock me out if I hadn't made it). So I did it! And while Terri's version was most definitely tastier, mine was definitely edible.

And thus ends our random exploration of my recent picture collection; we should do this again sometime!


marenfay said...

Maybe you would like to share the recipe? That looks much tastier than other versions of home fried rice that I have been exposed to. :)

Leslie said...

You crack me up! I like the new blog deco too.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I love random posts! They're the best! That rice looks delish!!

Melissa said...

Random is GOOD!!

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...
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thewaddsquad said...

I especially liked the historically accurate portrayal of that old RS sister. That's a good look for you. :)

Sam and Terri said...

Your fried rice looks amazing. Along with your pedicure. And I am still laughing that Wilbur climbed up on that kids chair with him in it to erase the board. Gotta love Will.