Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our visits with Sterri Am and Stizzy

After our weekend with Smiths, we spent a few more days in Utah visiting my brother Sam and his wife Terri and we were also able to spend an evening with Chuck's sister Amanda (aka Izzy) and her husband Steve.

As always, Terri spoiled us with delicious food - here are Chuck and Clyde enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls.

Sam got one too!

Here's Will coming in the kitchen to find someone to share with :).

So, I kind of have to brag about my sweet husband for a minute. One morning while we were there Chuck took the little boys to the store and came home with these beautiful flowers:
He knows that one of my favorite parts about having a baby is getting flowers (seriously, it's one of the reasons I have kids) so he picked these up for Terri since we won't be there when the baby comes. I made the card :).

The weather was pretty crummy while we there, so we spent most of our time inside but we let the boys run around a bit.

Aunt Terri (8 months pregnant!!) was a good enough sport to run around with the boys. I lolly-gagged behind and took pictures.

Will running on his cute blue cast. By the time the two weeks were over and he got it off, the bottom of it was worn down pretty well since he refused to wear the little boot.

The night before we left Utah, we had a fun evening at Amanda and Steve's - it was fun to see their little apartment and reminisce about our first apartment after we got married :). Amanda made some very yummy enchiladas and we played a very intense word game (interestingly, Steve picked the game and then proceeded to dominate at it . . . ).
It was also the night before Amanda's birthday so we had a little early celebration!

Steve is a hardcore rock climber, and Clyde LOVED playing with all of his carabiners (yes, I did have to google that).

Will liked them too, but he preferred Steve's cool hat :).

It was so fun to see everyone - Clyde and Will are so lucky to have such wonderful aunts and uncles!!


Melissa said...

Flowers ARE the best. That an awesome brother Chuck is. :)

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

Time with family is the best!! Glad you guys had such a fun trip:)

Izzy said...

I LOVE LOVE the birthday present. Especially that chuck picked it all out.

What a fun weekend! I miss you and your family