Thursday, April 1, 2010

A lovely weekend with Sam and Terri!

Well, since we're about to embark on another trip to Utah, I figured I should get the last one good and blogged first. Three weeks ago, the little boys and I jetted (in our station wagon, of course) down to visit Sam and Terri. Naturally, we had all sorts of fun.

We arrived Friday evening and promptly allowed Sam and Terri to take us out to eat (a recurring theme all weekend) at a noodle joint. Then we stopped by Costco on the way home to pick up a few things and Sam had one of the most exciting and flattering experiences of his life.

The next morning we made our way over to Magleby's Fresh for a delicious breakfast with Terri's sister and brother-in-law Connie and Brandon. Connie had just finished the Rex Lee Run.
It was very nice to see them (even though my normally entertaining Clyde was a bit out of sorts and just sat somberly eating his pancakes) and Connie and I were able to figure out some of the details for the baby shower that we're having for Terri.

That afternoon we headed to the Bean Museum at BYU (with a stop on the way to pick up Sam and Terri's buddy Wade). I hadn't been there since I was actually a student at BYU, but sure enough, it still kind of creeped me out. The little boys all loved it though!

Will and Clyde looking at some animals (caption by Clyde).

Will touching an animal. Pretty sure you're not supposed to, whoops!

Looking over the banister to see what we can see.

Wade was so cute; as soon as he saw my camera he struck that pose. That's my kind of kid!

Documenting our cute grey-and-white matching outfits - totally unplanned. We're just cool like that.

Some more looking down and around.

Then we sat in on a presentation for a while. Wade bravely petted the lizard thing,

as did Will. Clyde chose to hide behind Terri instead.

The fun continued later that day back at the house when Aunt Terri proposed a little old-fashioned fort building.
Check it out, a sweet roof and lots of cushions to jump on :).

The boys obviously loved it.

Before we left Nampa, Chuck helped Clyde pack up a few of his trains and some track pieces to take with us.

At one point, Will realized that Sam was a potential horse-y ride provider and jumped on board.

Much laughter ensued (a great deal of which was provided by Jana and Terri as we watched!)

We spent some time in the basement letting crazy little boys (Sam included) burn off some energy playing soccer. Uncle Quinn will be so proud!

Clyde took a quick sideline break to hold hands with a cute girl. Clyde would also like to point out that one of his feet is 'standing' on the ball (he's sitting on my lap right now).

This was the morning we left; we made time for some cartoon-watching and relaxing on the couch before our long drive. Thanks so much Sam and Terri for letting us come and party all weekend - sorry again that we finished off the milk, the oatmeal, the peanut butter, and possibly the little boxes of Nerds :). We looooooooove you guys and had so much fun!

Oh, and we managed to fit in a quick side trip on the way home to see Miss Heidi, whose very wonderful dad let her skip yoga for the occasion.

Okay, so don't worry about my necklace being a little 'off' here. We took some more pictures after this, but our photogenic-ness seemed to take a serious nosedive. We'll make up for it this weekend though!!


jayna said...

Oooohhh you are almost an AUNT! It's so exciting!

And I like your bold necklace!

mama izatt said...

You are going to have so much fun this weekend!

We will have to take the boys to the museum next time you are in Elko...the boys will love the animals.

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

you guys are quite the little travelers!! Looks like you are having lots of fun! Happy late birthday to Will! Poor little guy, I hope he is healing well :) Love you! P.S. Your little boys are ADORABLE!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...
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Emily and Owen Johnston said...

P.S.S YOU are adorable also!

Sam and Terri said...

So I liked our matching outfits until my Mom told me that Janet read your post and was telling everyone how huge I looked, so now I just like your outfit.

And I still think we should have left Sam with all three boys just to see what happened. Oh well, there is always next time. Especially because next time we should have a little girl to add to the equation too.