Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The first of what will be MANY zoo posts this year!

At the end of March we had another Saturday afternoon adventure with my dad and brother Cody - this time to the zoo. We loved our zoo pass last year, so my dad renewed it for us as the boys' Christmas gift. Clyde and Will love running around to see all the different animals, although this visit Will was mostly confined to the stroller since his foot was still splinted.

Grandpa rescued Will from the stroller a few different times to give him a better view of the animals :)

As always, Clyde loved the view from Uncle Cody's shoulders!

We were easily talked into going on the merry-go-round (and ran into my cute cousin Amanda and her even cuter daughter Cecily while waiting in line!). Clyde and Cody found a giraffe to ride,

while Will and I preferred the zebra. Will liked to wave at Grandpa every time we came around.

My dad, Clyde, and ME! Clyde was a little distracted by the merry-go-round; he probably could have stayed on it all day.

Wilbur! And me. And the flower clip I definitely (accidentally) stole from Amanda and never confessed/gave it back. Until now.

Grandpa and Clyde feeding some small goat-looking animals. I obviously didn't get that close.

Will signing 'cat' when we stopped to see the snow leopard :).

Clyde enjoying an excellent view of the monkeys, courtesy of Grandpa!

We had a very, very fun time at the zoo, as evidenced by the boys about five minutes into the drive home:

Yay for cute worn-out little boys!


Sam and Terri said...

very cute. We will have to make a zoo trip one of the times when we are in Boise.

And i love your/amanda's hair clip. Be careful or i might steal/borrow it next.

mama izatt said...

Cat is one of my favorite signs. Every child does it just a little different and they are all cute. But nothing is cuter than tired worn out boys sleeping where they drop.

Leslie said...

So, did you arrange for the Ada County Paramedics vehicle to trail behind you at the zoo after the accident prone week leading up to this zoo trip or was it just a happy coincidence?

McKay & Lynndi said...

Your boys are so dang cute Jana. Looks like a lot of fun. I will have to take the girls this year, it has been quite a while since Kenzie has been to the zoo.

Tristan said...

Trinity and Izzy love the zoo we should go together sometime!!

Cameron Family said...

K will's sign for cat just melted my heart. I know that sounds weird but dang is that cute! So so cute! I also love the picture of you and him on the merry-go-round.