Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why hotel livin' is the life for us

Prior to our trip to Salt Lake City and Elko for Amanda and Steve's December wedding, my children had never stayed in a hotel before - we prefer the less expensive 'show up at the homes of relatives and friends and ask for room and board in exchange for fun dinner conversation' route. After five days of fabulous hotel accommodations, however, we might move in permanently - here's why:

1. Room service.
Granted, we never actually ordered any, but the concept sounds GREAT.

2. Fun, sheer curtains to run out from under.
(Pay no mind to Will's oddly colored eyes; the red eye fixer perhaps did more harm than good.)

I personally did not understand the allure of this game, but Clyde and Will LOVED it. They giggled and ran out from underneath and giggled some more. I might have to invest in a panel of this stuff - Will's birthday isn't too far off . . .

3. Long corridors to run up and down.
(I was all set to write 'hallways' there, but suddenly had the impulse to write 'corridors' instead. 'Corridors' is a much prettier, fancier word that is more fun to say. Try it.)

I was very mindful of the neighboring hotel patrons and insisted the boys wrap up the running just before midnight. . . kidding, it was just after :).

4. Nice big beds at such a convenient distance apart for jumping back and forth with cousin Courtney.

4. Nice big beds to pile on with cousin George for some pre-bedtime cartoon viewing.

5. Nice big beds to sleep on . . . although clearly a twin size would have sufficed for these two very close brothers.

The other hotel amenities we were very impressed with but failed to photograph were:

- the elevator. An obvious highlight, but even more so because a little voice made an announcement each time we arrived at our intended floor. I felt like I was with Harry Potter and the gang taking the visitors' entrance to the Ministry of Magic.

- the laundry room in the basement. I did a late night load of our wedding outfits so they'd be ready for us to wear again at the Elko reception on Tuesday, and it was darned convenient to have it just downstairs!

- the hot tub. Again, we didn't actually use this amenity but it was nice to know it was there.

- Computer with Internet access and a comfortable chair in the lobby. Seriously, it's like they went out of their way to make ME feel more at home. This was particularly wonderful the night that Will was sooooo grumpy between two and four am; he just cuddled up on my lap while I blog-stalked and played on facebook.

Of course, sitting in my own home in my comfortable chair at my computer is pretty nice, too . . . and there isn't a weird night security guard trying repeatedly to strike up a conversation :)


Missy08 said...

These pictures are to cute

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

hotels are so fun for little kids and grown-ups, huh? :)

Sam and Terri said...

Why do little kids get so much entertainment out of running? So strange.

And I am so glad there were no mishaps with that bed jumping. My heart just couldn't take watching it.

Izzy said...

Once again your blog has made me laugh :)

thewaddsquad said...

I enjoy a good hotel stay for, oh, about 2 or 3 days. After that, I can't handle not having hampers, highchairs, seperate sleeping accomodations, an actual dinner table, and a fridge big enough to hold more than juice boxes. My fav hotel (in my price range) is the Hampton Inn...they have a whole room dedicated to free-internet and comfy-chair adorned computer stations, as well as free hot breakfast. :)