Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well, we kept celebrating.

The little boys and I decided not to let the fact that we celebrated Valentine's Day early this year stop us from partying on all weekend long - while Chuck worked and slept. And worked and slept. And worked and slept.

We made some sugar cookies. As some of you may know from my status update on facebook, we were lucky we had enough dough to roll out for cookies, seeing as how I couldn't open the fridge without sneaking some. It's sooooo good, though. And it's always risky when you turn wonderful cookie dough into cookies - what if they get burned? Then you've wasted delicious dough that you might as well have just eaten.

Isn't he cute all flour-y? For a more authentic baking experience, we wore aprons; for Christmas, Sam and Terri gave me a super cute brown and green 'flirty' apron (they're all the rage in Utahr). I felt very domestic.

Will oversaw the actual baking. And eating later on. Luckily my children don't know that sugar cookies are also delicious with frosting and sprinkles, so they happily accepted them fresh off the cooling rack completely unadorned.

Saturday we spent the day in Boise, where I went to a VERY fun baby shower (more on that another time) while my mom watched the wee ones. That morning I had a flash of inspiration and remembered that I purchased the cutest Valentine's Day shirts at Goodwill last summer and tucked them safely away for the boys this year. While at my mom's, I tried to take a cute picture of the boys in their shirts, but I think we all could have guessed that wasn't going to happen.

Cute Clyde Monster

Cute Wilbur. And you can't see their shirts clearly in either pic :)

Here I am with my little Valentines. I really, really love them.

Later that day we met up with my dad at (where else?) McDonald's - we go for the chicken nuggets, but stay for the chocolate milk :)

Can you tell that Will is a bit preoccupied in this picture? He was plotting his entry into the hamster cage, er, Play Place. His previous attempts to climb up had been unsuccessful, so I foolishly let my guard down and let him wander around - and somehow he made it up!!! I was so stressed out about how we were going to get him out of there since I seriously doubted he would happen upon the slide on his own, and his direction-following skills are non-existent. Will, of course, was happy as a clam (from what I could tell when he would randomly pass by one of the circular windows). Clyde was also having the time of his life in the little maze thing and did not comply with my repeated requests to help 'brother' get down the slide (he was duly dealt with later, I assure you). Finally Will backtracked near the stair platform deal and my dad was able to wriggle in and meet him halfway and pull him back to safety - thanks again Daddy-o!!

Sunday I committed two cardinal sins as I got Will ready for church: I let him wear a t-shirt to church AND it was the same t-shirt he'd worn the day before.

I couldn't resist; it just looked SO cute!! Also, his white shirt is getting too small (aka his chubby little tummy peeks out) and nothing else in his closet looked Valentine's Day-ish.

I asked Clyde to go stand by Will for a picture, and he said, "Okay, but I stand this way." Grrrr.

Luckily he turned around pretty quickly, but then he and Will were both inexplicably drawn to something on the floor. If I didn't know better, I'd say they were listening for instructions from down below . . . just kidding!!!

And then, just as Will was getting his 'sea legs' and Clyde was debating which side was his 'good side' I realized how late we were to church and we headed out the door!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day (again)!


Sam and Terri said...

Will and his love for ovens, at least you are smart enough to leave the door closed so he doesn't burn his little fingers off.

Thanks for our valentine card. We loved it. But now that I know I missed out on cookies i am a little less impressed with it. :)

Melissa said...

I think that Will is perfectly dressed for church. George is having the same problem with a few of his shirts. Looks like it is time to do a switcharoo! I like my sugar cookies plain as well, or maybe with a few sprinkles, but hold the frosting please.

Pamela Hunter-Braden said...

I liked the cookies, but they would have been even more amazing with frosting and sprinkles. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! I could have frosted my own.

What would we do without those two cute little boys?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How fun! That is one of the 'mom' things that I need to learn how to do - make sugar cookies. Every good mom knows how to make fabulous sugar cookies! Right??!? :) Your boys are just adorable!!!

thewaddsquad said...

I find it hilarious that your boys are artists at eluding a successful picture. I enjoy reading your updates and seeing your cute boys not looking at the camera. :) Good stuff.