Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Carma is ONE!

Carma turned one over the weekend, which is obviously insanity - where did my baby go? Oh, here she is, probably wondering why we're rubber-banding her ear into an odd elfin shape:
We partied pretty hard on the big day, starting off with Jack AND Carma invading my bed and snuggling together. This was at like 5am, meaning Chuck was already gone to work for the day - couldn't they have rolled on over to his empty half? Maybe they wanted to ensure my night's sleep was as uncomfortable as last year, when I was huge and pregnant ;). After breakfast she had a bath and we took a picture to recreate our first meeting a year ago - her all slippery and swaddled and me with crazy hair. Next on the agenda was a fun birthday party for our friend Ashlynn, and then a trip to Costco, aka my happy place - even on a Saturday afternoon with four kids!

Then we came home and spent the afternoon in the front yard, aka Carma's happy place:
ESPECIALLY when she can sweet talk an older brother into pushing her around in the cozy coupe:
 This girl is just hilarious, this is her patented karate chop/victory fist move. She does it with random intensity every so often and we all laugh and laugh.

Carma is still pretty into the crawling thing, although over the last few days she's started taking a couple steps here and there. The boys love watching and cheering for her :).
 Carma inherited my love of Costco hot dogs and also apparently her random bangs are hereditary...

 Chuck worked on Saturday (and I may have sneaked out to see a movie with friends right when he got home...) and Sunday (and had church meetings right when he got home...) but we finally got around to celebrating with cake last night as part of Family Home Evening. After a spirited brainstorming session, the boys and I decided on a sunshine cake because A) Carma loooves being outside. Open the door a sliver and she crawls quick as lightning to get there before it's closed! and B) she's such a fun ray of sunshine in our family.
We went around the table and all talked about why we love Carma and it was so sweet to hear what the boys had to say - how much they love snuggling with her and swinging her around and playing with her. Carma is a sweetheart and darling and fiesty (her new thing is screeching, so sincerest apologies to everyone at church, yikes) and if she'd start sleeping better at night and shake the rest of her lingering stranger anxiety, she would be absolutely perfect! We love you Carma June!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

a new Rorschach test with alarming results...

Sat down at the computer to find a few old pictures for my sister-in-law aaaand two hours later, I'm still here - stuck in a wave of nostalgia and the like (and with a sore back from holding a sleeping Carma for that long...).

In the midst of scrolling through Picasa, I found pictures of Carma clearing out the kitchen towel drawer a few months ago and remembered a collage I'd made of the boys all doing the same. I pulled up the collage to add her and as I did so, I had an epiphany:
... each of these pictures reflects the child's personality to a startlingly accurate and terrifying degree.
Clyde, on the very left: pretty impressed and a little surprised by his own capabilities, confident in his sneakiness, overachiever - opting for the second drawer up instead of the bottom one, etc.
Will, second from left: going with the flow, albeit somewhat reluctantly - he seems to understand the expectation that at this developmental stage he should pull out the drawer and empty it, but is still hesitant to break the rules.
Jack, second from the right: gleefully making a mess. Knows he's caught, laughs in the face of possible consequences/discipline. Relies on his adorableness to save his hide.
And this is where it gets scary: Carma, on the very right? LOOKS JUST LIKE JACK. Her little scrunched up face of joy and happiness, even when she knows she's busted. Another picture shows her merrily waving a towel as she drops it to the ground. 

Heaven help us all; I don't know if I'm ready for two of them. Remember the old Captain Planet line about 'let our powers combine'?? I feel like Jack + Carma will eventually equal the demise of my sanity...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

That time I turned 30

I can commiserate with Jack on having a lame January birthday because I likewise have a lame January birthday! 

Bad news: I turned 30. 
Good news:

And here are some other Internet sentiments about 30 with which I concur:
I mean, I don't actually hang out with 20 year olds on a regular basis but I will count my cute 15/16 year old Sunday School kids in this. Sometimes I catch them staring semi-blankly at me during class while I plead with them to just make Good Choices, haha. 

Yeahhhh, I tried to come up with an alternative that fits me, but quirky is the closest I could come...

I don't know if this is the actress Michelle Williams or the Destiny's Child Michelle Williams, but either way I think it's a good reflection of how comfortable I feel at 30. I'm super confident in who I am and how I look and what I'm doing with my life. (Also I apologize if anyone else now has 'Say My Name' stuck in their head. No? Just me then...)

I figured my 30th birthday deserved some sort of crazy recognition and I randomly came up with a 5k. I mean, what?? I don't even know, but the idea hit and I ran with it (get it? I' d apologize, but I'm old now so making lame jokes is basically expected).
I really just wanted a fun activity where we could be outside but not freeze, anyone or no one could come, and orange could be heavily incorporated. And it worked! The rain mostly held off and super fun friends showed up and it was so perfect.
Probably the best surprise was Kautri showing up with her darling baby Elise! I hadn't seen her forever (or even met Elise) because I am The Worst at keeping in touch with people, and I seriously had to blink back tears when I saw her car pull up. As it was I did some sort of awkward leaping dance across the street; I think screaming was involved as well...

Chuck was a helper and took this picture of the run/walk participants, most of whom were smart enough to retreat into the garage for hot chocolate and snacks after the first mile:

The crazy girls stuck it out though! Don't even get me started on Nycole and Emily, who ran almost all of it. Some people. I jogged a bit, walked a lot, and definitely turned around early every lap, haha.

 Some of my sweet best friends participated from a distance, Holly in Seattle and Courtney and Gloria in Utah:

Who are these people? And how on earth did I get lucky enough to cross paths with them??

Love these girls so much. If any of them invite me to a party in the future where physical exertion is required, I will seriously consider attending (but really, who does that? So weird).

The boys (and Carma! dang it, still not used to that...) were good sports and wore orange, although Clyde insisted that the bball on his shirt counted.
That night my mom and Carma and I went out and about to run some errands took a three generation picture afterwards. Fun fact: my grandma Carma only had one daughter, born just before she turned 30. My mom only had one daughter, born shortly after she turned 30. And now I only have one daughter (not subject to change), born a few months before I turned 30! I love figuring out weird stuff like that.

Some more shots from the rest of Saturday and Sunday (my actual birthday): Carma wanted to stay up late, so we watched some Pride and Prejudice. Start 'em early, you know? And then she woke up awesome early the next morning, obviously to make sure she was the first one to wish me a happy birthday. My sweet boys sent me back to bed after a while and brought me breakfast. We had a little party in Sunday School and I made the kids smile for a picture. My class changed a bit at the beginning of the year (I lost the 16 year olds and gained some 14 year olds) and I just love them all. Aaaand my cake! We ran out of time on Sunday, so we were cutting into it right when the Priests showed up for their quorum presidency meeting, so good timing on their part ;).
Oh, and I definitely dressed Carma in a bunch of orange for church that day; I'm not super looking forward to when she's old enough to dress herself...

It was such a fun birthday weekend - serious thank to Chuck for supporting me in my crazy plans and making everything come together so well. And of course, thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy day! 30 is pretty stellar so far!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jack is THREE

Our little Jackers turned 3 at the beginning of January, and I continue to feel so bad that we stuck with him with a birthday a week after Christmas - seriously, at that point we're just kind of zoned out and putting away decorations and breaking brand new resolutions and trying to put our lives back on some sort of track for school to start again. I mean, last year we took the kid to the dentist on his birthday and this year we gave him a haircut - it's his party and we'll make him cry if we want to??? I tried to make it up to him by following him around for an hour, doing whatever he wanted (also what I do the other 363 days a year...):
 and luckily, other people stepped in to make the day special, including his new nursery teacher Sister Swenson (who dropped off a balloon and a puzzle and a card and FRUIT SNACKS) and Grandma Pam!

We celebrated with delicious cake the next day after church, and Chuck took the lead on decorating - with help from the rest of the Izatt men, of course:
 Our little marshmallow lover was thrilllled with the final product; he still talks about it.
 Jack is the funniest little enigma of a three-year-old; we are beyond grateful to be the parents entrusted with figuring him out, haha! Happy birthday Jack!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Look, I blogged!

Well, team, it's been a while. Like seven weeks. Forty-nine days. Well, fifty now - I started this last night, haha. Don't worry, I'm armed with excuses:

Excuse #1. 
Carma is a leech. As in, she's like suuuper attached to me 24/7, and she's not the biggest fan of the computer. Well, that's a lie - she loves the computer. When I'm on it, she shuffles right over and starts bangin' on the ol' keyboard as soon as I pick her up. Alas, not terribly conducive to blogging. Also, she's not a super big fan of sleeping at night. She prefers to take light naps, preferably while touching me. And have I mentioned Jack? He's also pretty into having me within arm's reach all the time. I don't know, sometimes at Costco I play the game where I push the cart ahead a bit and then "run" to catch up to it... maybe Jack and Carma take that game more seriously than their crazy giggling would imply? Maybe we haven't watched the "Grown-ups come back" episode of Daniel Tiger enough, and Jack thinks that me sitting at the computer is some sort of gateway drug to me sneaking out of the house, ne'er to return? Who knows.
Someday (like, probably soon) I'll have enough pictures of me with kids draped over me, asleep, to fill a book. And I will self-publish that book. Four copies. And I'll gift them to each child with a guilt-inducing inscription about how it was never a sacrifice to be uncomfortable or lose sleep, because snuggling with them was so, so worth it.
So, bottom line here: hard to sneak away to the computer; I used to blog a lot in the evening/nighttime but now I crawl into bed exhausted and hope that I can sleep for an hour before Carma realizes we're not touching and wakes up.

Excuse #2.
In mid-February, I started watching a cute little girl four days a week. For 7-9 hours a day. And now my friend Maren is my hero because HOLY MOLY HAVING TWINS IS RIDICULOUS. Ashtyn is way cute, and for the most part it's pretty chill unless we a) have to go anywhere (I tried Walmart once and literally cried in the aisle - now we stick to Costco and their blessed double-buckle carts) or b) I try to get anything done.
Bottom line here: my productivity in every area of the house has plummeted, haha, buuut I mean, it does make for some cute pictures of two little girls so close in age!

Excuse #3.

the Nampa Library re-opened! In a new place! And way bigger! It's seriously amazing, so beautiful and fun and at the opening ceremony they talked about how they wanted it to be a 'destination' now - and it totally is. The library used to be a stop on our list of errands, like we'd run in and drop off books and grab whatever we had on the hold shelf. Now we allot time to stay and hang out and such! Super fun.

What impact does this have on blogging?
 Oh, just feeding my addiction to cute, sometimes cheesy, (clean!) romance novels. And really, the library can't be blamed entirely because some of them I've picked up pretty inexpensively for my kindle app or in paperback at D.I. But I do have like seven books from the library right now, haha. I can't help it, I am a total sucker for good writing and happily ever afters and just enough conflict in the story to make it interesting but not enough to hard core stress me out. 
Bottom line here: I will straight up admit there have been times where I technically could have used a free hour to blog, and instead opted to read. #sorrynotsorry

At this point, I know that everyone is nodding along, like, "Seriously Jana, how do you find time in the day to shower or eat lunch, let alone blog?" Well, good news, I've been workin' on some solutions. (Also, I mean, showering every day is not suuuper necessary, right? Water conservation? Today is Earth Day...)

Solution #1.
the Izatt household has been in rearrangement mode the last few days, switching around rooms and such: Jack and Carma are moving to the back right bedroom, the guest accomodations are moving to the bonus room (where our new piano is! People, I have SO much to catch you up on!), and the computer has been returned to its original location in the playroom:
This is how I graduated from college after having two children: writing papers and doing homework while little Clyde and little Will played right next to me. It was moved to the guest room a few years ago, but now it's back here, which is perfect for letting my fan club co-presidents (Jack and Carma) be right next to me while I sit and blog!

Solution #2.
Starting next week I'll go back to just having these two yahoos to look after during the day:
Which should lead to a little bit more wiggle room during the day to blog (I have no problem neglecting my own kids to blog - I mean, do they want their childhood recorded or not?? but I feel bad not giving someone else's kid my full attention) OR get other things done and free up my evenings when the kids are in bed and Chuck's out doing church/Scout stuff.

Although, school is almost out and then I'll have all four yahoos all day e'ry day again:
But I mean, obviously that should be no problem, haha!

Solution #3.
Willpower. I'm going to look into getting some. But don't worry, I won't waste it on silly things like "not eating Costco-sized bags of chocolate chips by the handful" - I will reserve it for prioritizing my day: blog before reading, reading before laundry ;).

Okay, so there you have it! Prepare to be regaled/bored stiff by my blogging again! We got almost four months to catch up on! This is going to be great! Probably!

Monday, March 2, 2015

What I wore to church the rest o' 2014

I'm not entirely sure what my line of thinking here was, because looking at a bajillion pictures of my post-pregnancy self is all sorts of special. Luckily I'm pretty chill with my baby weight-turned-cookie dough weight enhanced figure ;). These pictures start in May riiiiight after Carma was born and go through the end of the year. Enjoy!

Yeah, I just lumped these two months together so we needn't dwell on them longer than necessary. On the very left is the Sunday I was still in the hospital - don't hate me, but I love those hospital gowns. I mean, I wouldn't object if they rolled out a few in a cute orange print, but overall they're comfortable and not hideous and I'm sure very thoroughly washed between patients. Because I'm crazy and felt pretty good the allure of showing off a beautiful newborn was too much to ignore, I waddled myself to church the next week wearing that excellent black wrap dress that deserves an A+ for giving the illusion that I had some shape beyond round. I like the contrast of the middle two weeks - first I'm sporting what is definitely a maternity t-shirt and an elastic waistband skirt and the next week I was apparently feeling super ambitious and wore a nice dress with buttons. Buttons! (I just consulted the calendar and remembered that it was Father's Day and also Chuck worked that day, making it my first Sunday at church with four kids. I think I was in 'fake it 'til you make it' mode...) The last outfit was to coordinate with Independence Day that week! I'm suuuper patriotic. 

Red and blue are always appropriate, even two days aaafter the 4th of July. The rest of the month I opted for interchangeable shirts and skirts. Nursing puts quite a few limitations on my Sunday wardrobe options, alas. But seriously, those two middle pictures are kind of weirding me out in how much they look alike; I think it actually might be the same shirt in two different colors...

 Mmm, I think the second week was my attempt to incorporate some pink for my mom's birthday. The next week was definitely for the start of the college football season... I don't remember details of the last week but daaaaang I looked good! I love when I suck it in at juuust the right time for the picture ;).

 Well, we run quite the gauntlet this month in terms of outfits and facial expressions and photography angles, haha. The black and white and red outfit was to coordinate with Carma's darling Minnie Mouse onesie/polka dot skirt that week. I feel like that would have come across better if I was holding her in the picture... And the last week was the day Carma was blessed and I forgot to get a solo shot, hence the cropped family one!

Halloween-inspired outfits, hooray! Okay, maybe that purple skirt is just randomly flattering? I might ditch my 'different outfit every week' plan and just wear it over and over...

Ahhh I love fall colors, so what an excellent month to have five Sundays! And I like the starting and ending with my yellow tights - unplanned, but I'm a fan. Also, I might have a slight cardigan obsession. They're part of a winter sale at Savers later this week and I feel like I might come home with a few more...

Obviously some Christmas colors in the middle - tied together by the same wooden bead necklace that I definitely stole from my mom while we were cleaning out her house :). I totally spaced getting a picture in Utah the first Sunday, so excellent job to Courtney for taking that one of me, haha! And the last outfit was my sparkle for New Year's Eve! And also, possibly my favorite skirt. Maybe I'll just rotate that one with the purple one? It's okay that I still can't zip it right??

 AND there you have it, all of my church outfits of 2014, post-baby. Someday maybe I'll get ambitious and post more of my everyday ensembles that have thus far been fairly wasted on the other parents picking up their kids after school. I think y'all would be prettty surprised how many looks I can put together, considering I wear the exact same navy blue athletic shorts (it's cool, I have two identical pair - for laundering purposes) Monday-Saturday...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bonus Christmas fun

Chuck's parents came up to see us the last few days of December, so we got to fit in some extra Christmas fun with them! Unfortunately, Clyde and Will were pretty sick - it was a pretty rocky couple weeks for Clyde especially - hence his extra bright feverish eyes...
(spoiler alert: I got a Dyson vacuum from them for Christmas, a much-anticipated and wanted gift... which is why the Dyson man is in these pictures. He'll probably be in all of our family pictures from here on out...)

We stuck close to home and played lots of games, including Blokus. Here's a twist on that game: let an almost three-year-old do whatever he wants in one whole corner of the board. I think it added a fun extra challenge... but of course, I was just watching haha!
Gingerbread houses (and now trains!) are a fun Grandma and Grandpa tradition; this year they were done in stages as the boys felt up to it.

Seriously, most of those three days you'd walk into the living room or the boys' bedroom and find this sight, either Clyde or Will (this one's Clyde) asleep under a blanket. Ahhh, sick kids are so sad!
Carma was a sweetheart and snuggled so well with Grandpa. She'll be a Words with Friends champ in no time under his tutelage...

And of course we opened some presents:
Lots and lots of fun stuff, including the kids' gifts from the Izatt extended fam cousin gift exchange - Clyde got a super cool frisbee from Courtney that I've yet to be bonked with in the head so I love it too, Will got a super cool puzzle from Mallory that got put together twice in the first week of ownership, Jack got CARS duplos from George and I'm pretty sure immediately forgot any other gift he's ever received in his life - he was so thrilled, and Carma got a sweeeet no-leak, no-permanent tooth damage sippy cup from Lily. Thanks kiddos!!

Oh, fun story, in the middle of opening gifts the doorbell rang and we found an awesome fruit basket on the doorstep! It was all delicious - thanks so much to our generous, anonymous friends! [well, mostly anonymous. I'm not saying Chuck and I should quit our day jobs and become a stealth private investigating duo... but with the help of chatty teenagers, we solved this case pretty quick ;) ]
The boys got a cool building set, so Chuck was recruited to help with the engineering - they ended up with an igloo and a rocket ship!

 New Year's Eve found us around the table playing Phase 10, rallying to make it to 9pm, haha - I think we did? 
 Chuck worked the next day (430am wake up call, lame as always) and Dave and Terri left that morning as well - after Dave very obligingly made Will (and the rest of us!!) biscuits - and he got up early to pack Chuck's lunch, leftover steak with ALLLL the fixins :). 

Thanks again for coming, Grandma and Pops! We are very resolved to be in better health the next time we see you!