Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Will is 7! (and 1/3...)

Willy boy turned SEVEN at the end of March, wooo!

The celebrations kicked off the week earlier with cupcakes at school (his birthday falls during Spring Break each year). Meticulously decorated cupcakes - those W's and 7's didn't write themselves, yo. Miss Overcast is darling and Will happily passed out cupcakes to his classmates and then had a little "All About Will" Q&A session and mostly just delighted in being the center of attention :).
On his actual birthday, Will woke up to the traditional streamers in his doorway aaaand some balloons! Chuck was in charge, hence it being way more streamers than usual because dad = fun.

 Will was very clear in his birthday preferences this year: going to the library and having his friend Alexis over for a playdate. Very do-able. First up, the library:
We looove the new library!! At this point it had only been reopened for a couple weeks, but the novelty has yet to wear off now, four months later. On this day, Will found some friends and they worked to sort all of the baby board books and return them to their shelves.

Okay, this is random but as we were going in I noticed one of the librarians being interviewed so I took a picture because this sweet woman (whose name I need to find out) loves Chuck. A lot. For a long time, he was the main point man on all things library-related in our family - he took the boys in all the time, and if this woman was there she'd talk to him and say hi to the boys and such. Even in the general mayhem of opening day, she saw Chuck and made a point to seek him out to say hi. She's gotten more friendly to me since she's seen us together a few times, but for a while when I took the boys in to the old library, she looked at me somewhat appraisingly, haha. It's okay, I agree that Chuck's a better parent than I am ;).
After the library and lunch, Will and I walked over to retrieve Alexis and bring her home for a fun afternoon! The kids jumped on the trampoline and did an art project and were generally just adorable together.

The rest of the day included checking on Grammy Pam at her new house (and receiving seven special orange gifts from her!), and then home for dinner and cake and UNO once Daddy got home from work. We did music notes on his cake because this was his 'piano' birthday, having started lessons just the week before. Cute boy.
We love our Will.i.am so much. He's bright and logical and spiritual and sooo silly and loves helping with his siblings and loves schedules and school and fun nuggets and oatmeal and his enthusiasm for life is infectious - and we're so grateful to be along for the ride!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Baby Carma fashion show

Because blogging about anything else (ie March... April... May... June...) sounded like a lot of "work", here's another Carma fashion show, this time featuring all the random outfits I stuck her in from six to twelve months - cute little articles of clothing that she has now, for the most part, outgrown. This would normally be the part where I would plead that she juuust staaaay liiiitle, BUT we're actually a little worried about her growth (length, that is. Weight, she's a champ. Wonder where she gets that from...) so instead I will cheer for her to grow and only be a little sad that she's not a baby anymore ;).

We'll start with the outfit she wore to church the day she actually hit six months:
I was obviously super excited to coordinate - come on, what are the chances that we both have white jacket/cardigans AND orange-ish/reddish skirts and shirts AND white leggings/tights AND tan/pink flowered boots? Clearly had to happen. (fun fact: that orange skirt was from Savers and she actually has another one that fits her now from Savers. Jesus loves me.)

Another Sunday outfit, following the standard "dress + white leggings + white jacket" uniform:
One of my favorite little dresses she had - she finally wore it for the last time just recently. And come on, the little striped bum (stolen from a different dress)?? Kills me.

I mean, maybe this is just a collection of all her church outfits, I don't know. Here's another one:
I love when I can mix and match - the little turquoise shrug was from a different dress and it worked so perfectly with this darling hand-me-down jumper. And pink shoes, because. Just because.

So it turns out Carma's two pairs of white leggings were the MVPs of her wardrobe all winter; in addition to Sundays under dresses she also wore them during the week under shorts...
but for variety, we also mixed in some other leggings and tights under onesies and shorts. It's possible people made fun of me for the Wonder Woman look but it's also possible that I don't pay attention when people make fun of me so we're good ;).

Another Sunday! This was such a fun dress to brighten up winter-y days - I'd been excited for Carma to grow into it since my baby shower (thanks Em K!). And, ohh those shoes. Probably my favorites:
The Sunday 'uniform' makes another appearance with yet another Savers dress ;).

More winter-y ensembles, trying to keep her chubby little legs covered and warm:
I had to document the final time I was able to squeeze Carma into the little pink pants from Heidi - those bows on the back pockets get me every time!!

By the beginning of February I had acquired, thanks to Grandmas/clearance/hand-me-downs from the boys/Savers and D.I., a bunch of cute red/pink/heart articles of clothing and it became my goal for Carma to wear as many combinations of it as possible, haha. Here are just a few:
Including what she wore to church the Sunday before Valentine's Day. Are we all appreciating the heart shaped pockets on that little denim skirt?

OH, Carma's first Academy Awards Sunday!! Alas, she didn't have anything super sparkly to don, so we picked a fun, bold color combo instead (there were some beads/sequins on my turquoise skirt if that counts...). She has a little zebra striped dress that should fit her next spring...
Aaaand a few more Sunday/church outfits - I'd honestly be hard-pressed to pick a favorite amongst these. The one on the upper right is one I bought at Savers while Chuck and I were on our babyhoneyanniversarymoon (is that what we called it? Something crazy like that...) and I ALMOST FORGOT TO PULL OUT OF THE BOX OF CLOTHES. The one on the bottom right is sooo cute and sooo hard to photograph her in. It actually probably still has a Sunday or two left in it, so I'll try some more. 

And here are some fun skirts/dresses Carma's worn during the week! Things to note: that darling sweater dress on the bottom right DID get left in the box until it was pretty much outgrown; I was sooo sad. Moral of the story: don't trust the sizes on the labels, and doublecheck your box of "too big" clothes regularly; babies grow quick!
Here are some more pictures of that perfect little eyelet white and pink dress. If it were in my size I would legitimately wear it every day.

 St. Patrick's Day outfits - the Sunday before, and the day of. That green onesie has been passed through now three of us from our girls night group and it is THE softest material in the world. Also darling.
 Another hand-me-down from Nicole, soooo fun and bright and cute! Also cute? Chuck.
 Oh man, this is a dress that was soo cute on the hanger at Savers but sooo difficult to make the collar stay down/photograph Carma in - she rolled, crawled, and drove away to avoid the camera. But I still love the print of the material, so we're good.
 We (and be 'we' I mean 'I'...) call this the watermelon outfit, because a) it's the colors of a watermelon and b) that's what Carma is eating on Quinn's back porch. Those jeans were on clearance at Target for like three dollars and I just couldn't walk away from them. They've spent the summer in a drawer and I'm waiting to see if I can still squeeze Carma in them this fall...

Ahhh random assortment of more spring-y outfits in April and May.We love short sleeves and sunshiiine!
Okay, I promise I understand that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day, buuut if you have a darling little embroidered shirt (from MY childhood! Thanks Dad!) you might as well wear it that day as you tag along on Will's zoo field trip, you know?  

 And thus concludes the fashion highlights of Carma's existence from six months to her first birthday! I am now in agreement with all seven hundred and twelve people who told me how much fun I would have dressing a little girl, haha.
(birthday princess t-shirt courtesy of a garage sale the week before her birthday. I normally shy away from the princess label - I mean, she's the only girl and the youngest, so I doubt she'll need any encouragement claiming the title herself - but for a quarter I obviously had to buy it.)

Monday, June 22, 2015

28 days hath February...

29 pictures hath this post. (well, that's if you count a collage as one. If you don't, there's a gazillion pictures.)

February started off with the Superbowl! We weren't that into the game this year (besides just rooting against the Patriots) - Chuck had a church meeting, and the kids and I allotted more attention to taking pictures of ourselves than watching the actual game.
Carma LOVED the family togetherness.

Most of late January/early February was spent truck shopping. It was miserable. This was my facebook post about the process:

"Things I am willing to do instead of continuing to shop for a second vehicle:
1. homeschool my kids. 1st period: science with Sid. 2nd period: life skills with Daniel Tiger. 3rd period: math with Odd Squad. 4th period: reading with the guy from Star Trek (are old eps of Reading Rainbow available online??)
2. walk to church every other week. Is it uphill both ways? Yes... but it's also downhill both ways, so that's something. Would I be a hot sweaty mess when I got there? Yes, but I have it on good authority that the Lord looketh on the heart and not on the outward appearance.
3. Schedule any and all appointments and outings on Chuck's days off - doctors, grocery shopping, etc. Oh wait, I do this anyways because taking Jack in public by myself TERRIFIES ME.
4. Be homebound with four kids for the 15+ days (not all at once) this summer that Chuck and the van will be gone on Scout/YM bizniz. Obviously the 'second vehicle' budget would be transferred to the 'chocolate and cookie dough' budget. Does McDonald's deliver??
Or maybe I'll suck it up and quit complaining about first world problems and get back to my newfound craigslist car+trucks addiction... "

Chuck and I started out by making a list of what we wanted in a truck, in order of importance. Naturally, I changed my mind every two days and revised the list accordingly. I spent more time on craigslist and ksl than I did on facebook during that three week period, if that tells you anything...
aaaand what do you know, we ended up buying the one truck that didn't even involve craigslist! We bought this beautiful Ford F150 from our good friends the Swensons. (who incidentally inspired us to buy a Chevy Uplander because we liked theirs. We're stalking them, vehicularly.) I like the truck because it reminds me of our old Ford Ranger, just like a new and improved version, you know? It only took me a while making loops in the church parking lot to remember how to drive stick sooo that's good.

We DID utilize craigslist for some other purchases in February, including a big trampoline for a stellar price of fifty dolla. It was good timing, because like two weeks later our medium-sized one was re-allocated to someone else's home... in the middle of the night... without our express permission... aka it got stolen.
But the boys are thrilled with this one (Clyde and Will were definitely too big for the smaller one) and after doing more research on the liability of trampolines... especially in an unfenced front yard... we're a-okay with losing possession the other one and wish it the best in its new home ;).

Girls night in February was at the Izatt home and we used Nycole's fancy timer on her phone to get this picture:
 And please enjoy how everyone else is smiling cutely and I look like I'm about to sneeze. That's my awkward laughing really hard face, fyi. So glad it's captured for posterity...

February=Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts! So much more fun/less stress to attend as a parent and not a leader!!
 That same night I put this picture on instagram/fb with the following caption: 
"Recap: this fella started his day off making lunches and getting kids to school, then got the tires rotated, made me lunch, washed and vacuumed out the van, spent the afternoon troubleshooting our non-hot dryer (including taking multiple children to the store to get the part), then fixed it and made two dishes for the Cub Scout potluck this evening. PLUS THOSE EYELASHES. Love him!"

 Clyde was Student of Honor at school, wooo! I'm up for any excuse to hit up McDonalds and also force my sweet third grader to acknowledge me in front of his friends at school ;). Jack and Carma tagged along and were both a big hit on the playground.
 A couple days later it was Chuck's turn to go to the school and hit up the boys' Valentine Day parties! Ah, young love - expressed in the form of twelve Fun Dips.

Valentine's Day itself was a day jam-packed with activities that mostly took Chuck and I away from each other, haha. He had a Scout overnighter at Bruneau Sand Dunes that was loads of fun and didn't involve that much blood:
 We spent the morning outside riding bikes until Chuck got home that afternoon, at which time the boys put on a special and highly entertaining song and dance number for us, props courtesy of Grandpa Braden, choreography was all Will:

 That evening, I left Chuck and the kids at home and headed out for a Valentine's date with my friend Sister Manilla Corse, aka my Sunday School team teacher:
  We were very excited to watch Braenna and Heather at their dance competition! We got to watch a few schools before them, which was neat - here's my alma mater, Timberline:
 One of the girls I went to high school with is now one of the coaches for THS, so it was fun to let her know that I was there and how impressed I was with their routine!

And of course Braenna and Heather did awesome, Idaho Arts has a really great dance program:
Sister Corse LOVED watching the dances, and was so so impressed with our girls, as was I. Fun date night!

 Here are some random Carma + food pictures, including the time she straight up fell asleep in her little chair, hahahaha.
 Jack rediscovered his Superman costume from a couple Halloweens ago and insisted on wearing it daily for a while. Here he is cheesily posing with the Superman Lego :).

Another craigslist purchase was a sweet new bike for Chuck (another re-allocation issue...). Chuck got peer pressured into delving into road biking last fall and it's turned out to be a really fun hobby for him. This day the missionaries stopped by to check out the bike and test it out a bit and race Clyde a bit:
To cross off a requirement in Clyde's scout book, we spent part of President's Day picking up trash along the path by our house. The boys loved scurrying about looking for trash, and I loved finding the big ticket items that conscientious neighbors dump in the creek: old TVs, tires, etc. GRRRRRR.

Oh, we got one last photo shoot out of the trampoline on Carma's 9 month bday. Such a cute little chubby genius:
 Sometimes the house is quiet because Jack is somewhere being naughty but usually it's because he's playing legos in Clyde and Will's room (which they would probably characterize as being naughty, haha). He can sit in there forever, just happily playing 'yegos' with the sun in his eyes and nary a care in the world.
 OH, back to the truck: we took it on its maiden Izatt family road trip, to Twin Falls, woo! We actually went to pick up some new seats for the truck (craigslist. again.) and decided to pull the boys outta school and make it an all day adventure. The truck is old school and has a little something called a "tape deck" so Chuck popped in a Star Wars tape and oh my gosh the road to Twin has never seemed longer.... ;). Jack loved it however, and we now find ourselves with a wee Jedi AS obsessed as Clyde was at his age, if not moreso.
 We got the seats first thing (a front bench seat to replace the current seat/console/seat so that all "six of us" can fit in "legally") and then had some adventures, mostly watching people parachute? hang glide? something? off the bridge and visiting Grandma Pam's classroom!

Okay, this is a random picture but I love it! One day in Sunday School I asked for a volunteer to help me drop off cookies to the kids who weren't there and, of course, Michael had my back. This kid is literally my right-hand man in class, he sits to my immediate right and is such a stellar helper and prayer-giver when NO ONE else will volunteer. As we walked up to one house I realized how awesome we looked in our sunglasses (orange aviator for me, green Minecraft for him) and insisted we take a picture.

 OH, another trampoline photo shoot: trying to get all four kiddos to smile. As always, it went splendidly.

We got some good Grandpa Braden time in during February, one night he came over and watched the boys for me while I spoke at a young men/ young women etiquette dinner. Another day he came over just to hang out and found himself on the bottom of this adorable dogpile:
 Ohhhh these two. Always on top of each other, always right next to me.

One  night as I was aimlessly wandering at Target (that's a lie, the aim was each and every clearance endcap
 I have a carefully mapped out route that I adhere to pretty much religiously) I happened to catch my reflection in a nearby mirror and just had to laugh - how many articles of men's clothing can a woman wear before it's considered cross-dressing?? But really, that sweatshirt looks pretty unisex, right? And the t-shirt underneath? And the shorts? And the shoes? 
Good news is that all of my underclothing is gender-appropriate so I feel like that's the important thing ;).

And speaking of cross-dressing, (what a segue!!) here's all four kids wearing THE cutest romper ever. I bought it back in the day for baby Clyde to wear to Chuck's BSU graduation, and I just love seeing my darling little babies in it!

February. Done. Boom. #bringonMarch