Saturday, October 22, 2016

March: everything else!

One day Chuck was making cookies and it just made me laugh how these three all pushed chairs over to help... and then figured out squishing together on one chair was the way to go ;).
Chuck and the kiddos had loads and loads of fun while I was on my girls' retreat, including legos and movie dinner and Carma actually getting a bath hahahaha.

AND they were on time to 9am church - Chuck had Brother Dille take this picture and then he texted to me at 8:58am because he's a show-off ;). I guess he tried some novel idea where the kids laid out their clothes the night before?? Sounds sketchy. I took a picture with Will because he was only person to show genuine excitement when I walked in the door on Sunday afternoon and I also took a picture of the kids with their rock candy suckers souvenirs (thinking now that I should have only given Will one... that would teach the rest of them to at least pretend to have missed me, right??)
Oh man, I guess we'll find out after I post this if my mom reaaalllly loves me unconditionally or that's just something she says ;). She had a couple dental procedures in March that I played designated driver for and I took this selfie to send my brothers after she treated me to a shamrock shake. Delicious treat + getting to drive her fancy car? Go on drugs any time, Mama!

PTA fundraiser night at Wendy's! Pretty much the only 'dinner night out' that we go to all school year and as always it was way fun! We loved seeing Mr. Eilers (Will's teacher), Miss Hill (Clyde's teacher) and of course frosty-maker-extraordinaire Miss Overcast (Will's teacher last year). Same time, same place next year? We're there.
Dug out this green shirt for Carma to wear the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day and then I had no other option but to find pictures of all the boys wearing it and make a collage. And now I have no other option but to stare at my ridiculously cute kids for five minutes before moving on...

Okay, I'm back. The public library celebrated its one year birthday and because we are Big Fans of the library, we trekked over. We missed the cupcakes but got to meet Ollie the Owl SO that's something! We are so, so happy that the new library was built and that we live so close and that everyone is so nice there.
Whoops, this missed making it onto the church March post so here it is - the Relief Society birthday dinner! We were the self-proclaimed "cool table" - I'm sure if we'd waited it out, someone else would have designated us as such, but we opted to skip the formalities and just go with it ;). L to R: Kalicia, Amy, JANA, Grace, Sariah, and Susan... whom I just realized I've never called anything except Sister Cook! I'll work on that ;). Anyhow, it was a really fun evening and we laughed and pondered and gasped (when Bishop pulled out handcuffs hahahaha) and left feeling even more grateful for the sisterhood and generosity and love that the Relief Society promotes and provides.

Each grade had a super cool music program the Friday before Spring Break! The theme for 4th grade was (of course) Idaho History and Clyde got to welcome everyone and introduce the program and do the hokey pokey with his class. The theme for 2nd grade was The Velveteen Rabbit and Will had a speaking part (that led to a song HE adapted - 'Once there was a flower') and did a dance routine with his class. I was so proud of both boys!!
And I was proud of Jack and Carma for not completely revolting when we had to go to the school for an hour... and then go back later for another hour! Yay crayons! Pens! Snacks! Climbing under chairs! Whatever as long as you're quiet!

That week ... or maybe a couple weeks prior? ... was Dr. Seuss week so each day had a different dress-up theme that I can no longer remember but might be guessable from the following pictures taken by Mr. Eilers. Will is a doll and I really loved his classmates this year!
Random pictures of my babycakes Clyde. It's so crazy and fun to watch him get older and figure out more and more who he is and watch his interests and sense of humor evolve.

I found these pictures from Chuck's phone... but you could also use the context clues to establish that they're from adventures with Daddy because a) Cabelas. and b) look at how far down towards the (admittedly low, slow flowing) water he let my babies go to throw rocks! (for reference, I generally freak out if they leave the path at all #possiblehelicoptermom ).
Whoops, these probably should have gone with the eight hundred other Pinewood Derby cars but we busted out the craft paint so all four Izatt children could do a spot of painting, much to Carma's and Jack's delight. And mine, because activities like this... that occur sadly quite rarely... justify the existence of my craft closet and 49 bottles of craft paint!

Political junkies... which I think is everyone this election year... might remember March being right in the middle of primary/caucus season and this text from Sam made me laugh probably more than it should have:
Alas, we ended up going a different direction for our family color scheme on Will's baptism day BUT here's a picture of the new dress that I referenced. It was five bucks at D.I. and I've worn it approximately one hundred times since I purchased it, usually to the temple. And let's face it, I'm vain as the day is long and I think I look amazing in this picture - those loose waves are straight from Anne of Green Gables braids worn earlier in the day. #hairstylingsecretsbyJana

Random pictures: Will's reading group did a little reader's theater for younger grades during Dr. Seuss week and he made that t-shirt he's proudly modeling. He assured me multiple times that parents were not invited, dang it! Also there's a chance that I don't draw the line at JUST compulsively photographing my children (esp. wearing the same clothing...) but also rain. And clouds. But in this case rain. It's just sooo pretty! Also Jack had another speech screening and yay for tubes in his ears and the ability to hear because he can talk real good now! All of his remaining speech issues are milestonally (possibly not a real word) on track, go team. Also he has a strong Boston accent when he says certain words (car, sure, wicked, etc) and it's my favorite thing EVER. And also Chuck's parents were in town! More on that later because I def used that picture twice in this post, whoops!
More pictures clearly from Chuck's phone... presented with minimal eye-rolling ;). Clyde got another Arctic Circle free sundae for his character award so he and Daddy got to have some bonding time goin' shootin' and cashing in for his ice cream.

 Random Carma pictures. For a while her coloring consisted of making the cutest little swirls. Over and over and over again. Also for a while her coloring expanded beyond paper... to walls! And I finally scrubbed them off but made her sit and watch me haha. Bottom left is her on Easter Sunday because THAT HAT. Soooo darling. For the ten minutes it stayed on...
My mom and I spent a Sunday afternoon... let's be honest, Easter Sunday... cleaning out her classroom! Her MS has been throwing her for a loop (more than usual) lately and her doctor felt really strongly that teaching full-time was having some pretty serious negative effects so she was able to medically retire. It's been hard for her to step away from this aspect of her life and I'm really proud of how well she's handled the transition. And I sent a million pictures to my brothers during the MULTIPLE HOUR process to remind them that occasionally I work for the million hours of free babysitting Grandma Pam provides ;).

Grandma and Grandpa Izatt came to town! They were here for Will's baptism and then stayed through Easter Sunday before venturing off to McCall on their own fun trip for Terri's spring break, and then stopped back by on their way home. We had a great time with them as always!
More random pictures. My favorite is Carma's heartbreak when her plan to take yogurt with her on the trampoline failed pretty fantastically. Or also her trying to eat yogurt at the table. Also Jack's face after beating me at memory. Also my kids all playing legos together. Also selfies with my crazies. Okay, they're all my favorite pictures. MOSTLY BECAUSE I'M DONE WITH MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

March: kite flying with Grandpa!

We picked a sunny, windy day during Spring Break to meet up with my dad at a park in Boise for some fun:
We ate lunch, played with bubbles, played a game, and then Grandpa pulled out kites for the kids - one of those wonderful things that I should do with my kids but never have, so yay for grandparents :).

The last time we met at Municipal Park it was a holiday so the Nature Center was closed. Today it was open so we headed over and found all sorts of neat displays and activities:
Carma found all the spots to sit and color and was thus happy as a clam.

Grandpa pulled out his loose change and all the boys got to make and take home a fun commemorative penny! I honestly think those are the coolest things ever.
After thoroughly exploring the inside, we headed out for the nature walk. Clyde was so sweet with Carma all day!
Towards the end of the walk I stuck all four kids on a bench for a picture. It went really well ;).

And then we headed back out for some more kite flying! All three boys were able (with Grandpa's help) to get their kites up and keep them up for a while.
And we sneaked in some time on the playground :). Thanks again for such a fun afternoon Daddi-o!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

March: church stuff

I'm going to Utah in a month which means MINT BROWNIES FROM COURTNEY if I catch up on my blog a bit... okay, a lot. So, without further ado:

Ward Temple Night with The Hottest Guy I Know, aka Chuck. (My long-suffering mama watched the kids and we came home to find everyone asleep in various places - Grandma and Jack on the couch, Clyde in Carma's bed, Carma on her floor, and Will in his actual bed!)
The end of March heralded, of course, Will's 8th birthday and baptism but of possibly equal importance his entry into Cub Scouts and FIRST PINEWOOD DERBY. As we had two boys competing this year, the preparations started early. The boys designed their cars, the Amazing Brother Murphy cut them out, and Chuck oversaw the adding of weights, per an awesome youtube video that we will share with anyone outside our Pack hahahaha.

Sister Sherman had a birthday! Carma and I headed over to visit and I taught Betty all about selfies :). She had just had lunch brought in by a friend and beautiful flowers from her daughter Lynn and she was feeling well enough to be up and about so it was lovely!
Carma and Einstein tromped around the backyard for a bit, as always.

 Stake Conference Sunday = sitting with Grandma and then hanging out in the front yard all afternoon.
 Sunday before St. Patrick's Day = trying to get a picture of everyone wearing green. My Irish ancestry failed me because I was not lucky enough (get it?? I feel like I excel at real subtle humor...) to get ANYONE to cooperate.

 We were lucky enough to score an invite to dinner at Sister Hyer's house though! Have I mentioned that Janell is the best? Delicious dinner, fantastic dessert options, and she was sooo patient with my crazy kids playing on her stairs :).
 More visits to see Sister Sherman! My MO was to let Carma bounce around for a bit, color for a bit, and then skeedaddle out when she started melting down. Before we left she always gave Betty the sweetest, most gentle hugs which was such an incredible tender mercy - Carma is not very cuddly with anyone besides me at this point. Lynn was in town for a few days and tried to get Carma to sit with her while we were there for a visit - until Sister Sherman piped up from the bed, "No, Carma's my little girl!" :)

 In my youth Sunday School class I have the kids write in a journal every so often and when they move onto the next class, I let them keep it (with a note from me at the back). I was finally returning the journals to the 16 year olds when I found this entry in one - if the kids mark their journal with a star then it means they're okay with me reading it. I seriously cried when I read this, so thanks for indulging my need to record it for posterity:
 Will got to attend his first Cub Scout activity during Spring Break - an all-pack hike around Lake Lowell. It was wiiiiiindy but fun! And please enjoy the shots of Clyde and myself, before and after we switched jackets so that he could have the warmer one, ohhhh life of a mom!
 This picture makes me so happy to look back on! My mom retired in March (more on that in the non-church-related-March-blog-coming-soon) and I immediately recruited her to watch Jack and Carma once a week so I could go to the temple. This was the maiden voyage of that endeavor and I recruited Maren to join me and it was SO awesome!
(Fun fact: I take a picture every. time. I go to the temple. I just love keeping track of when I go and what cool people I went with and how crazy my hair looked ;). The other night I was outside waiting for Chuck to get there from work when a couple hesitantly approached me and asked if I'd take their picture and I was like, "I would literally LOVE to" and the wife was like, "See honey, it's not weird!" and I assured him it was Not Weird At All and it was a really special moment for me haha)

All right, time to buckle down and finish this post with a million Pinewood Derby pictures.... starting with their cars! Will's is a shark and Clyde's is Percy Jackson-themed:
Last minute prep and the boys' loyal fans...

Our pack got a way cool guy to come with his track - I guess Chuck and Bishop knew him from Wood Badge? Ohhh the Scout world is a small one ;). Clyde and Will had a great time watching their cars zoom down the track a million times!
And awesomely, they zoomed realllll fast! Will took 2nd place overall and Clyde took 3rd place (the super cute Nathan took 1st and was SO excited!) Hyrum, Andrew, and Hunter had some pretty awesome cars too; I feel like next year things are going to get crazy...

Few more pictures of the boys and their cars at home that night. Good times, I love my cute little Scouters!