Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jack is SIX! (and some change ;) )

Jack Q. Izatt turned six at the beginning of January:

Jack decided to throw himself a little early birthday shindig once it became obvious that I wasn't going to do it for him haha. I did agree to send the invitation texts so I feel like that was pretty supportive of me ;). Clark and Keylee arrived, and once the girls were properly accessorized an enthusiastic round of 'Spot It' commenced. I love when Jack can play this game with friends his age instead of 'no holds barred' older brothers ;). 

The next activity was frosting, sprinkling, and eating cupcakes. It will never cease to amaze me how much joy children derive from being able to complete these tasks themselves, with minimal cautioning from adults:

The party continued with several rounds of hide and seek, some lego playing, and finally a quick photo shoot which Keylee was the obvious MVP of - how do I get a kid that stands still, smiles, AND looks at the camera? I'm 0/4 over here (insert alllll the cryyyyyying emojiiiiiis)

Jack's actual birthday fell on Cookie Wednesday, which did NOT go unnoticed. Jack and Will and Sister Hyer discussed it on Sunday after church and because Janell is the BEST, she let Jack pick whatever kind of cookie he wanted for a candle to go in that day - he requested chocolate chip snickerdoodle. I know, what? But Janell found a recipe, whipped up a batch, and had a candle ready when we stopped by.
I don't know if our kids know how lucky they are to have Janell in their lives. This was an absolute highlight of Jackers' special day.

Back at home we put Jackers to work making, baking, and decorating his cake:
 which he had to wait quite a while to delve into - but once dinner was over and Chuck was home from work and cousins came over, it was time! 

 Jack's birthday was also the first day back at school after the winter break, which also pleased Jack to no end. A day all about him AND his one true love, school? Perfect combination. He came home proudly wearing his birthday hat and was sure it was necessary as he opened gifts haha:
Jack continues to be our least predictable child: quiet, then wild. Sweet, then, um, sour? haha. We've loved watching him grow up and become his own little person. He continues to love Star Wars and Nerf and legos and prefers undivided attention and is the sweetest brother to Carma and requires one book be read to him every night and love him some snuggles. Mostly with Mom. He has the brightest blue eyes and the most expressive face and we sure love him.

And here's his official fb/insta birthday post haha:
Jack turned six this last week and continues to drive us all absolutely batty while also being the cutest thing ever πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­. Today he sneaked 'his' iPod into church and timed the testimonies πŸ˜³⌛️. Tonight he insisted I take the picture of the stopwatch at 20 seconds and "post it on instagwam because that's willy ware" πŸ“ΈπŸ“². And please enjoy his response when I asked my kids to all smile for a picture after church πŸ‘€... although it's not like the other children cooperated either πŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️πŸ™„. Bottom line, repeated year after year: Jack is a scallywag to the extreme and we can't imagine life without him πŸ˜.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

December: Every Single Other Thing

Carma and her cute shirt and dance moves would like to welcome you to the final long-winded recap of December!!

Um, included in the rambling-ness are all the screenshots I took in December, like this one from Parks and Rec. Ron is the best. Also, I foresee Jack doing this...

I screenshot a lot of Simon Holland's stuff, but nothing has resonated with Chuck and myself quite like this one. It's saved on our phones and often gets included when we write those 6:05am texts to people. We're old, okay??

 I mean, I realize it's not super kosher to take pictures of people mid-prayer BUT LOOK AT HER LITTLE SQUINCHY EYES! I'll repent later.

I don't know why this tweet makes me laugh so hard but it does. 'absolute scam' hahahahaha

Again, Simon Holland for the win. On the plus side, laundry really slows down because no one ever changes clothes...

More pictures from our outing to see the Last Jedi:

Life is like a hurricane, here in Duck Burg....

I have a very real recollection of my mom breaking either a water gun or a nerf gun outside on the front sidewalk and I can only hope that time I chucked an xbox game through the garage stays with my kids in the same way.

 Carma and Jack spent most of the month of December acting out the nativity, with varying mangers, costumes, and props. Occasionally Clyde and Will allowed themselves to be recruited as support cast members.

Instagram caption: Cutest flashback to being first time parents and needing both of you to do things like putting the baby in his manger 😍😍. (Also, who am I kidding? I'm all about hands-on co-parenting every step of the way πŸ˜‚) (Also, no disrespect intended in Jack and Carma's off-Broadway version of the Nativity featuring an emerging young thespian named Batman in a starring role πŸ˜³πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸ»)

Official #LightTheWorld calendar

Cute 'kids version' that I found online:

I also found a cool non-religious kindness calendar.

Aaaand my amazingly talented friend Courtney posted this watercolor print she created and it's possibly my favorite thing ever:

 Random pictures of my random kids throughout the month.

Ohh man I love facebook memories - such as this flashback to the day we had our ultrasound and found out Carma June was going to be Carma June:

aaaaand also this fb memory - man I wish I was still only two months behind on the blog ;). Those were the good old days...

 One day during Christmas break Aleesha and I did a swap: I gave her Jack for the afternoon and she gave me Bri. All the cousins had a great time!

Ummm Nycole may have tagged me in this on instagram after the great Jack/shorts/school saga hahaha.

'Sign maker on his 1st day' hahahahahaha

This pillowcase was legit the best $3.49 I've ever spent at Target... and that's obviously saying a lot because, well, Target.

Quick political post, scroll on if it's not your thing... (although I feel like at this point it's everyone's new year's resolution? No?)

But seriously. If I get some disease synonymous with personality changes, no one will be able to tell because mY PeRsOnALiTy ChAnGeS oN tHe ReGuLaR, yo.

99% sure I've posted this before but it's worth a repost:

This spoke to my soul. 

I mean, the fact that I took this screenshot at 8:57am... probably to text to someone to say I was skipping 9am workout class ;).

Umm this is definitely a repost but it was Adrienne Hedger's most popular post from 2017. For good reason. "Look, you're going to be happier if you can let this go." hahahahahaha

Grace, does this remind you of any text conversations with me? ;)

Insta caption: Sunday mornings equal my kids bonding together on random projects- today is assembling Ritz and Nutella/rainbow chip frosting sandwiches for a church snack πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸ³πŸ‘¨πŸΌ‍πŸ³πŸ‘¨πŸΌ‍πŸ³πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🍳. I almost reminded them it's Fast Sunday but instead opted to stress eat a fun size candy bar (dead van battery 😭) πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚. So I think I'll just count sibling bonding and letting me work on a project alone as "doing well" on the Sabbath for today's #LightTheWorld and we'll fast a different day πŸ˜‰.

Seriously though:

Um, paging my girls' night crew... another go to move is I literally say "No" out loud when people start to hand me a gift. I think people possibly give me presents just to witness the awkwardness I exhibit.

I like to leave the candy in the bag across the room... and generally about halfway through, I give up and bring the bag with me haha.

Once upon a time I went to BYU and lived next door to Sherry in T-hall and we maintain our friendship via fb/insta/blogs and her validation of my self-deprecating sense of humor online brought a ridiculous amount of joy to my heart.

and holy moly that's the end of December yo.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

December: Holiday Fun with the Izatt Side

This was our first holiday season in a looooong time that we have Chuck's family living close. We hit up Lee and Aleesha's house for Christmas dinner and fun afterwards. We all did our best at rock band, and of course the kids made some time for Minecraft.

 Six cute Izatt kids! Please notice that Bri and Eli consistently look at the camera and smile... so apparently my kids get their inability to do so from my side of the family ;).

Post-Christmas FaceTime with our four favorite Blue cousins! Ahhhh we love them.

Dave and Terri were making the grandkid rounds for Christmas and came up to Nampa after Utah - have I mentioned how thoughtful it is of all us kids to make it this easy on them? Melissa and Amanda literally live around the corner from each other in Kays and Lee and Chuck have ended up about 2 miles apart in Nampa. Pretty funny! 

We fit in lots of fun with Grandma and Pops - the new Star Wars movie, puzzles, games, craft projects:

And of course some Nerf battles! 

Grandpa took us all to the Warhawk Air Museum - we loved taking a picture of Carma at the little Rosie the Riveter photo op area, then finding second cousin Lexi featured in the accompanying photo book! It was less kid-friendly than I'd hoped, but we found lots of cool army stuff to keep Jack VERY enthralled :).

 Grandma and Grandpa came bearing gifts that we were all pretty excited about - legos, baby doll and accessories, and a camp chef to name a few. We wrapped up the family time with New Year's Eve back at Lee and Aleesha's. Grandma made a delicious Nutella pudding treat and we chimed in 8pm (hahahaha) with the Madagascar countdown and a cousin/aunt tower on the love sac. Thanks for coming up Dave and Terri! And thanks for moving here Lee and Aleesha!! We loved getting so much family time for the holidays :).